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What is Golang?

Golang, also known as Go is an open-source programming language by Google, developed in 2007. Golang programming is for building next-gen apps for the growth-seeking industries. Google programming language is a statistically typed language with syntax similar to C. This open-source google go language provides type safety, dynamic-typing capability, garbage collection, and other advanced built-in types.

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At OpenXcell, we develop an enterprise app using the best practices of Golang. Our go developers have complete knowledge of the Google Go language and develop go development, Golang web development, Golang unit testing & go web programming services.

Why Golang?

  • Seamless Development Of Concurrent Apps: Lightweight threads make multi-threading unbelievably easy. The streaming architecture of Golang enables the development of concurrent apps in big multi-regional teams.
  • Streamlining Software Development: Golang benefits businesses with its various projects. It makes the development process faster and the maintenance of code less expensive.
  • Easy Cross-Platform Development: The scripts build by using Golang can support cross-compilation, and it makes cross-platform app development more comfortable and faster.
  • Explicit Designing For The Cloud: This open-source programming language has excellent compatibility with the cloud. The software developers of OpenXcell can develop complex cloud apps by using this technology.

Benefits Of Google Programming Language (Golang)

Golang offers many benefits that can make your apps more productive and highly functional. Here are few of them-

  • Easy Compiled Language: As a programming language, Golang is easy compared to others as the whole specification is not very long. It uses the native machine code, and so there is no need for CLR or JVM to turn on the Golang web app.
  • Garbage Collection: Garbage collection feature of the Golang is automatic memory management which can help in the development of simple interfaces and can provide control over managing memory.
  • Access Of Rich Library: Golang has access to standard and rich library sources. This language has a fully functional webserver.
  • Scalability: Golang has scalability by default. As an app grows, it needs to manage multiple tasks simultaneously, such as delivering HTML pages to different web browsers. Golang comes with many built-in features such as Goroutines and Channels to handle simultaneous tasks within one app.
  • Handle Heavy Load: Golang does not have an interpreter as the programs are directly converted into machine code. The Golang compiler converts code into executable files. The advanced Golang compiler has the efficiency to provide an effective way to check errors in the code and make the deployment process easy.
  • Simplicity: Golang is simple and easy to understand. The entire specification of Golang is just a few pages long. Golang prefers Composition over Inheritance. Golang has a well-designed type system.

Top Players Of Various Industries Using Golang Web Framework

  • Uber: The highest QPS (queries per second) services of Uber are written in Golang. Golang has reduced Uber’s go-to-market time.
  • YouTube: As Golang has various advantages over existing languages, Google decided to implement Golang to support YouTube due to its growing traffic. Golang allows Youtube to process more than 400 hours of video per minute.
  • SoundCloud: SoundCloud uses Golang for several instances, such as they develop their deployment system with Golang.

Our Golang Development Services

  • Golang Web Development: Golang programming language imparts a modern approach to the coding paradigms. Golang has quickly gained popularity as an open-source and genuinely adapting multi-platform programming language. Few prominent companies like Uber, Soundcloud, YouTube are leveraging Golang web development, Golang unit testing, and Golang mobile development.
  • Full-Cycle Services: Golang services of OpenXcell include full-cycle software development services from custom websites to enterprise-level systems. We design, develop, integrate, migrate, deploy and maintain the software for the web, mobile, and desktop platforms. Our developers have in-depth knowledge of Golang and they are experts in developing apps for platforms like Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.
  • Full-Stack Golang: We have full-stack software experts, with expertise in front and back-end technologies. We program with Golang to develop as well as maintain a variety of software including database, network, server, back-end architecture, web apps, front-end web apps, command-line apps, and APIs.

Golang Vs Other Programming Language

Golang is a language that helps you build a robust and scalable system. When it comes to developing enterprise apps, Golang is better than the current programming languages such as Ruby, Java, and Python.

  • Golang vs Ruby: Golang handles many users concurrently without slowing down system performance. Golang saves on resources such as CPU and memory, which makes it faster in performance.
  • Golang vs Java: Golang provides error-free enterprise apps at lightning speed which reduces the go-to-market time. Golang is better than Java in performance too. Unlike Java, Golang does not require high storage capacity.
  • Golang vs Python: Golang is more efficient than Python as in Golang programming language, each variable has a type associated with it.

Why Hire Go Developers From OpenXcell?

Hire Golang Developers from OpenXcell to develop enterprise-level software, web apps, or cloud apps, for your business. Our Go developers can bring your project to the frontier of development by keeping your business needs in mind.


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