How OpenXcell created A task management application for a client


OrganiseMe - a task management software solution

It helps teams to streamline their tasks and collaborate with the members by sharing task boards and sending messages. The application also allows team members to set task reminders and turn emails into tasks by utilizing the mailing platforms.


Challenges of OrganiseMe

High development cost

Develop the product by keeping the cost low

Partially developed product

Complete the development of unfinished product and make it feature rich

Lack of dedicated technical expert

A dedicated offshore developer that works on the client’s project and is available when required

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360° Solution By OpenXcell


A task organizing web service for teams and Organization

  • Google G Suite
  • Task List and Task Boards
  • Shared Boards
  • Kanban Enhancements
  • Team collaboration


Dedicated resources for project completion and support

  • In-house recruitment
  • Training
  • Onboarding
  • Team optimization


Assistance for product maintenance and customer support

  • Customer Ticket Resolution
  • Product updates
  • Time-zone aligned resource

OrganiseMe's success

30,000 Live users

Feature rich website service to manage daily and weekly tasks has enabled the product to be used by more team country-wide

100+ paying customers

Users realised the organization of piled up tasks can be very helpful

Increased revenue

The company has generated high revenue by simply optimizing their website and correct marketing

Collaboration with a european organization

OrganiseMe has been considered by one of the organizations in Europe for its excellent usability and has proposed for a partnership


Our happy client

Andrew Product Owner

“OpenXcell, must say, you guys are hard working! Thank you for your incredible support and excellent decisiveness. Your efforts have brought us this far.”

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