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Successful Products

A streamlined cost-effective iOS Development

  • Customized Agile Process
    At OpenXcell, we follow a customized agile iOS app development process that maximizes velocity, minimizes risk, and promotes app transparency.
  • In-House Code
    Our iOS developers develop an app with an entirely in-house created code. Nothing is outsourced when it comes to iOS app development services.
  • Complemented User Experience
    The expert team of iOS developers at OpenXcell build all types of iOS apps with the most advanced features. This gives a great experience to our users.
  • App Store Deployment
    At OpenXcell, we handle the entire App Store submission process, which includes a listing of the app, adding its description, and assets.
  • End-To-End Services
    The iOS app development services of OpenXcell include everything from consulting to preparing product strategy to its technical delivery.

Benefits of Custom iOS App Development

  • Security
    OpenXcell offers rigorous security measures for iOS app development to provide a strong shield for malware and virus. This makes a perfect iOS app for your business.
  • Higher Scalability
    Our iOS developers don’t use a one-size-fits-all model while developing the apps. We provide a scalable and customized product to every customer that can fit their budget.
  • High ROI
    iOS apps lead towards healthy finance with increased ROI and higher revenue. We serve with scalable iOS apps that can increase the business reach.
  • Apple Interface
    Apple users get the benefit of a regulated environment of their devices. Therefore, having an iOS app with an enjoyable interface makes their experience more pleasant.

We Build for the Future

  • AI: Using AI makes it possible for machines to learn from experience. All AI technologies fall into one of these categories- Artificial General Intelligence, Super-intelligent AI, and narrow or weak AI. AI can be included in anything from voice recognition assistants to gaming programs like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri.
  • ML: ML automatically detects patterns from the data and then uses that in predicting future data. Apple’s photo app categorizes the images by using the ML-based image classification feature. This helps you search for images through your camera roll by category.
  • AR/VR: AR/VR technology provides an interactive customer experience that increases brand loyalty and drives sales of your app. Pokemon Go is the best example of an extremely influential AR-based game.