Personalized Fitness App Development

Integrated AI & ML for better health check scheduling

One of the world’s popular fitness brands with personalized training, workout session & nutrition guide. While this giant was facing problems with scaling up & processing orders from multiple regions, OpenXcell helped them to automate & centralized its inventory & Order management workflow. With a team of experienced mobile app developers and creative-minded techies, this product was filled with features such as real-time tracking, order management, 3PL integration, Shopify stores, custom invoice for taxation, and many more to enlist.


No central management system:
One of the major challenges that posed in the development of this application was to establish a central management system tom manage operations, orders, etc. And this required technical expertise and resources that were absent.
Lack of resources for enabling automation:
In order to make the complete system automated, right from data connector between Shopify stores and 3PL systems to logistics operations, a number of latest technologies, infrastructure, and trained resources was needed.
No flexibility and scalability:
With changing requirements of the development process and business needs, it is but obvious that the team will be scaled up and down. But, it becomes a whole-together different task for in-house team to scale quickly and reduce the go-to-market time.

A centralized system to manage and monitor the development process:
With a team of tech experts, OpenXcell developed a centralized system that managed multi-store inventory and order fulfilment operations. Also, all the platforms and stores were centrally managed from the software,
Various integrations for complete automation:
Highly calibrated development teams made sure that FTP integration enabled a smooth transition of data between the Shopify stores and 3PL. The entire process from receiving the order to fulfillment was automated by OpenXcell and providing them a real-time data exchange and complete the fulfillment process in a few clicks.
High flexibility and scalability:
OpenXcell provides a scale up and down and go to market quickly feature for the clients, the development process became quite easy and fast as the required team was scaled and features were squeezed in with high flexibility.
Results Obtained

By collaborating with OpenXcell, this fitness giant got a various integration including Shopify stores, order management systems, etc. With a hand-picked team of techies, this personalized fitness app development was made successful and the desired outcome was witnessed. By providing resources tailored to their needs, all the infrastructure that was required, and comparatively reducing costs, the app was developed on point thus completely satisfying the client.


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