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IOT and wearable devices have been classified under “innovation trigger” by Gartner in their hype cycle for 2016 showing high expectation from the market. Full-scale industrial application of IOT is still away, but this is where the IOT market is open for exploration.

Making an IOT app that communicates with an external device is tricky. For lag-free communication between the app and the device, a lot of factors must be taken care of. This is where OpenXcell’s experience can help you out. We have developed a number applications for IOT and wearables till date. We understand the requirements and  complexities involved with IOT. As far as wearables are concerned, they come with similar design and development conventions as mobile apps. While Material design is applied on apps for Android wear, Flat Designs go with Apple Watch apps.

Statistics reveal a surge in the number of apps for wearables and IOT suggesting a surge in demand for these apps. So, if you have a business idea based on IOT or Wearables, OpenXcell is the right choice for you.

Create Custom Apps for Wearable Devices

Wearable devices create interesting, new opportunities for custom apps. There are apps that Openxcell could help you design, create, and test, which would cater to these wearable mobile platforms.

While mobile, wearable devices are new territory for the general public, our team is dedicated to researching and training with all of the latest technology. We take the time to learn the ins and outs of every system in order to provide our clients with trusted guidance and recommendations.

Whether you want to create a revolutionary fitness app for a smartwatch, a business app that is tailored for mobile employees, or you have any other idea that you would like to pursue, we can provide the support you need from start to finish. We have the experience necessary to design and implement apps that the public wants.

Make Your Existing App Compatible

Perhaps you already have an app, and you now want to ensure that wearable mobile device users can also benefit from this technology. You will need to create an entirely new version of your application that meets all of the rigid guidelines of Apple, Android, and any other operating system you want to target.

This is not a difficult task when you have Openxcell on your side. We will not only develop the new version of your app which will support the wearable device, but we will also test it across multiple available wearable device platforms to ensure that the finished product meets the highest quality standards. Our thorough testing process allows us to identify and address any bugs, allowing for a superior user experience.

Learn How We Can Help You Bring Your Wearable App Into Reality

Have an app in mind that would be perfect for wearable mobile devices? Contact our team at Openxcell and let us know more about your goals for this project. Our expert app developers will walk you through how our team can help you launch a wearable app that has the potential to gain a lot of attention and generate plenty of revenue.

Send your inquiry to sales@openxcell.com. Someone from our business development team will get back to you.

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