How Offshoring Works?

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Offshoring is the process of relocating your business unit to a different country where operation costs are lower. It is one of the most effective ways to delegate the task to an outsourced team located in a region where development is cheap, and all the facilities and client demands are fulfilled.

How does offshoring work at OpenXcell? 

Client Consultation – We listen to your resourcing demands 

Once a client approaches us with their project, the primary step we take is to set up multiple meetings to thoroughly analyse the scope of the project. After multiple consultations and analysis, the client is provided with detailed documentation which elaborates on the type of requirements, like –  job roles, KPIs, work hours, number of existing professionals, etc – that a team would be needing. Once these elements are finalized, the entire cost is transparently documented and handed over to the client. You can then decide whether our model fits your business requirements. If the client agrees to the terms, the recruitment team is quickly intimated to initiate the process of creating a dedicated development team. 

Team Formation – We create a dedicated team by screening and recruitment 

As soon as the approval is received from the client, the HR team gears up to screen the in-house team members that fit perfectly against the expertise required. In case of a missing profile, the vacancy is filled with recruitment from outside the organization. The candidate that gets selected has to go through multiple rounds of assessments through which Openxcell ensures the person recruited is highly qualified and has domain-specific knowledge. Likewise, the entire team is formed within 2-3 weeks and the members are trained for the specific technology if the project demands.

Finally, the entire team is on-boarded and amid the process, we help the team members to get the necessary software licenses and security controls in place. All the hardware and software are rechecked for their efficacy and the operations are initiated. 

Project Initiation – We develop the product by keeping the client updated 

As soon as the team is trained for domain-specific knowledge, the solution architect creates the product design and the development is initiated quickly. 

The client is always kept informed about the developments and is provided complete authority to drive the team as per their requirements. Moreover, the client has a free hand to change the roles of the members as per their convenience and can set or alter the hierarchy if needed. Interim discussions and constant communication ensure that the team heads in the right direction and also helps clients to gauge and change the requirements in case of scope change or functionality modifications. This ensures the needed iterations are simultaneously addressed instead of waiting for QA testing. The bugs are eliminated first hand which is why we claim to deliver expected products the first time itself.  


Long-term Support – We provide 360° support and maintenance services

Our workforce is aligned to the time zones of our clients. We, at Openxcell, ensure that our customers get 24*7 support and once the product is made live, our team helps maintain the product as per the contract. Apart from that, our team enables time-to-time checks for the latest functionalities that can be added to make the product more robust and smooth. Thus, our client can rely on us for not only the technical support until product deployment but even beyond that. They get the ownership of the team and can explore every aspect to squeeze out the best results from our end. 


OpenXcell always endeavours to give holistic services to its clients and doesn’t skimp on any kind of support to bring the product to market and make the solution a success thus, we guarantee reliability, authenticity and transparency to whomever we work with. 

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  • We are a CMMI level 3 company
  • ISO 2009: certified
  • Own 4 Products
  • Have 12+ years of experience in the offshoring work 
  • Have served 900+ clients
  • Delivered 1200+ successful projects



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