13 Healthcare Apps Making Medical Care & Wellness Future-Ready

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Healthcare Apps

Looking for a healthcare professional? Try Teladoc. Need help tracking your daily medicine dose manually? Well, Medisafe is the answer for you. Want to take better care of your physical health? Give Fitbit a try. 

Today, healthcare is streamlined and more accessible than ever, thanks to the introduction of a wide range of healthcare apps in the market. The applications have digitalized the healthcare sector, upgrading it with solutions like telemedicine, mHealth, predictive analysis, and more. 

These apps are just one of the many healthcare trends transforming the patient-practitioner interaction, medical care concept, and overall the medicine sector. However, the point of focus today is the 13 best healthcare apps. 

What Are Healthcare Apps?  

Both health and wellness apps fall under the category of healthcare applications. Though they seem similar, these two actually have different use cases. 

Health apps diagnose and treat the health condition. In contrast, wellness apps address the various health-related elements, such as mental, physical, and social factors, that might affect a person’s health. 

These apps, collectively known as healthcare apps, bridge the gaps between patients’ needs and medical services availability by making them more accessible, efficient symptom tracking, appointment and medicine reminders, etc. 

The market is flocked with a variety of healthcare software solutions, but here are some of the top apps in their domain: 

Top 13 Healthcare Apps Transforming Healthcare  

  • BetterHelp
  • Calm
  • MySugr 
  • Fitbit 
  • Qardio Heart Health
  • Clue
  • Balance
  • Medisafe
  • MyChart 
  • ZocDoc
  • Teladoc
  • SimplePractice 
  • Amwell

Mental Health Apps  



It is an app that offers online therapy sessions with certified psychologists worldwide. The sessions are convenient for everyone in terms of both money and location. The app allows users to schedule appointments with the available therapists at their convenience. 

BetterHelp was built with the aim of making therapies more accessible, affordable, and personalized. It provides a safe space for people to share their experiences and get the help they need without prior judgments or pre-formed notions. 

Main Features 

  • Affordable online therapy 
  • Can be accessed by people in remote location 
  • Flexible and convenient sessions
  • Provides valuable resources and professional guidance



This healthcare app is for all the multitaskers with something or the other running through their mind at lightning speed. Calm is a meditation app that helps improve sleep, make people more mindful of their present, and reduce stress. 

It comes with many functionalities, like sleep stories, soundscapes, and a tracker for improving sleep. There are also varied exercises for stress and anxiety. That’s not all; there are also 2-minute meditations, daily wisdom & quotes, and more for improved mindfulness. 

Main Features

  • Expert solutions for improving sleep and reducing stress
  • Meditation for better focus 
  • Mood tracking for adequate evaluation
  • User-friendly interface and unique visuals

Healthcare Apps For Fitness & Personal Care 



According to WHO, there are a total of 422 million diabetic patients across the world. It is the most commonly occurring lifestyle disease, and this healthcare app aims to simplify its management. Patients easily track their blood sugar levels and carbs using the MySugr app. The easy-to-understand interface simplifies daily entry, which can be shared with healthcare professionals. 

The app is also compatible with some sugar-checking machines and fitness trackers, such as Google Fit, for improved data collection. Additionally, there are challenges and information related to sugar control that foster better prevention habits. 

Main Features

  • It is a straightforward system, really easy to use 
  • Innovative habit-building techniques 
  • The free plan is full of various functionalities 
  • Compatible with an array of devices & resources



Now acquired by Google (in 2019), Fitbit was founded in 2007. It took health and fitness to another level with its fitness tracking bands. Today, there are numerous options, but Fitbit still leads the market because of its years of quality services and customers’ trust in the brand. 

The fitness trackers monitor daily activities like step count, calories burned, or sleep cycle. There is an official Fitbit app, but the trackers are also compatible with many other applications. These bands have helped users become more aware of their lifestyle and implement necessary changes to improve it.

Main Features 

  • Easy-to-understand interface
  • The app has personalized training & workouts 
  • Complete wellness solution 
  • Users can become a part of likeminded people (or friends & family)

Qardio Heart Health

qardio heart health

Qardio is an all-in-one kind of solution. It is packed with important metrics like BP, heart rate, irregular heartbeat, BMI, respiratory rate, etc. These features make it an ideal healthcare app for all heart-related issues and symptoms. 

The company has a variety of related products as well, like blood pressure monitors, ECG/EKG monitors, etc., using which the app provides a comprehensive health overview. The app automatically updates data from the connected devices, so you don’t have to do it manually. 

Main Features 

  • Almost accurate results every time
  • Automated data capturing 
  • Location-based tracking 
  • No compatibility issues 

Healthcare Apps Designed For Women



There are a lot of things that can affect a woman’s menstrual cycle, and these patterns/triggers often go unnoticed. For those who want to track them, Clue is the right solution. It is an application based on science and makes almost accurate predictions based on the data provided. 

It has approximately 30 related symptoms, which the user can further customize. To predict the next cycle, the app derives results by measuring various symptoms like mood, digestion, weight, etc. It notifies about upcoming/missed cycles, pill reminders, and more, making it an ideal healthcare app for women.

Main Features 

  • Menstrual tracking based on the scientific data 
  • Monthly emails about the cycle
  • Easily accessible resources 
  • Analysis of recurring symptoms 



Menopause is another aspect of women’s health that is often overlooked by many, but it is just equally important. Many women usually feel confused by sudden hormonal changes without a clear explanation during this phase. Balance – A menopause support app was created to help such women. 

Dr Louise Newson, a menopause specialist, created it as a safe space for all women to share their stories, get valuable insights, and understand this phase better. This knowledge and awareness have helped women in numerous ways as they have clarity and solutions for their ‘confusion.’

Main Features

  • Symptoms and mood tracking journal 
  • Insights on treatment options 
  • Real-life experiences shared by the community
  • The free version encompasses all features except consultation

A Guide To Successful App DevelopmentHealthcare Software Development

Healthcare Apps For Patients 



This healthcare app is a perfect solution for those who always have a pill box handy to organize daily medicine doses. Medisafe helps patients set a proper medication schedule through reminders and pill management. 

The intuitive navigation allows patients to seamlessly set reminders for all the doses. Users can either upload the prescription for it to automatically detect the medicine and dose schedule or add the data manually. Another benefit is that it can remind users when to refill their medicines. 

Main Features

  • It is easy to use 
  • It is a free app with a subscription for ad-free experience 
  • Can provide daily, weekly, and monthly reports if needed 
  • Customization features to make it more personalized for users 



MyChart empowers patients and individuals with the right information, helping them manage their healthcare journey. This is one of the best healthcare apps for individuals because of its extensive features, which allow patients to book an appointment with a healthcare practitioner, share and view test reports, and track their health graphically to get a comprehensive image. 

Used by millions across the globe, MyChart also lets them get prescription refills, get personalized healthcare solutions, and stay fully informed about it. It also records every activity, including data from other wellness apps, to get a better overall picture of patients’ medical history.

Main Features

  • It is an all-in-one solution for patients
  • Easy report & medical history access for family
  • Easy navigation to use diverse features
  • Simplified prescription refills



ZocDoc makes it easier for patients to schedule a medical appointment. Patients can easily choose the kind of medical services they seek, from general medical care to specialists. They can simply choose one from the extensive data offered by ZocDoc, making it a leading choice among healthcare apps for patients. 

Another benefit is that patients can view the healthcare practitioner’s availability in real-time, which further enhances the patient’s experience. Reviews and ratings are also provided so those new to the platform can easily book an appointment with the right expert. 

Main Features

  • Real-time updates 
  • Simplified appointment booking 
  • Multilingual support 
  • Rapid healthcare support 
Connect for Healthcare App Development

Healthcare Apps For Streamlined Processes  



Teladoc is a key player in the telehealth industry. The main premise behind Teladoc was to make healthcare available for everyone. Patients can book an appointment and get on a virtual call with the practitioner. The services encompass everything from basic medical treatments to specializations.  

The services are affordable and flexible, so there’s no wait time. Patients can easily check doctor’s availability online, pay, and book appointments as and when needed. However, since it is a virtual appointment, there’s generally a limitation to the diagnosis scope. 

Main Features

  • Virtual appointments
  • Affordable and faster medical services 
  • Online prescriptions 
  • Varied modes of payment 



SimplePratice is a perfect example of a mHealth app development that was done right. It is a platform where patients can easily connect with a medical practitioner based on their issues and requirements. Meanwhile, practitioners can create virtual clinics to attend to their patients. It is a secure place for the patients to share their issues without concerns. 

SimplePractice is one of those healthcare mobile apps that offers everything in one place. From scheduling to documentation to secure appointments and whatnot – this app is feature-packed to make the virtual appointments as smooth as possible for everyone.

Main Features 

  • A comprehensive solution
  • Secure platform to maintain transparency 
  • Paperless prescription, online payment, and 24*7 support 
  • Better experience for both parties



Time is an essential factor in certain medical situations, and Amwell is set to bridge exactly that. It is an on-demand healthcare app with which patients can call for a practitioner wherever they are, at their convenience. It is especially beneficial in emergencies so patients don’t have to wait hours for medical support. 

The most significant benefit of this healthcare application is that it has reduced the wait time for patients by creating an online space where they can connect with a practitioner when in need. They don’t have to do it manually. 

Main Features 

  • Easy-to-use web and mobile application 
  • Patients can choose the practitioner
  • A wide range of insurance accepted
  • An array of healthcare services available 

Why Invest In Healthcare Apps? 

Apart from the fact that these healthcare mobile apps are the future, there are numerous reasons to invest in healthcare software development. Some of those benefits include: 

  • Completely streamlined workflow 
  • Assisted and better diagnosis 
  • Improved personal health management 
  • A secure place for effective communication 
  • An in-built tracking mechanism for chronically ill patients 
  • Reduced restriction of being able to visit in person
  • Cost reduction and improved accessibility for everyone 

Must-Have Features In The Healthcare Apps

Except for the custom integrations unique to different apps, there are some features that every healthcare app should have. These essential “must-haves” are: 

Simple Functionality 

The app should be easy to use and have intuitive navigation so that patients, especially older ones, can easily adapt. Keep things straightforward – from signup to accessing the specific functionalities. Another thing is that the app should have a similar interface across different devices to maintain uniformity and improve user experience. 

Security & Reliability 

When going for healthcare app development, it is essential to maintain digital security. People share their personal details, illnesses, and concerns through the application. Data breaches can cost these sensitive pieces of information, which can be troublesome if they get into the wrong hands. Make sure the application follows the HIPAA privacy rules before launching. 

Efficient Connectivity 

The main premise behind creating health apps is to streamline medical services, and one of the factors to do that is to establish improved channels of connecting with the experts. With this, patients can immediately get the medical attention needed without the practitioner having to commute for hours. 

Smart Trackers And Compatibility 

Effective diagnosis requires both – health and overall well-being. Tests, reports, prescriptions, and doctor’s visits are a part of health, while activities like exercise, walking, and dietary habits are about well-being. So, your app must be compatible with various devices for effective activity tracking.

Keep These Things In Mind

Healthcare app development is growing fast, and while the speedy progress is appreciated, it raises a few concerns. This is why it is important not to go overboard, especially in the case of healthcare, where misinformation can have massive consequences. Consider these few things when either developing or using healthcare apps. 

Patients should remember that these healthcare apps are to be used as a resource assisting their existing medical care and not as a replacement for healthcare professionals. Another thing is that these resources are best for primary care or general queries, not critical situations. 

As for healthcare institutions, digitalizing the overall operations is good, but the patient’s trust must be maintained through security regulations. Guarding all the digital resources is needed to maintain an institution’s repo and protect the sensitive data on the system. 

This is why healthcare app development services providers should design a HIPAA-certified solution. Healthcare experts should check these solutions thoroughly to ensure that no false information is passed on in the name of medical advice. 

Patients or their guardians, on the other hand, must ensure that the app is completely safe before sharing the information. It is important to be aware of any false advertisement and confirm the information before implementing it. 

OpenXcell – Your Reliable Healthcare App Development Services Provider

The complications of developing healthcare applications can be easily simplified with the right service provider. At OpenXcell, we aim to provide exceptional service so that our clients can focus on their practice while our top talent handles their app development

So partner with us to get a team of dedicated professionals & industry experts. We have transformed healthcare with our innovative solutions. All you need to do is connect with us, share the requirements, and let our team take care of the rest. 

Digitalize Your Healthcare Institution


How To Choose The Best Healthcare Apps? 

Selecting the best healthcare apps depends on the requirements. So before choosing the best app, it is important to answer the ‘why’ question: why do you want to install the app? And based on that, do the research and shortlist a bunch of options. You can also discuss this with a doctor for some insights. 

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Healthcare Applications? 

Many factors, including the app’s complexity, feature integrations, and scope, define the healthcare app development cost. A simple wellness app can range from $45,000 to $180,000. While developing an enterprise-level healthcare app can start at $120,000. 

Are Healthcare Mobile Apps Beneficial?  

Healthcare apps have proven to be highly effective in numerous ways, whether wellness apps to monitor triggering factors or fitness apps to check the effect of changes implemented in the lifestyle. These apps have changed the way the medical system operates. 

What Are The Essential Features Of Successful Healthcare Applications?

A healthcare app that is easy to navigate, ensures privacy, is more patient-centric, and offers a wide range of services is more likely to be successful because of its convenience and array of functionalities. 

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