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Amazon DynamoDB Development Company

Our technical expertise and dedicated team deliver high-quality Amazon DynamoDB services. Our team has expertise in providing database support using AWS (Amazon Web Services) DynamoDB. At OpenXcell, we offer the best database services, support, and administration in the industry.

What is Amazon DynamoDB?

DynamoDB is one of the most recently presented by Amazon, DynamoDB is a fully managed and customization NoSQL database service that provides fast and predictable performance along with excellent services.

Amazon DynamoDB is a key-value and document database that delivers single-digit performance at any scale. It is a multi-region, fully managed, multi-master database with built-in security and backup.

DynamoDB can handle more than 10 trillion requests per day and 20 million requests per second. Few of the world’s fastest developing businesses & enterprises like Airbnb, Samsung, and Toyota, depend on DynamoDB to support their critical workloads.

DynamoDB vs MongoDB

DynamoDB MongoDB
By using DynamoDB, all data items are stored on Solid State Drives (SSDs). MongoDB stores data in JSON like documents.
In DynamoDB, data is eventually consistent by default. In MongoDB, data is strongly consistent by default.
ACID transactions in DynamoDB apply to table data only. ACID transactions in MongoDB apply to documents, indexes, and backups.
On-demand and continuous backups are available at different costs in DynamoDB. MongoDB includes queryable, continuous backup with in-time recovery.

Advantages Of Amazon DynamoDB

  • Enterprise Ready: Amazon DynamoDB supports ACID transactions to allow you to build business apps at scale. DynamoDB encodes all data by default and provides identity & access control on all your tables.
  • Serverless: Amazon Web Services DynamoDB automatically scales tables up and down to maintain the performance and fix the capacity. Fault tolerance and availability are built-in, and it eliminates the need to architect your apps for these capabilities.
  • Performance: DynamoDB supports some of the most massive scale apps by providing consistent, single-digit response times at any scale. You can build apps with virtually unlimited storage and throughput.

Amazon DynamoDB Features

  • Performance: AWS provides impressive performance with DynamoDB. All the data is synchronously replicated across all availability zones, AND there is NO downtime even while there are throughput updates.
  • Pay For Use: Amazon allows you to buy operations as per the capability rather than storage space. This concept removes much complexity for developers who need to monitor performance levels, tune the database configuration, and ramp up hardware resources when needed. Pay For Use provides users a fast and reliable storage space as per their needs.
  • Strong Consistency: With Amazon Web Services DynamoDB, there is no need to hardcode the replication of values. Once you make a choice, everything works as it should. Like all Amazon product offers, read and write units are adjustable based on actual usage.

Our Amazon DynamoDB Services

When it comes to providing Amazon DynamoDB services, OpenXcell is the best amongst all. Here are the Amazon DynamoDB services OpenXcell provides-

  • Serverless Web Apps: At OpenXcell, we build powerful web apps that automatically scales up and down. You do not need to maintain servers, and your apps can have highly automated availability.
  • Mobile Backend Development: We develop personalized mobile apps with smooth experiences for your users. Amazon DynamoDB takes care of operational tasks so that you can focus on your apps.
  • Gaming App Development: Our DynamoDB developers create responsive games for mobile and desktop with DynamoDB.

Why Hire OpenXcell’s DynamoDB Developer for Amazon DynamoDB Database Development Services?

Experts at OpenXcell exactly know how to harness the potential Amazon DynamoDB to provide precise business data analytics for enterprises. The team at OpenXcell, we provide database management services to our clients in a highly skilled and competent way. Our experienced database team performs complete operations for designing, creating, and maintaining robust database solutions for businesses.