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A cloud gives you the ability to launch faster and automatically scale according to your client’s requirements. Cloud computing is a multidimensional approach that must be conducted as a long-term initiative rather than a fixed-duration project. As a consequence, the challenge of cloud integration needs at least one responsible architectural representative to lead the organisation’s transition. To handle all these complexities, more and more organizations are hiring cloud architects.

A Cloud Architect is in charge of translating a project’s technical specifications into the architecture and design that will drive the finished product. Cloud Architects are often in charge of bridging the difference between complicated enterprise challenges and cloud-based solutions. The Cloud Architect collaborates with other technical team members, such as DevOps engineers and developers, to ensure that the best technology or systems are being developed. There are several reasons businesses look forward to hiring a cloud architect who can store their IT processes, harness emerging cloud-enabled technology, and free their money to invest in more complex ventures. Let’s have a look at all roles and responsibilities a cloud architect performs.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Develop a well-informed cloud approach and oversee the transition.
  • Establish cloud approach and adjustment phase coordination
  • Evaluation of cloud applications, hardware, and software on a timely basis.
  • Build and manage cloud systems. 
  • Supervise the company’s cloud privacy by working along with IT security.
  • Respond to technological problems conveniently and competently.
  • Assist in infrastructure migration methods, such as bulk data transfers to the cloud.
  • Identify the best cloud architecture tools to help the enterprise achieve its business goals.

Why hire Cloud Architect

Cloud Architects are responsible for a company’s entire cloud computing infrastructure. They work in cloud design, cloud approval plans, and systems required to manage cloud storage and more. With deeper knowledge of cloud computing and technology systems, they possess skills in designing and transferring applications to the cloud. Cloud architects are also in charge of negotiating third-party contracts for infrastructure, applications, and other cloud technologies with suppliers.

A cloud architect applies to current and new programs the experience on modernization and efficiency that comes with cloud technology. This whole idea of cloud involves reducing the size of data centers on-site. A knowledgeable cloud architect can suggest which IT workloads can be transferred to scalable cloud services and demonstrate how the IT workers will handle this emerging technology independently. The strategic goal should be to release funds to reinvest in implementing programs that are much more complicated and genuinely business-critical.

Cloud Architect at Openxcell

When you decide to hire a cloud architect, you are not just hiring another IT manager. Our engineers are highly qualified and trained engineers who can provide you with up-to-date and cutting-edge cloud applications focused on your business model. Hiring a cloud architect can give you peace of mind and time to focus on other technicalities. Our Cloud architects are also team players and adapt with your team easily.

Our Cloud Architects adopts a structured approach to understand your business concept and execute it according to your expectations. Our creative offshore production team of engineers, advisors, programmers, administrators, researchers, reviewers, and scientists will help you design and build high-performance, user-friendly applications, allowing you to complete product development quicker and more cost-effectively. We are ready to whole heartily work with you and we ensure that all operations run as smoothly as possible. Connect with us right away!


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