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At OpenXcell, we develop enterprise apps using the best practices of Golang. Our Go developers have complete knowledge of the Google Go language for Golang web development, Golang unit testing & Go web programming services. Our teams have creative expertise in using various technologies that work with Golang. We will ensure to address all your concerns, resolve every doubt, and provide positive outcomes of our custom Golang web development services.

Our programmers use Golang for visualization, natural language processing, data analysis, etc., for the flawless development of AI, deep learning apps, machine learning, and chatbots. We ensure that our Golang coders are experts in maintaining the existing apps. Regular maintenance makes your app efficient and better than before. Our Golang developers have complete knowledge of full-stack software, including exceptional abilities in front and back-end technologies, develop and maintain various software including database, scalable system, server, command-line apps, APIs, web apps, etc. Hire Golang Developers from OpenXcell to develop enterprise-level software, web apps, or cloud apps for your business. Our Go developers can bring your project to the development frontier by keeping your business needs in mind.


Why Golang

Why Golang

Why Choose Golang Web Development Framework?

  • Seamless development of concurrent apps
  • Streamlining software development
  • Cross-platform development
  • Explicit designing for the cloud
  • Rich library
  • Handles heavy load
  • Highly scalable
  • Garbage collection
Golang Web Development

Golang Web Development

Golang programming language imparts a modern approach to the coding paradigms. Golang has quickly gained popularity as an open-source and genuinely adapted multi-platform programming language.

Full-cycle Services

Full-cycle Services

We offer full-cycle software development services from custom websites to enterprise-level systems. We design, develop, integrate, migrate, deploy, and maintain the web, mobile, and desktop platforms.

Full-stack Golang Development

Full-stack Golang Development

We have full-stack software experts who develop and maintain various software, including database, network, server, back-end architecture, web apps, front-end web apps, command-line apps, and APIs.

Golang AI/ML App Development

Golang AI/ML App Development

Our Golang app developers use Golang to create configurable services for transferring parameters from services requests to AI/ML mechanisms and provide the expected outcome.

Synchronized Apps Development

Synchronized Apps Development

Using the inbuilt concurrency feature of Golang that is implemented using channels and Goroutines, we develop a synchronized app for you to provide multi-threading.

Golang support & maintenance

Golang support & maintenance

We have a qualified support team to provide you continuous support for any queries or app maintenance with changing requirements and keep your app updated.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Go is a programming language best used for working with Google products. Golang programmers write code in this language and the Go code is considered to be fast and easy to learn.

Yes, GoLang is a preferable language for software development as it provides high performance without the necessity of interpretation, offers the flexibility of usage, and allows minimum crashing by running the application smoothly as a single process without using a lot of memory.

Golang doesn’t require a huge tech stack for backup and can be used for application development on native code and allows easy compilation without using virtual machines or interpreters. This helps developers to save time and cost-effectively.

Golang can be used for distributed network services like APIs, web servers, mini frameworks for web applications, etc. Go is also an outstanding language for cloud computing. One such example is Kubernetes. The clock synchronization protocol for all the networks also leverages Go and many media platforms like Netflix, and YouTube use Go for delivering high performance and scalability.

Golang developer tools that can be used for web applications and projects include: GoVendor, Gonative, Depth, Checkstyle, Apicompat, Go-swagger, Go Meta Linter, Go-Callvis, Gosimple, and Grapes.