Inventory Management Software Product

Rebuilt an online inventory management system from ground up

Orderhive is a SaaS-based inventory management software meant for multi-channel online sellers. It is conceptualized and developed by OpenXcell Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. Orderhive allows the sellers to manage multiple channels from a single integrated back-end system. To offer a complete solution to e-Commerce owners, we decided to develop Orderhive and enable online and brick-and-mortar retailers to eliminate the daily hassles, streamline inventory and shipping processes. We aimed at providing features and tools that allow sellers to manage their wholesale business, dropshipping process, and procurement operations from a single interface.

Orderhive provides integration with all the widely known shopping cart platforms and marketplaces, delivering greater efficiency. It streamlines the order process with real-time updates and curtails the errors through a complete back-end solution. Backed with a dedicated website, Orderhive catalyzes the software to a greater extent. Vendors can even sign up for a 15-day free trial to witness the finesses of the software.


Lack of technical expertise for bringing all the channels under one roof:
In the development process of this inventory management software product, it was necessary for the development team to be highly skilled and experienced for effectively bringing multiple channels together.
Increase in costing for resources and inhouse team:
Costing aspect holds the utmost important while developing an inventory management software. Well, the major costs accounts to resources, infrastructure, and trained team.
Employee management and process streamlining issues:
In developing such a highly technical and complex software, it is inevitable that team management and process streamlining is focused to get a perfect outcome.

Experienced professionals to integrate multiple channels:
OpenXcell experts effectively deployed their technical knowledge and avoided problems like losing orders due to the absence of automated inventory tracking, lag in communication across teams, fulfillment delays, etc.
Decreased costing with simple solutions and latest technologies:
OpenXcell has the latest team and highly trained resources that reduced cost compared to an in-house team, thereby updated the data on the channels in the least amount of time and keep the fulfillment unaffected. Traditional ERP and cloud-based inventory systems are either too cluttered or lack basic integrations for multi-channel sellers to access. So, providing something simple and scalable was the need of the business.
Efficient team management and expert process streamlining:
OpenXcell focused on making the processes as organized and streamlined as possible to avoid any confusions. The objective was to offer features and integrations that would help cut down shipping time and costs.
Results Obtained

At Orderhive, it was a game-turning moment when they hired a team of their choice like Marketing Manager, Data Scientist, Designers, DevOps Engineer, Project Coordinator, Business Analyst, SEO Expert, Solution Architect, etc. providing more depth to the team and thereby, increasing the overall efficiency, quality, and quantity of work. The team, including all the departments, helped them scale the business without hefty, up-front investments. It helped to boost their operations immediately without CapEx, reducing OpEx quickly without expensive packages. The ever-increasing growth in the team-base and revenue led to a gradual shift of Orderhive’s customer base. It has kept on increasing year by year, achieving new highs. The company has achieved 4730 orders by the year 2020 and the figure is expected to cross 10,000 orders by the end of 2021.



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