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OpenXcell is dedicated to offering industry-best database services, support, and administration. The team at OpenXcell provides database management services to our clients in a highly professional and competent way. Hence, OpenXcell is thrilled to provide data processing solutions to organizations using advanced technologies of Hadoop and MongoDB. MongoDB is an open-source document-oriented NoSQL database system. While with an interface of the Hadoop framework, we can provide customized solutions for any business.
Experts at OpenXcell know precisely how to harness the potential of Hadoop and MongoDB to provide precise business data analytics for enterprises. Our experienced database team performs complete implementations for designing, creating, and maintaining robust database solutions for businesses. OpenXcell has successfully deployed Hadoop clusters and MongoDB data manipulation platforms to a multitude of industry sectors.

At OpenXcell, we have a talented pool of experienced database administrators of NoSQL who can help you accomplish your tasks through our dedicated database services. Apart from having world-class developers, we strive to deliver ultimate client satisfaction. With that, OpenXcell brings its ingenious outsourcing model to the table that further enhances our services with critical elements like quality, speed, responsiveness, scalability, and consistency while delivering development services to deliver desired results. We take pride in creating value for our clients.




Why should you choose NoSQL?

  • Elastic scaling
  • Highly flexible
  • No complexity
  • Simple deployment
  • Compatible with cloud computing
NoSQL database consulting

NoSQL database consulting

We have an experienced NoSQL database consulting team that can provide you with all the information about NoSQL for your business.

NoSQL DynamoDB development

NoSQL DynamoDB development

OpenXcell provides the best DynamoDB development solutions as we have a team of experts in handling Amazon DynamoDB supported applications.

Database modeling & design

Database modeling & design

Your business solution requires a solid foundation, and our team of professionals can create a perfect database design for you.

NoSQL MongoDB development

NoSQL MongoDB development

OpenXcell’s tech team can help you integrate MongoDB with your mobile app, web app, or any business solution.

NoSQL database maintenance

NoSQL database maintenance

We provide end-to-end database maintenance service as it is crucial to maintain and update databases regularly.

NoSQL database backup & restore

NoSQL database backup & restore

OpenXcell provides a complete database backup and restore service for your existing database without any data loss.

NoSQL database maintenance & support

NoSQL database maintenance & support

Your database system can function smoothly with a team of techies ready to provide you with complete support after deployment.

Why OpenXcell?

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NoSQL Database Development - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

The history of non-relational databases goes back to the 1960s when people used them to store and retrieve unstructured data. However, first, it was referred to as NoSQL after developer Carlo Strozzi created the Strozzi NoSQL Open Source Relational Database in 1998.

The most well-known document-based NoSQL database is MongoDB. It is considered the best as it helps integrate hundreds of different data sources without difficulty.

Many famous companies like Amazon, Google, Netflix, and Facebook have used NoSQL databases. Their work depends on large volumes of data not suited to relational databases. 

NoSQL databases may use the Agile visual data modeling tool called Hackolade. This tool uses entity-relationship diagrams to graphically represent complex data structures to provide denormalized data in a user-friendly way.

NoSQL uses SQL (Structured Query Language).

Over time, NoSQL has developed and is now referred to as a must-have skill in the Data Science domain. Our skilled developers possess it as a skill. At OpenXcell, our specialized database services are provided by a talented group of NoSQL database administrators with years of expertise.