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We bring the revolutionary power of modern-day technologies to businesses and people worldwide. With top 1% industry talent, innovators, and forward-looking people, OpenXcell is a people’s first company known for its talent as much as it is for its solutions. Experience the feel-good factor and the true value of work-life balance by working with us.

It’s a home away from home for our Xcellites.

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Perks of working at OpenXcell

We love our office, but we comply with our resources needs

We empower employees to work on their strengths and adjust to their working hours.

Practical training and learning sessions from mentors and industry experts

Indoor and outdoor team building activities and workshops

That’s a minimum of 18 days/year. Other than that, you call the shots.

We appreciate the diversity in beliefs, cultures, and people.

Our core values

The pillars of success

The credit for our concrete success goes to our Xcellites, who are passionate, innovative, and think out of the box. We have been lucky enough to be surrounded by peers who inspire us and bring these values to the organization.

  • Commitment to honesty and integrity
  • Transparency, etiquette, and work ethics
  • Open culture and flat hierarchy
  • Reliability to our customers and peers
  • Excellent team players with a positive attitude

Leaders' outlook

Here is what our team says

Most reliable, stable, and fastest-growing companies...

OpenXcell is a fantastic company to work for if you want to build a long-term career. It is one of Ahmedabad’s most reliable, stable, and fastest-growing companies. OpenXcell is an equal opportunity company that offers opportunities to employees at all stages of their careers, from entry-level to mid-level. A company that is always ahead of the trend in terms of innovation and technology. Excellent for techies.

Focused on the holistic development...

The culture at OpenXcell is focused on the holistic development of everyone. The employee-friendly environment out here motivates you to learn new skills and also excel in the existing ones. More than anything, offering work-life balance is high on the company’s agenda for all its employees and at the same time provides numerous opportunities for growth. If you join OpenXcell, you won’t be disappointed.

Ensures employee engagement at all levels of decision-making...

OpenXcell is an amazing organization with a supportive work culture that accelerates career growth. It offers a great learning platform, respects individual work choices, and ensures employee engagement at all decision-making levels. The company encourages smart work, provides ample opportunities for professional development, and maintains a healthy work-life balance. Honestly, for me, OpenXcell is the ideal place where your voice is heard, you feel inspired, and have the perfect environment to shape your career.

Everyone gets a fair and equal chance to perform...

I have been part of Openxcell since 2012, since then, it’s been an amazing journey. At Openxcell, everyone gets a fair and equal chance to perform. It has an open culture to learn and grow. You can always look for a promising career graph at Openxcell. Great place, good colleagues, supportive management, friendly policies, a perfect combination of a dream job.

Liberal work culture and people-centric management...

I joined OpenXcell as a Designer back in 2010. I have been privileged to work on many undertakings. OpenXcell has had a liberal work culture and people-centric management since its foundation which helped me to push myself in my difficult times. It’s been 11 years since I joined and it still feels unique and energizing each day. Since joining, I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and respect as an employee. From Managing multiple projects to working in multiple domains simultaneously it was a long journey for me from Designer to Head of the Design Department.

OpenXcell’s Culture

Moments of celebration at OpenXcell