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To identify potentially fraudulent online activities, we provide fraud detection services that identify online payment fraud, creation of fake accounts, and more. 100% Confidential and Secure
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Key features of our Fraud Detection service using ML

  • Pre-built model templates
    Machine learning models help to detect online fraud and other fraudulent activities as ML comes inbuilt with our fraud detection service. For any of your heavy lifting files such as data validation, feature engineering, model deployment, and more, you just need to upload your database and choose the model template, it will take care of all these things.
  • Trigger actions based on rules
    Fraud detector models can be created, and its console is used to create rules based on model predictions. Actions can be taken by customers, such as accepting, reviewing, or collecting more data for models.
  • Real-time fraud prediction API
    With our real-time fraud prediction API, you can call a fraud prediction API for checking every new account for potential fraud risk through rules made to take actions. It will help to detect real-time fraud by estimating online fraud activities when they take place.
  • A single interface to review and audit your predictions and detection logic
    If you are worried about past fraud evaluations, our fraud detection console helps to easily search and review your past fraud and also assist in auditing them. You can also view the received data, applied detection logic, and fraud resulted condition, once you have your desired evaluations.

Benefits of Using Fraud Detection Service

  • Build high-quality fraud detection ML models faster
    Our fraud detection service assists with templates to create ML models that detect fraud without using any code. Our fraud detection automatically tests, trains, and deploys a customized model based on your uploaded event data such as account registrations and selects the model template that matches your use case.
  • Stop bad actors at the door
    Here is the time for you to detect the frauds live by predicting risk in the information they provide through fraud detection service companies due to their machine learning techniques. So before they act for the fraud, you can flag the suspicious activity. And you can get 80% more possible results of bad actors practicing fraud with our services.
  • Built-in online fraud expertise
    With years of experience, machine learning model templates are developed to prevent fraud practitioners from attempting. Here we use models that are similar to AWS account sign up, and from the same, we create different accounts verification steps for low risk and high-risk sign-ups.
  • Give fraud teams more control
    Our expert team works for a fraud detection model for automatically handling the complex tasks required to build, train, tune, and deploy. You can create, view, and update rules once models are created to enable actions based on model predictions.



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