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For quick, high-quality, and affordable language translation, we provide translation service with neural machines that use deep learning models. 100% Confidential and Secure
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Key features of our Translation Service using ML

  • Broad Language Coverage
    Our translate service supports translation between 54 different languages with the help of advanced machine learning technologies. It is even used for unstructured data to translate it into multiple languages for your application.
  • Neural Network-Based
    The neural machine translation system is made with a neural network along with the whole source to its translation to create more accurate translation. We use deep-learning techniques to build precise and fluent translation unlike traditional statistics.
  • Named Entity Translation Customization
    Our customization translation enables you to build your brand names, models names, character names, and more documents to translate the way you need. From customized named entities, you can also define names or terms that are unique to domain, organizations, and industry as well.
  • Language Identification
    If the source language is not specified, it is translated with our automatically identified language identification service. Our ML based translation automatically identifies the language of the document with high accuracy.
  • Batch and Real-Time Translations
    Are you having a huge quantity of pre-existing text? Our highly used real-time translation text API service is the one-stop solution for your on-demand translation app of any text with real-time and batch translation.
  • Secure Machine Translation
    SSL encryption is used for content encryption and stores that in the system. To protect the communication between our translation service and your web or mobile apps, Secure Machine Translation helps to get it secure.
  • Pay-Per-Use
    For cost-effective translation service, you only pay for what you use and it is implemented in our pay-per-use service. Here you are charged on number of characters used for the translation through an API.

Use cases for Translation API Service

  • Enable multilingual sentiment analysis of social media content
    Our translation API helps you to convert your text to multiple languages. All you need to do is translate the text to English Language before using a neural language processing (NLP) application. So, you are not restricted by language barriers for any of your content.
  • Provide on-demand translation of user-generated content
    To bit with real-time translation of the content, we provide on-demand translation service that easily translates huge volumes of user-generated content for your application and website that automatically make text available and translate to preferred language.
  • Add real-time translations for communication applications
    For cross-lingual communication between users and your application, we provide automatic translation for real-time data into multiple languages for user-intended content.

Benefits of Using Translation Service

  • Highly Accurate & Continuously Learning
    Translation engines are learning from the new database and our translation API is a neural machine translation to get precise translation results in multiple languages.
  • East to Integrate on your Application
    With a simple API call, you can remove the difficulty of making a real-time batch translation capabilities into your application. Additionally, it helps to locate the website or application within your workflow.
  • Customizable
    All you need is customized content at low cost. And our translation API helps to define all your content customized including character names, brand names, model names, and more.
  • Scalable
    Your document translation needs to be accurate regardless of the amount of text. Fast and reliable translation service is what be believe in for any amount of translation request through API.