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  • Easy Integration
    Spring Boot helps developers to put together the application with the Spring Ecosystem that includes tools to fasten the process of development.
  • Easy Testing
    Spring boost makes the testing process easy with the help of embedded HTTP servers such as Tomcat or Jetty.
  • Actuator
    Due to auto-configuration, it’s necessary to see what’s going inside a spring boost application, actuator helps to know insights in running applications.
  • Ecosystem Tools
    Spring Boot provides some plugins tools for working with in-memory and implanted databases professionally.

Benefits of Developing Mobile Apps using Spring Boot

  • Easy Integration
    It is effortless to integrate Spring Boot Application with its Ecosystems like Spring ORM, Spring JDBC, Spring Data, Spring Security, and more.
  • Easy to Test
    It offers lots of plugins to develop spring applications, and it uses tools like Maven and Gradle for development and testing.
  • CLI Tool
    Spring boot specially offers with the Command Line Interface (CLI) tool for developing and testing spring boot applications.
  • Minimizes code
    It diminishes writing multiple boilerplate codes, XML configuration, and annotation, ultimately improves productivity.


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