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Our UI/UX designers take care of everything, from creating amazing graphics to building a website that works like magic. Website redesign services assist in transforming a website’s existing look and feel through UX and UI redesign.

Our designers first obtain an in-depth UI and UX audit, which assists in identifying the weak points of existing websites. Once we know what they are, we develop a custom structured plan that includes redesign goals and business outcomes.

To make your website connect with your audience, we focus and streamline your messaging. The better your site performs in terms of page loading, navigation, and immediate calls to action entice the user to take the next step, which is vital for your business.

  • Redesigning of the website helps you with the below-mentioned benefits:
  • Responsive designs to increase traffic.
  • To increase visitor engagement, we create intuitive navigation.
  • To reduce the visitor bounce rate, make the page load faster, and address performance concerns.
  • Integrating several websites into a single CMS saves support and management costs.
  • An excellent SEO migration strategy that involves website crawling.


We believe that every business is unique, and every website should be the same. Keeping this in mind, OpenXcell provides various website redesign services that are tailored to your individuality.


Our Website Redesign Services Process

We follow step by step approach towards our end to end Website Redesign Service

Evaluation and assessment

Evaluate and assess the older version of the business website, the pain-points, design trends

Stage 1

Understand the company goal

Brainstorm on what service model your competitors are following, analyse your conversion ratio, and try implementing that service model to your new website design and content

Stage 2

Work on the strategy

Based on the evaluation & assessment, and understanding the company goal, draft an outline or wireframe of how you think the newer version of the website should look like

Stage 3

Brainstorm on the wireframe and outline

Share the wireframe and ideation with the stakeholders, sales and marketing teams. Implement their suggestions by adding or modifying your current layout

Stage 4


Once finalised, implement the decided layout in the design and initiate development

Stage 5

Review and launch

Once the design is approved and finalised, go ahead with the launch and keep analysing the performance for further enhancements and better conversions

Stage 6


Make the most of a world-class team and infrastructure


development facilities


sQ. MTR of
office space


software engineers &
technical staff


software designed,
developed & deployed


IT support staff


years of development




own Successful


Business hiring models

Dedicated team

  • Long-term collaboration
  • Highly scalable team
  • Complete control of the team
  • Complex projects
Fixed cost

  • Short-medium term collaboration
  • Low scalable team
  • Low scalable team
  • Clean deadlines
Time & material

  • Short-long term collaboration
  • Flexible budget and timeframe
  • Complete control over the process
  • Highly scalable team

Case studies

The success of our customers speaks louder than our words


OpenXcell is a great team to work with, highly recommended.

Jose A Castilo, CEO, BPM Supreme

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Frequently Asked Questions on Website Redesign Service

Website redesign is necessary to rebrand your website, increase traffic, enhance user experience, and generate more leads. Your business goals will determine the scope of your website redesign.

There are usually one to three revisions. Depending on the company you work with, this can change. It’s not necessary to settle on an absolute number of revisions.

The cost of a simple website redesign can range from $15,000 to $30,000, depending on the site’s size, while more complex websites with large page counts, custom functionality, and other special needs can cost $40,000 to $75,000 or more.

Redesigning a website can take 45 to 90 days or longer, depending on its complexity and the requirements it needs to fulfill.

SEO can be significantly improved by redesigning a website. An improved user experience can boost rankings, but if redirects aren’t mapped carefully, you may lose organic traffic as a result of your lower authority.

With OpenXcell’s post-launch support, we monitor and evaluate all features and functionalities of your platform, including technical support, on-site training, customer service, and data integrity.