How OpenXcell created an offshore support team for a sports streaming OTT platform


AthletesGoLive is a multifunctional desktop and mobile application

It allows live streaming of sporting events played at an amateur level. It also enables players to record the video to check their clippings later.


Challenges of AthletesGoLive

Support for application upgradation

Requirement for improving web application with the help of dedicated offshore developers

Backend technical issue

Bug fixes in the application to improve the streaming quality of the live matches

Inconsistent video quality

Migration of database for smooth streaming of live videos

Unscalable and amateur product

Requirement of scalability and feature enhancements that would improve the client’s product.

Lack Of development team

Demand for domain specific developers that could work on

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360° solution by OpenXcell


Blockchain integrated ecommerce procurement platform

  • Smooth video quality
  • User-friendly interface
  • Live Scoring Feature


Assembling and recruitment of offshore development team

  • Profile On-boarding
  • Training
  • Team Expansion
  • Team Segregation for support
  • Culturally fit appointment


Team assistance to customer needs

  • Time zone aligned
  • On-demand deliverables
  • Persistent product improvement

AtheletesGoLive's success

Recognition from universities

Streaming of local popular games helped AthletesGoLive establish itself as a popular screening platform for local talent

Supporting events on platform

Event organization enabled AtheletesGoLive enabled selection of local talent

Optimized streaming

Smooth live telecast has provided a reliale platform to sports enthusiasts for enjoying uninterrupted matches

Increased revenue

Selling fan pass drastically improved revenue growth


Client testimonial

Andrew Product Owner

“OpenXcell, must say, you guys are hard working! Thank you for your incredible support and excellent decisiveness. Your efforts have brought us this far.”

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