Yousounds is an outstanding Music application that allows users to avail an array of Songs from their favourite artists or even talented newcomers who are tryin ...


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Yousounds is an outstanding Music application that allows users to avail an array of Songs from their favourite artists or even talented newcomers who are trying to make it big with their music skills. The app is a lucrative platform for both the music artists and the music fanatics alike. Music artists from around the world can sell their music to their fans. While, users or better call them music fanatics are eligible to buy their favourite songs from the artist owner. In that case, user can play the sample song of 15 seconds at first and then head on to buy full version of the song. The app has been integrated with various categories viz. “Kingdom”, “Palace”, “Inner Court” that are used to list down the songs on the basis of number of times a song has been heard. Another outstanding feature of YouSounds is it lets you stream online as well as offline by downloading the songs in local memory. Similar to other music players, users can play songs in background and play, pause the ongoing song. Yousounds goes a step ahead of its fellow competitor apps and offers a game like feature wherein two users who frequently listen to same songs can guess the song the other user has been currently listening to. Yousounds also offers in app purchases to let the users buy their favourite songs.


The app offers some of the most flawlessly integrated features that take the app’s exquisiteness to the next level. The look and feel of the app is more or less a combination of attractive yet subtle UI features that adds up in making Yousounds a striking and streamlined application altogether. As a result the app manages to offer user experience at par with its user-friendly functionalities that makes it effortless for users to operate the app even when they are on-the-go.


Yousounds, a robust music application, has been developed by OpenXcell Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. This outstanding music app has gone a step further and managed to have a notch above the rest by providing features that are distinguishing and utmost resourceful. With its inventive music buying and selling aspect, the music fanatics and artists around the globe have encountered a lucrative platform to not just connect but share their talent and make a living out of it.


Sync the songs from the app with the website

The app required to sync all the songs with website at regular intervals.

Allow users to listen an audio clip of a song for just 15 seconds

The app would allow an initial stage user to listen to just a part of the song instead of the full song.

Allow two users to guess the songs they are listening and add the other as a friend

We had to integrate a game-like feature that would allow two specific users, who frequently pick up the same songs, to guess the song the other user is currently listening to. If one of the user is correct in guessing, they can view each other's profile and invite the other to be friends.


In order to effortlessly sync the songs from the app with the website, we finally came up with the idea of keeping one service running in background on low priority mode that will eventually do a certain stuff without compromising battery drainage issue of the device.

To allow the users to listen to just 15 seconds of a song, we used user FFMPEG library that converts the full audio to few seconds audio. Ultimately, this allowed us to manage two songs from our end, i.e one is a sample song of 15 seconds and the other is a full song which can only be played after the user purchases the song.

To integrate this game-like feature, we created an algorithm at the back-end that kept a track of user’s activity and songs which are head by each user. At the application end, we managed the flow of gaming notifications, that would notify the users about the happenings.

Results Obtained

Yousounds, one of the best music applications, was launched with just right features that easily distinguished it from its competitor apps. The respective application has notched it by going a step ahead and providing a platform that allows music artists and listeners to sell and buy one-of-its-kind music from across the globe. Nonetheless, Yousounds has managed to be one of the most sought after apps for it managed to integrate flawless functionalities and utmost engaging features. The world of music fanatics have been using the app to discover the best talents around the world on one platform. With its in-app purchase integration, the app has proved to be extremely engaging and resourceful for music lovers.