Wellness Solution Development

A platform that connects users with fitness studios, gyms, and personal trainers

GlobalFit Anywhere is the best fitness app for Android & iPhone that connects users to studios, gyms, and trainers at best possible price, depending on their geolocation. The app offers a contemporary and flexible fitness benefit across multiple brands on the go. It enables its users to frame a customized workout through the app. The client lacked the daily technological innovation as their in-house team wasn’t experienced enough to try them risk-free. Plus, they also lacked infrastructural facilities for their employees with ever-increasing employees. On partnering with OpenXcell, the tables turned upside down to their benefit.


The client found it difficult to adapt to the resource demands of the project. The performance of their IT department was going down as a result. They were entirely dependent on their in-house development team, which made it more complicated for them to handle resource allocation within the company.
Knowledge and technical support:
The client wanted to invest in various emerging technology models like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, etc., but their in-house team did not have the experience of using them and feared failure. They were looking for a team that had enough knowledge and provided technical support too.
Quality and innovation:
The client wanted their digital infrastructure to evolve as per the market trends and emerging technology concepts. Investing in R&D exclusively for technology was impractical and not cost-effective, but the need to evolve was essential as their in-house team lacked those innovation skills. Plus, they wanted to do without compromising on the quality standards.

Easy, fast auto-scaling:
Our highly experienced development team of developers, designers, project & delivery managers, data analysts, data scientists, quality testers, etc., took up their plentiful tasks and met all their demands on the given deadline with high-quality performance. It made auto-scaling easier and faster than ever and could not have been possible with their in-house team.
Seamless sharing of knowledge and technical support:
Our development team kept sharing their knowledge throughout the project. Our well-qualified personnel with great experience and expertise made their work easier. We helped them invest in emerging technologies as per their needs like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc., risk-free.
High-quality & continuous innovation:
By partnering with us, our development team helped them practice and implement innovation. Our highly qualified developers relieved them from making any financial and resource efforts to identify the trending technology concepts. We provided them with our high-quality ready-to-deploy version of the tech tailored exclusively for their business.
Results Obtained

Our OpenXcell development team provided the client with the latest trending technology to autoscale their business easier and faster with minimum risk. Our highly dedicated team of developers believes in continuous innovation and quality that uplifted their business revenue and demand in the market. Plus, providing bigs-space infrastructure to them irrespective of the team size at minimum funding. It helped them to save ample time and focus freely on the core business activities.


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