Personalized User Experience

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Benefits of Using Personalized Recommendations

  • Create user-targeted recommendations
    Personalizing your user’s interface requires the right amount of data and the right technology. With Machine Learning, we can create algorithms that are specifically designed to overcome common problems while building the custom recommendation feed. New users have no data, popularity biases or even submitted intent. Algorithms can quickly predict the specific needs, preferences, and behavior to build the user feed.
  • Display the right content at the right time
    Timing is everything when it comes to personalized recommendations. When a customer is browsing products on your mobile app, or website, the algorithm quickly understands what they are looking for and offer a targeted response before they move on to another website. We continuously improve our algorithms that we can integrate into your mobile applications, and blend real-time activity from users to identify the right products for their requirements.
  • Personalize the complete user-flow
    With machine learning, you can personalize every single touchpoint on the user’s journey, which can offer a cohesive experience in all of their channels and devices. These personalized recommendations can be used across websites, mobile applications. The complete user experience can be built around searching, sorting, recommending and offering content and products that are personalized to the particular user.
  • Quickly deploy personalization model
    A personalization model is used for item grading, attribute filtering, product affinity modeling, user affinity modeling, social media relations, and the next best offering. With machine learning, personalization models can be deployed in just a few clicks. With our advanced integrations of the latest machine learning tools, you can start deploying relevant experience to your users quickly and efficiently.

How Personalized Recommendations Work

Use Cases for Personalized Recommendations

  • Self-learning recommendation model:
    Your mobile apps are more likely to convert more sales if the user experience is personalized and offering recommendations based on their profile and habits. Instead of providing a single-point user experience, machine learning can help us deliver user-targeted content and products that the user is looking forward to purchasing or seeing more often. With our machine learning integration, you can study user behavior, history, preferences, and serve the right content and products to boost satisfaction and engagement.
  • Personalized search algorithm:
    Most online users are frustrated that their searches are not relevant enough. To bring relevance to user experience, it is important that we use machine learning to consider the user’s preferences and intent to display products that are relevant to every particular user. With machine learning, we can improve the rankings of items in search results by learning from the behavioral data of the user from the past interactions with the web or mobile app.
  • Personalized notification algorithm:
    Machine learning makes it very easy to build recommendations and personalize search using advanced algorithms. Moreover, it can also help us ensure that every user receives the most relevant marketing communication based on their searches, items in the cart, and interaction with the application. Additionally, notifications can be sent based on their location, habits, and discount amounts that have previously made them take action, rather than shooting in dark by sending them a generic promotion.

Our Commitment to Building Scalable Web and Mobile Apps using Personalized User Experience

  • Combining user interaction with data:
    With machine learning, we can easily combine your user’s mobile interactions like clicks, purchases, and views to form a cohesive understanding of their behavioral patterns. We then use this understanding to generate highly relevant content and product recommendations.
  • Automated machine learning:
    That’s the whole point – to automate learning from your user’s behavior and serve them just right. Once your data is analyzed by our machine learning integrated system, you can automatically inspect the data, select the right algorithms, and train models for accuracy.
  • Based on the technologies used by Amazon and Microsoft:
    We use personalization models that have been learning for over 20 years and used by large organizations like Amazon and Microsoft to understand user behavior and recommend the right type of products. We use algorithms that are best suited for your users.
  • Continuous learning:
    What’s the point of building something today that doesn’t improve tomorrow? The machine learning models that we use for our clients are continuously improving, in real-time, and generate continuous recommendations based on user activity.