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UI/UX designers by OpenXcell

Hire our creative UI/UX designers to make it easy and effective for you to interact with the end-users. Being well-coordinated is really important to hold your brand identity. Your website, social media, brochures, retail signs, and packaging must all work together these days. OpenXcell’s UI/UX designers can pull it all together and make your company known to users

UI/UX designers at OpenXcell have extensive expertise in developing or updating user portal websites, mobile applications, and software programs. Our UI/UX designers are skilled in graphic, gesture, and industrial design, allowing you to take your product to the next stage while still distinguishing your company from the competition.

Hire UI/UX designers to build insightful and engaging designs that ensure valuable and long-term relationships with your target audience. Resources at OpenXcell go beyond the specifications of an optimal UI/UX solution, ensuring that the customer enjoys a sophisticated specification that improves efficiency and returns on investment.

  • Experienced, skilled, & dedicated UI/UX designers
  • Reduce 60% of development cost
  • Ensure project privacy with strict NDA signed documents
  • Complete design authorization & premium design quality
  • Highly skilled in design patterns & functional programming
  • Experts in web UI design, mobile app design, and more
  • Flexible engagement models


Technology Stack

Technology Stack

Technical expertise our resources hold

Design tools:
Figma Sketch InVision Adobe XD Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe After Effects InDesign
Wireframing tools:
Balsamiq UXPin Justinmind Zaplin
UI/UX testing tools:
Parasoft Selenic Katalon Selenium IDE
PM tools:
Trello Slack Basecamp Jira Asana Azure DevOps Hubstaff tasks
Web UI/UX design

Web UI/UX design

Hire our UI/UX designers to craft the best UI for your website or web app, that can perfectly portray your brand and send out the apt message.

Mobile app design

Mobile app design

Give your mobile app a new look and feel with a customized UI that can keep the customers engaged by our UI/UX designers.

Graphic design

Graphic design

Our creative UI/UX designers are highly trained and skilled in designing any form of graphics that will complement your brand to increase its value.

Wireframes & prototyping

Wireframes & prototyping

Experts in wireframing and prototyping, our UI/UX designers ensure that your project prototype is ready before the actual development to review its feasibility.

Logo design

Logo design

Your brand's logo tells everything about your business and OpenXcell's UI/UX designers ensure that your brand message is conveyed loud and clear by designing a perfect logo.


Our pricing plans, alongwith a free trial of 2 weeks


Hire our experienced resources on an hourly basis if you have a short-term project or need a specific service.

$ 18 USD
Free Trial For 2 Weeks Available*


If your requirements are pretty much specific and need someone long-term, get a resource on a monthly basis.

$ 2,399 USD
Free Trial For 2 Weeks Available*


If you need ongoing assistance and expect your requirements to change, hire a resource on a yearly basis.

$ 18,999 USD
Free Trial For 2 Weeks Available*

Steps to hire

How can you hire a UI/UX designer with OpenXcell?


Share your project requirements

Drop your requirements or fill the form. We analyze your needs and share the overall estimation of time, resources, tech stacks, etc.

Screen our

Select a perfect match after screening our candidates that match your requirements and can suit your team.

Sign a contract & get going

We sign a non-disclosure agreement along with various documents, and the resource is added to your team to start development.

Why OpenXcell?

Make the most of a world-class team and infrastructure


development facilities


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office space


software engineers &
technical staff


software designed,
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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the key points that you need to look at when you are thinking to hire a UI/UX designer are,

  • Accountability and creative/logical justification of his/her design
  • Reviewing their sketch files
  • Curiosity about learning new things and products
  • Relevant experience in design
  • A strong portfolio
  • Knowledge of the latest tools and technologies
  • Updated with the trends and keen to learn new things
  • Past client testimonials

When it comes to having a diversified resource pool, OpenXcell is one of the best firms, and UI/UX Designers are a part of it. If you need competent UI/UX Designers for your project, OpenXcell’s UI/UX Designers are the perfect choice since they have in-depth knowledge of the most recent design tools and technologies in addition to a wealth of experience. From a group of techies with a range of expertise and talents, you may select the resource that best suits your team and project type.

When you hire a UI/UX designer from OpenXcell, you are free to choose the desired pricing model depending upon your project’s requirements. We offer three hiring models, viz. hourly, monthly, and yearly. The rate starts from $18/hour on an hourly basis, $2,399/month on a monthly basis, and $18,999/year. These rates are the starting rates and will be subjected to increase depending upon their experience and experts.

When a person interacts with a digital or physical product, such as a website or a coffee maker, user experience (UX) designers are in charge of providing the best possible user experience for them. Some people concentrate on service design, such as creating the whole experience of taking public transit or going to the doctor. Their primary focus is on researching consumers, comprehending their behavior, and designing a user experience that makes it easy for users to do their intended activities. Even within the same firm, a UX designer’s daily tasks might vary greatly from project to project, however, some typical duties include:

  • Web UI/UX design
  • Mobile app design
  • Graphic design
  • Wireframes & prototyping
  • Logo design

UI designers and UX designers have completely different job roles, although they may sound similar, but alas, it’s a no. Some of the primary differences between UI designers and UX designers are,

  • UX designer focuses on the overall feel of the experience while a UI designer focuses on the look and functions
  • UX designer creates prototypes, wireframes, and testable prototypes, while UI Designer finalizes various designs to enable user engagement
  • UX designer creates a high-level view with user flow consideration, while UI Designer designs individual pages, interactions, etc.

Many companies now conduct their transactions digitally. We seldom ever see somebody operating a firm without a digital component. Users need quick access, transaction optimization, and a smooth experience with all fundamental needs across all platforms, and here is where user experience (UX) plays a critical role. A strong User Interface (UI) is essential for the company owner since certain people, especially new users, are likely interested in the appearance of how the product is displayed, and the interface itself when they are still in the platform-choosing stage.

OpenXcell designers are well-versed in numerous tools and technologies for UI/UX design, here are some of the most relevant and popular ones,

  • Figma
  • Sketch
  • InVision
  • Adobe XD
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe After Effects
  • InDesign
  • Balsamiq
  • UXPin
  • Justinmind
  • Zaplin
  • Parasoft Selenic
  • Katalon
  • Selenium IDE

The primary roles and responsibilities of a UI/UX Designer are,

  • Determine the company’s digital assets’ UX design requirements.
  • Create and develop the brand’s UI/UX design strategy.
  • Use wireframes, flow diagrams, graphic and visual design, sitemaps, prototypes, and storyboards to create high-quality UX designs.
  • Using different UI/UX technologies, create UI components for the company’s digital assets, such as search boxes, navigation menus, widgets, and tabs.
  • Test UI components for landing pages, including banners, CTAs, page styles, page layouts, target links, and page flows.
  • Work together to generate and deliver custom content to the online audience with the marketing team, internal designers, and outside designers.
  • Advice and direction are provided for the use of UX research techniques and tests to enable accurate user behavior prediction and analysis.
  • Following the visual design

You can hire a UI/UX Designer with very few simple steps. Share your requirements by filling up a form to tell us which resource you need and how much experience the resource should hold. Then you can screen our candidates to choose which UI/UX Designer can suit your team and finally sign a contract to kick start the design.


If you wish to recruit a User Experience Designer for your project, OpenXcell offers a variety of engagement and price options. You may work with OpenXcell to employ a User Experience Designer once your project’s needs have been established and you are certain of what you need. We provide hourly, monthly, and annual recruiting models. The length of the contract is determined by the scope of your project, your needs, and the resource’s accessibility.


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