Workhive is a simple collaboration and communication software which assists you to manage work with teams inside and outside the organization.

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Workhive is a simple collaboration and communication software which assists you to manage work with teams inside and outside the organization. Workhive eliminates the use of lengthy emails and allows users to get together with their team in an utmost streamlined manner. Also, the software lets the users store all the important files and communications in one place. With Workhive’s special offerings for specific industries like Corporates, Online Communities and Education, it is now feasible to leverage online communities without worrying about the problems faced in public forums. With its easy-to-use apps available on iPhone and Android, it is now easier than ever to stay connected to your team wherever you go with these native Apps.


The team collaboration and communication app displays a user interface that has been particularly designed to keep the workflow clear, straightforward, and as elegant as possible. Because of the app’s utmost user-friendly nature, features like editing and deleting old messages, viewing and managing recent messages, file uploads, team members, topics, is made as handy as it can be from a single screen. On the whole, it is simplistic, sleek, and loaded with features that will encourage each and every team member to participate efficiently.


Workhive is a team collaboration and communication app developed by OpenXcell Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. Established in 2008, OpenXcell is a creative mobile and web development company with offices in India, USA & Australia. Workhive offers unequalled communication platform to give every team a much-needed boost to ease real-time communication and collaboration with the help of multiple Hives (groups). Workhive has been developed by a team of dedicated developers, designers and strategists at OpenXcell. One can avail its web-based version as well as mobile app versions on iPhone and Android. Workhive is also available on Apple Watch.


Eliminating complex management features

In order to deliver a competitive team collaboration and communication management web-based software as well as mobile applications, we aimed at creating a system that would precisely simplify the process of managing virtual team meetings and discussions on-the-go. This would include sending files, creating topics, creating posts and so on and so forth.

Creating a professional and refined platform for any community & team

One of the major challenges was to design and develop a professional collaboration platform that would stand true to the requirements and expectations of all kinds of groups and teams of various industries, especially Online Communities, Corporates & Education.

Offering Simplistic UI

A simplistic User Interface in the system was one of the key aspects of Workhive, as the ultimate idea was to make the processes extremely manageable, streamlined and deploy easy to use functionality. Considering the fact that the interface was suppose to deliver multiple features, such as managing tasks, updating project status and real-time communication and collaboration, we had to deploy extremely user-friendly UI.


What we required was to deliver an extremely streamlined team collaboration platform. This led us to conceptualize a single interface that was capable of streamlining all the team collaboration processes. We categorized 4 critical features in that interface viz. Files, Posts, Topics & Teams. These features would lead the users to carry out those respective tasks right away. Whereas, users would be able to manage Hives and account from within the same interface. Also, sending instant messages and running a search in the Hives was made possible from the same interface.

To deploy utmost professional look and feel, we conceptualized certain strategies that led us to delegate some distinctive features within the app. Unlike public forums, we implementing a reverse infinite scroll which would add-up to the ease-of-use element. We also integrated a search bar in the same interface which would allow the users to search for a specific content in Hives and messages. Also, the users would be able to publish a post and create a topic in any particular Hive in just few steps. All in all, it meant that communities and team members and external partners would now be able to save themselves from hackers, spammers and predators from stalking the communities unnecessarily, who are otherwise present in public forums and communities.

In order to eliminate complexities faced while managing work as a team, we introduced # (Hashtag) feature, wherein users would only require to # (Hashtag) their topic and include the name of a team member with @ (at the rate) to notify him on the same. Users could also comment on the following topic, which would take the communication to the next level at the same place. We decided to enable real-time notifications that would notify the concerned member while he is on the go. This eased the process of assigning work to team members, executing projects with due dates and tracking the insights of the progress taking place. We even managed to offer add-ons with the ability to add, edit, comment and delete tasks to speed up the process seamlessly.

Results Obtained

OpenXcell Technolabs made extensive efforts to come up with an extremely robust and real-time collaboration and communication management system in the form of Workhive. Due to its extremely easy-to-use functionalities and interface, educational communities and various teams have been witnessing frequent engagements and greater enthusiasm from their members of the group. What added to the engagement factor was real-time insights, notifications and messages. Quick communication had led to quicker decision making and thereby faster end-results and increased productivity in work/ tasks/meetings. We were successful in delivering a robust working structure wherein it was easy for authorities to discuss anything and everything one-on-one with the team members within the Hives as well. That would not have been possible without integrating Hashtagging and At the rate features. On the whole, Workhive manages to offer an unrivaled and extremely user-friendly and presentable interface to the users, that too free of cost. Eventually, more and more communities are looking forward to join Workhive for it being able to keep all the fuss and mess created by spammers and hackers at bay. With our agile methodology we are constantly analyzing, testing and deploying newer and better attributes to enhance and leverage the user experience to a greater level.