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What is Ionic Framework?

Ionic is the cross-platform and hybrid mobile app development framework focal point on the view and feel of your application. The mobile application developed using the Ionic framework can be deployed on multiple platforms. Ionic-built mobile applications can work on multiple devices and operating systems like iOS, Android, and Windows.

Ionic developers prefer this framework, as It has the potential of developing quick-loading mobile apps which are extremely user-friendly. Moreover, Ionic created on the base of AngularJS, can support in developing a mobile app with minimum resources.

Benefits of Ionic App Development

  • Ability to Develop Cross-Platform Applications: In this cutting-edge competition, when you need to target maximum segments of customers if your mobile app is not compatible with new platforms or devices, it is of no use. Using the Ionic framework, you can get a mobile app designing for your business that works on the latest Android, iOS, and Windows devices.
  • Highly Customizable User Interface: Ionic framework is popular for developing mobile apps with appealing UI. The reason behind is that Ionic has highly customizable themes and components.
  • Ionic Apps are Easy to Develop: Developers love using Ionic due to its simple coding requirements. The Ionic developers already aware of HTML, CSS and Javascript can easily build Ionic mobile apps.
  • Powered by AngularJS: Ionic uses AngularJS to provide a robust structure that makes the code easy to understand and manageable. Ionic and AngularJS is a great combination to build user-friendly hybrid applications.
  • Potentiality of Developing High-Performing Mobile Apps: If Ionic is used with native mobile app code in PhoneGap (Apache Cordova), the performance of that mobile app turns out to be better than hybrid applications. Ionic can rely on native hardware acceleration because of AngularJS.
  • Utilizes Cordova Plugins: Different features like camera, GPS, flashlight, etc., can be accessed as Ionic uses the Cordova plugin. This helps designers to build a highly functional and UI-friendly mobile app.

OpenXcell – A Trustworthy Ionic App Development

OpenXcell has many years of experience as mobile app developers experts in the Ionic framework. OpenXcell is one of the most optimistic Ionic app development companies that gives native looks to your cross-platform application. We have specialized in developing cross-platform and hybrid mobile apps for various sectors like eCommerce, healthcare, finance, education, etc.

Why Hire OpenXcell’s Ionic Developers for Ionic App Development Services

We believe in following best coding practices adhering to guidelines laid out by Apple, Google, and Windows. Whether it is about developing a new mobile app or upgrading an existing one, our team of Ionic developers can deliver great results in terms of exceptionally UI/UX friendly mobile app.

We are well known for our flexible approach to our client’s requirements. Whether you want to delegate your entire Ionic mobile app project or require hiring Ionic app developer, we have excellent infrastructure and resources to fulfill your demands.