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Save cost and time with offshore team

Businesses have changed dramatically over the last decade, and more software companies, IT services, and product companies are now delegating projects to low-cost offshore teams. Because of technological advancements, many businesses that rely solely on in-house skills have benefited from offshoring their projects. Though the practice has been around for a long time, startups have recently discovered that it is more effective and fits their budgets.

Today, nearly 54 percent of all businesses use third-party support. According to ‘Statistica,’ businesses will spend approximately $80 billion on offshoring in 2020-2021, and 78 percent of business owners are confident in their offshoring partners.

The reason being, you save time and money while also acquiring the necessary skill set to complete the job more quickly and efficiently.



How does offshoring help you save money and time?

India has a low cost of living

Offshoring becomes far too affordable in developing countries due to their relatively low product development costs.

We bear all kinds of cost for you

Because offshore teams work in a different country, you don't have to pay for the infrastructure, resources, training programs or equipment cost associated with establishing a team. Everything is handled by the service provider, lowering the overall cost.

Recruitment in minimum time

In most of the cases, recruitment of the offshore team is done by the service providers which frees you from the responsibility to screen and hire the talent. And, since they usually have some of their in-house experienced team members, team formation is easier and quicker.

Trained professionals

In offshore models, professionals are usually quite experienced and may not even need training to get on board. Besides, offshoring gives access to a wider pool of talent overseas which brings creativity and new perspectives onboard.

Tax & regulatory benefits

Developing countries usually offer tax breaks and at times provide financial incentives to lure foreign clientele. It can work to the benefit of the offshoring company as they can get relief from extra cost incurred in taxes that often surpasses the client’s budget.


How OpenXcell can help you save time and cost?

img-fact Takes projects at 60% lower cost
img-fact 400+ readily available profiles to screen
img-fact Well-trained in-house resources
img-fact No extra recruitment cost
img-fact Quick team set-up and onboarding


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