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Hire a business analyst to communicate your ideas in technical terms with the development team to create the product that you are envisioning. You can say that business analysts are a bridge between your vision and the development team that allows the practical development of every feature you imagined.

The role of a business analyst starts right from the pre-sales to the development and deployment of the project. In the initial phases, a business analyst carries out in-depth research and provides a detailed estimate of the time, cost, technologies to be used, team required for the project, and other critical aspects.

Gradually, a business analyst plays a role in all the phases of the software development lifecycle. Right from the identification of needs in the planning phase and requirements validation in the requirement and analysis phase to delivery support and readiness review in the deployment phase.

  • Skilled, experienced & dedicated business analysts
  • Reduce 60% of development cost
  • Ensure project privacy with strict NDA signed documents
  • Complete source code authorization & premium code quality
  • Highly skilled and experienced in business analysis
  • Flexible engagement models




Technical expertise our resources hold

Statistical analysis tools:
Business analysis tools:
MS Office MS Visio SWOT Blueprint Modern requirements
Database query languages:
MySQL Oracle PostgreSQL Microsoft SQL Server MongoDB
PM tools:
Trello Slack Basecamp Asana Jira Azure DevOps Hubstaff tasks
Technical research

Technical research

Our business analysts carry out in-depth research on the product or software to be developed and prepare a report to recommend technologies, features, and frameworks. A business analyst prepares a technical document or SRS that includes use cases, technologies used, supported devices, recommended features, supported platforms, third-party integrations, and all the critical project data.

Technical documentation (SRS)

Technical documentation (SRS)

A business analyst prepares a technical document or SRS that includes use cases, technologies used, supported devices, recommended features, supported platforms, third-party integrations, and all the critical project data.

Industry analysis

Industry analysis

Our business analyst has experience in carrying out research depending on the relevant industry as each industry is different with its own rules and ways.

Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis

Hire a business analyst who will carry out competitor research, analyze their market, reverse engineer their solutions, and take useful insights for your project.

Risk assessment

Risk assessment

A business analyst is accountable for risk assessment and predefined measures to mitigate the risks after complete research and analysis of the project to be developed.

Time & expense estimation

Time & expense estimation

A business analyst gives an estimation of cost and time once all the specifications are finalized for the project and all the stakeholders agree on it.


Our pricing plans, alongwith a free trial of 2 weeks


Hire our experienced resources on an hourly basis if you have a short-term project or need a specific service.

$ 18 USD
Free Trial For 2 Weeks Available*


If your requirements are pretty much specific and need someone long-term, get a resource on a monthly basis.

$ 2,399 USD
Free Trial For 2 Weeks Available*


If you need ongoing assistance and expect your requirements to change, hire a resource on a yearly basis.

$ 18,999 USD
Free Trial For 2 Weeks Available*

Steps to hire

How can you hire a Business Analyst with OpenXcell?


Share your project requirements

Drop your requirements or fill the form. We analyze your needs and share the overall estimation of time, resources, tech stacks, etc.

Screen our

Select a perfect match after screening our candidates that match your requirements and can suit your team.

Sign a contract & get going

We sign a non-disclosure agreement along with various documents, and the resource is added to your team to start development.

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FAQ For Business Analyst

Frequently Asked Questions

Business Analysts act as a bridge between the IT professionals and business teams in terms of translating the requirements and client needs. They assess business processes, identify needs, and ensure that data-driven recommendations are delivered to the clients, project managers, and other stakeholders.

Remote Business analysts find opportunities for improvement in order to enhance efficiency and strengthen business processes using various tools remotely, ensuring constant communication. They frequently collaborate with colleagues at all levels of the organization to explain their findings and assist in the implementation of improvements

You can hire top Business Analysts with very few simple steps. Share your requirements by filling up a form to tell us which resource you need and how much experience the resource should hold. Then you can screen our candidates to choose which Business Analyst can suit your team and finally sign a contract to kick start the development.

Hiring a Business Analyst can make a huge impact in improving the quality, reliability, security, etc. of your project. A few reasons that account for the importance of BA for your project are, 

  • BA can help in finding cost-effective business solutions
  • Business Analysts can reduce the chances of misinterpretation, miscommunication, errors, etc.
  • BA can add value to your project by deploying their research and analytical skills
  • Business Analyst can account for business benefits by suggesting valuable improvements
  • BA is responsible for change management and test management

When you hire a Business Analyst from OpenXcell, you are free to choose the desired pricing model depending on your project’s requirements. We offer three hiring models, viz. hourly, monthly, and yearly. The rate starts from $18/hour on an hourly basis, $2,399/month on a monthly basis, and $18,999/year. These rates are the starting rates and will be subject to increase depending upon their experience and experts.

When it comes to hiring Business Analysts, OpenXcell follows a tight and simplified procedure. Only the greatest and most experienced Business Analysts work with OpenXcell, and they are skilled in all aspects to design the best possible solutions. Our Business Analysts are well-versed in all aspects of development, operations, and process management.

When you are hiring a dedicated Business Analyst for your team to dive deep into your project details and ensure that all the features and functionalities are added on point, you need to make sure that they are perfect for you. So, here are a few pointers to consider before hiring a dedicated Business Analyst.

  • Perfect communication skills
  • Analytical skills and proactive approach
  • Team driving thought process and play integrally
  • Technical knowledge depth
  • Experience in a similar industry 
  • Highly engaging and convincing abilities
  • Clarity in vision and thought to drive the project toward success

Yes, you will have total control over a Business Analyst hired with OpenXcell. You may keep track of the project’s development at any time, ask for updates, make ideas, and even express your thoughts about it. In essence, when you hire a Business Analyst, they become an extension of your team and will operate in total harmony with them.

OpenXcell has a huge pool of resources with extensive and diverse technical knowledge and expertise. Some of the major technical expertise that our Business Analysts have can be enlisted here,

  • Project management skills
  • Multi-disciplinary knowledge
  • Highly inquisitive with strategic thinking
  • Knowledge of statistical analysis software such as STATA, SPSS, etc.
  • Software testing skills
  • Database usage knowledge
  • Problem-solving and research skills
  • SDLC familiarity
  • Product management
  • Business process management

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