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The Learning App offers original content, watch-and-learn videos, rich animations, and interactive simulations through the app that makes e-Learning more fun and easy to understand. While growing, Byju’s were not so keen to invest in a Traditional ERP solution, and they came across Orderhive. Our Orderhive team offered customized solutions under “Orderhive Plus.” Our experts understood the outcomes the company tried to achieve using a customized solution and developed them as per their order management overflow through detailed analysis.


Track the daily sales activities:
The client's in-house team could not track their sales executives' daily activities. The sales managers were clueless regarding the daily sales. They didn't have detailed and complete insights into the sales conversations that directly impacted the company objectives and the revenue graph. The client looked for a team that helps them give them the exact information about each sale.
Track the logistics:
The client's in-house team could not keep track of the daily logistics. The logistics team spent more time delivering the orders as there was no system available to keep track of the shipped, delivered, and unfulfilled orders. This led to a lot of confusion within the logistics team and tracking the actual sales.
Track the finances:
The client never had complete information of their finances as their in-house team always fell short to track each minor detail due to faster growth and expansion. They could not cope with the instant pressure and lacked the experience in doing so along with doing the core business activities. The finance department was devoid of references/information on the payments made.

A central repository to track sales activity:
Our Orderhive Plus team of developers, project managers, delivery managers, and data analysts provided a centralized repository through which the sales manager can track their respective sales executives' daily activities and check on the achieved targets. It gradually raised their revenue graph too.
Streamlined financial process:
Our Orderhive development team developed a customized solution under "Orderhive Plus," and it allowed the client's finance team to have full access to a detailed payment report from the system. Their in-house team did not have to spend heavy time on finances and focussed more on the daily business activities
Aligning the logistic workflow:
Under "Orderhive Plus" developed by our highly experienced and dedicated development team, the logistic team could pick, ship, deliver, and track orders from a single interface. Every order had a shipping status indicated by a particular icon and automatically got updated as per the order's current status. The shipping status is defined as per their order fulfillment process workflow.
Results Obtained

On partnering with us, our Orderhive development team of developers, project managers, delivery managers, designers, data analysts, data scientists, quality analysts, and testers developed a central repository for the client to track their daily sales activities. Under “Orderhive Plus,” we streamlined the financial process that gave them full access to the detailed payment report. Our dedicated and highly qualified developement team could also pick, ship, deliver and track the orders from a single interface. It hugely boosted their revenue graph and saved a lot of their valuable time to focus freely on other essential business activities.


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