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OpenXcell’s AWS DynamoDB Developer provides fast and flexible NoSQL database services for Amazon DynamoDB for any scale. 100% confidential and secure


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At OpenXcell, we offer the best database services, support, and administration in the industry. Our technical expertise and dedicated team deliver high-quality Amazon DynamoDB services. Our team has expertise in providing database support using AWS (Amazon Web Services) DynamoDB. It is a fully managed and customized NoSQL database service that provides fast and predictable performance and excellent benefits. Amazon DynamoDB is a key-value and document database that delivers single-digit performance at any scale. It is a multi-region, fully managed, multi-master database with built-in security and backup.

DynamoDB can handle more than 10 trillion requests per day and 20 million requests per second. Few of the world’s fastest developing businesses & enterprises like Airbnb, Samsung, and Toyota, depend on DynamoDB to support their critical workloads. Experts at OpenXcell know exactly how to harness the potential Amazon DynamoDB to provide precise business data analytics for enterprises. The team at OpenXcell provides database management services to our clients in a highly professional and competent way. Our experienced database team performs complete operations for designing, creating, and maintaining robust database solutions for businesses.



Why Amazon DynamoDB

Why Amazon DynamoDB

Why should you choose Amazon DynamoDB?

  • Enterprise-ready
  • Serverless
  • High performance
  • Pay for use
  • Strong consistency
Serverless web apps development

Serverless web apps development

At OpenXcell, we build powerful web apps that automatically scale up and down. You do not need to maintain servers, and your apps can have highly automated availability.

Mobile backend development

Mobile backend development

We develop personalized mobile apps with smooth experiences for your users. Amazon DynamoDB takes care of operational tasks so that you can focus on your apps.

Data analytics

Data analytics

OpenXcell has NoSQL data analytics experts with years of experience in handling complex databases for businesses.

Amazon DynamoDB consulting

Amazon DynamoDB consulting

Our expert team of techies has extensive knowledge of Amazon DynamoDB to guide you through the entire process of adapting it for your business.

Amazon DynamoDB database maintenance & support

Amazon DynamoDB database maintenance & support

Get complete support for the Amazon DynamoDB database service after deployment for all your queries and bugs.

Why OpenXcell?

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Amazon DynamoDB - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Amazon DynamoDB is a NoSQL database service that eliminates the operations and scaling of distributed databases in order to resolve issues like hardware provisioning, software patching, cluster scaling or setup & configuration.

AWS Dynamo offers on-demand backup capability and point-in-time recovery for accidental write and delete operations. It also allows deletion of expired items from tables to reduce usage and cost of storing data.

DynamoDB and MongoDB aren’t similar. Where MongoDB allows read and write actions to the same documents and fields in one database transaction, DynamoDB doesn’t support more than one action in a single transaction.

DynamoDB supports a huge list of Java data types and primitive classes like: String, Boolean, Byte, Float, Date, Calendar, Integer, double, Bigdecimal.