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Key features of our Document Analysis Service & Solution using ML

  • OCR
    For the data extraction, we use Optical Character Recognition technology that detects key information, printed text like legal documents, a book, relationship between words and text, location of text lines, and numbers.
  • Form Extraction
    To detect a set of linked data items automatically as a key data-pair, form extraction helps to import the extracted data into a dataset by retaining the original context of the document without any manual intervention.
  • Table Extraction
    The table extraction feature helps to automatically load the extracted data into a database for massively composed of structured data. During the data extraction, it preserves the composition of data stored in the table.
  • Bounding Boxes
    To hold each piece of identified data, bounding boxes help to audit the data in the form of a number or a word from their source. It helps to guide the user in the document search system, in returning the location, and geometry of items found on a document page.
  • Adjustable Confidence Thresholds
    Security is the critical concern, and for the same, we integrate the service that returns a confidence score for every document. It helps to provide security through business logic to flag any extracted information.
  • Built-in Human Review Workflow
    It helps to review the document quickly with our built-in human review workflows for the text extraction that allows prediction form the document. In addition, you can select the key pair of text or a document for the human review.

Benefits of Using Document Analysis Service

  • Extract data quickly & accurately:
    To use the extracted data for an application without much use of code, we help to integrate documents with easy implementation. It helps to extract the data accurately from the provided text, forms, tables, and documents. The key benefit is to detect a document automatically along with crucial elements from the page and other forms of text.
  • No code or templates to maintain:
    It’s hard to keep code for every form, text, or a document. With our machine learning models that are trained well for numerous documents like sales orders, tax documents, applications, forms, and more, you don’t have to write code for extracting data. It ultimately helps to avoid more templates maintenance time and cost.
  • Lower document processing costs:
    The value of money is what all of us are looking for any service to have. Upfront commitment and contracts are usually hard to believe. While our OCR data extraction is best to structure your document at a lower cost. Document Analysis is easy to use and processes various documents and forms through integrated APIs.

Use Cases for Document Analysis Solution

  • Create smart search indexes:
    Machine Learning makes an intelligent index that helps to search for millions of scanned documents and numerous forms. Data extraction was usually hard, but we make it easy with an integrated Document Analysis service through ML for various documents. It extracts the documents thoroughly and stores them into a dataset for better search experience.
  • Build automated document processing workflows:
    The human intervention leads to an excess of time and cost at the same time. To avoid human errors and proper utilization of time, get our integrated service of automatic document processing for all your text-based documents. Either for documentation, manual reviewing, back office, or text related works, automated workflow helps to process by document analysis.
  • Maintain compliance in document archives:
    For an organization with lots of data, it is difficult to find various types of information. To get rid of searching data from millions of documents, we assist in finding data labels automatically. For maintaining compliance to authorize the data and knowing the valuable data-pair, our document analysis service helped for a systematic workflow to frame personally identifiable information (PII).