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Business Advantages for Your Mobile Application

  • Easily customizable
    The web-based applications of the user interface are simple to customize as it makes it easier to update the app and customize the presentation for different user groups.
  • Accessible for a range of devices
    The core advantage is its accessibility that uses on any device connected to the internet. Devices like mobile phones, iPods, and tablets.
  • Improved Introspection
    To integrate a web-based shopping cart system is much more comfortable with a web-based accounting package.
  • Increased Security
    For deploying on dedicated servers, security is a priority for a web-based system that has monitored and maintained by experienced server administrators.
  • Easier installation and maintenance
    Installation and maintenance become less complicated when developed for a web application. All users can access a newer version of the app after installing it on the host server.

Custom Web Application Development

At Openxcell, the web application development process has followed to built with a strong focus on four fundamental principles; scalability, usability, security, and performance.

Having vast experience as a web app development company, our team of experienced developers assists you with well-planned development stages to implement critical aspects of business for the competitive advantage of online business. Unique web apps are capable of carrying complex transactions while keeping security and scalability as a priority.

Progressive web and mobile app development

Apps are smooth; simplified, and user-friendly with proficient aspects to deliver enhanced functioning and usability. The highly functional nature of web applications helps websites to engage customers with all their requirements.

Here, PWAs come into the picture by allowing robust and scalable development offering functionality like speedy caching, push notifications, and much more to provide a polished user experience. PWAs are lighter and use 25 percent less storage that boosts to use less amount of data.

Key Features of PWAs:

  • Push notifications and mobile payments are the major abilities for easy use of browsers.
  • The use of mobile functionality like GPS and camera compatibility.
  • You don’t need to build different app versions to upload to the Apple App Store, Google Play, and others.
  • No need to wait around as PWAs go live when published and approved across various app libraries.

Flipkart, AliExpress, and other giant e-commerce used PWA for their successful web application and earning the highest revenue. PWA’s brings an experience like native apps to the web, and they are extremely efficient to deliver your digital experiences.





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