Virtual Token Management App Development

A seamless mobile app for token and virtual currency management

Perfect World Company has many games under its alliance. Each game has a feature to purchase the virtual currency and tokens, and the user manages it from a separate platform that is quite cumbersome. They wanted to create an app that would help the users manage all the currency and tokens’ transactions from a single platform. It was a big challenge for their in-house to successfully do so along with managing the business activities. Our OpenXcell mobile app development team developed a seamless mobile app to manage their tokens and virtual currency from a single interface.


Access to a large talent pool:
The client's in-house team lacked the talent to develop the required app and carry on the company's core activities as per the set requirements. So, they wanted access to a large talent pool to select from for development. The client wanted to fulfill all these requirements without compromising on the service quality and added technology.
Timely implementation of the project:
The client did not have enough specialists with the necessary skills to complete the project on time. The idea of hiring more qualified people (temporary/contractors) was expensive, and they may not require additional after the project completion. So, they turned to us to meet their demands on time and with more reliability.
Higher costs:
The client's in-house team could not cope with the additional pressure, and hiring local IT experts was proving very costly to them, especially the best talents. The cost did not simply include the payroll, but other things like workspace, equipment, daily amenities, and many other employee benefits. All these made the entire in-house team costly and risky.

Skilled and experienced team:
We provided our high-quality development team with in-depth knowledge and vast experience in various software technologies, platforms, and accreditations in computer applications and software. Our team of developers, designers, project managers, delivery managers, data analysts, data scientists, etc., offered the highest level of services and solutions to develop the desired app.
Meeting demands on time:
Our development team undertook the project in conditions optimal for smooth progression. Plus, our high-quality and punctuality-oriented team had a project-ready timeline beforehand and made sure it was done before time. We have rooted the time-saving benefit in our team for collaboration.
Reduced costs in salaries and infrastructure:
The client did not need to invest any money in the rental of resources, the purchase of infrastructure or specialists' training as our core development team possesses all-around abilities to fulfill all the given tasks, maintaining high standards. We provided them the specialists as per the requirements. So, they saved handsome money on the operational costs.
Results Obtained

Our OpenXcell development team offered outstanding services and software solutions in custom app development for gaming where the users could manage the tokens and virtual currency from a single interface. We saved on their payroll and infrastructural costs with our all-around capable team and completed the project on time. It helped the client to increase their scalability, flexibility in work and focus more freely on their core business activities with their in-house team.


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