Machine Learning Image And Video Analysis Services

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Key features of our Image and Video Analysis Service using ML

  • Labels
    Once we integrate the machine learning into your mobile apps, you will be able to recognize thousands of objects in images and videos along with activity recognition like ‘delivering a package’ or ‘playing soccer’.
  • Custom labels
    You can extract specific information that is uniquely useful to your business by tagging the images as per your requirements. From logos in social media to machines in your delivery pipeline, you can do it all.
  • Custom moderation
    Identify content that is unsafe or inappropriate across both images and videos, and then provide labels that can help you accurately control what you want to allow based on your requirement.
  • Text detection
    Text in photos is very different from what it appears on a document. Our machine learning integration can read even skewed or distorted text, and capture information like store name, street sign, and text on packaging and more.
  • Face detection and analytics
    Detecting faces is quite easy when it comes to machine learning. Moreover, you can analyze attributes like gender, age, eyes, glasses, facial hair, and more. You can also analyze how these attributes change over time.
  • Face verification and search
    With advanced algorithms, you can also get features like face search, which can help you identify a person in a photo or video with a private repository of images. Identity verification is also possible using face detection.
  • Pathing
    Once you integrate machine learning with your mobile app, you can easily capture the path of people in a scene. For example, you can recognize the moment of athletes during a game and identify plays for post-game analysis.

Use cases for images and video analysis

  • Make content searchable
    With our advanced machine learning integrations, you can easily extract metadata from images and video files, which helps in capturing objects, faces, text and a lot more. This extracted information can be used to search images and videos using keywords and find the right asset for content syndication.
  • Flag inappropriate content
    Flagging inappropriate content is now quicker and easier with the machine-learning model integrated into your mobile and web applications. Nudity, graphic violence, and weapons in images and videos can be easily extracted. You can also create your own rules based on your level of cultural appropriateness.
  • Enable identity verification
    Authentication is now scalable using machine learning integrations, by building workflows for automated payments and other verification scenarios. It can help you easily perform face recognition for opted-in users by comparing photos from users and documenting identities like licenses and more.
  • Respond for quick public safety
    With our machine learning model integration, we can quickly find missing persons from images and videos. You can accurately flag potential matches which you can use to speed up rescue operations. You can accurately flag matches and speed up operations for rescue.
  • Identify products and landmarks
    Integrating with custom labelling in your apps, you can use the technology to identify products in social media and photo apps. For example, you can train the machine learning model to identify landmarks in cities for tourists with information about the various features of the model.
  • Analyze shopper patterns
    You can analyze the behavior of shoppers and also figure out the density of the retail by studying the path of each customer. Using face analysis, you will also be able to understand the average range of ages, distribution of gender, and emotions expressed by people, without identifying them.