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Big data engineers by OpenXcell

A big data engineer will fuel your business with the power of big data and help you in implementing smart strategies to get feasible business solutions. Big data engineers at OpenXcell are trained and certified in all the latest skills to devise and implement smart strategies for improving data processing.

Hire big data engineers to help your business grow by finding solutions to any complex business problems with the help of the latest tools and technologies. Our big data engineers start by understanding the requirements in detail, analyzing the industry trends, and then devise a cost-effective strategy and achieves the business goals.

Once the project is ready to go for development, our big data engineers ensure to check the feasibility of project implementation and then only send it for development. Hire big data engineers to stay in the game of the latest technologies to give your company an edge over the competitors.

  • Skilled, experienced & dedicated big data engineers
  • Reduce 60% of development cost
  • Ensure project privacy with strict NDA signed documents
  • Complete source code authorization & premium code quality
  • Highly skilled and experienced in big data
  • Flexible engagement models




Technical expertise our resources hold

Data warehousing:
Amazon Redshift Microsoft Azure Google BigQuery Snowflake
Statistical analysis tools:
Database query languages:
MySQL Oracle PostgreSQL Microsoft SQL Server MongoDB
PM tools:
Trello Slack Basecamp Asana Jira Azure DevOps Hubstaff tasks
Big data consultation

Big data consultation

Our business analysts carry out in-depth research on the product or software to be developed and prepare a report to recommend technologies, features, and frameworks. A business analyst prepares a technical document or SRS that includes use cases, technologies used, supported devices, recommended features, supported platforms, third-party integrations, and all the critical project data.

Big data development & analysis

Big data development & analysis

A business analyst prepares a technical document or SRS that includes use cases, technologies used, supported devices, recommended features, supported platforms, third-party integrations, and all the critical project data.

Real-time data processing

Real-time data processing

Our business analyst has experience in carrying out research depending on the relevant industry as each industry is different with its own rules and ways.

Big data maintenance

Big data maintenance

Hire a business analyst who will carry out competitor research, analyze their market, reverse engineer their solutions, and take useful insights for your project.


Our pricing plans, alongwith a free trial of 2 weeks


Hire our experienced resources on an hourly basis if you have a short-term project or need a specific service.

$ 18 USD
Free Trial For 2 Weeks Available*


If your requirements are pretty much specific and need someone long-term, get a resource on a monthly basis.

$ 2,399 USD
Free Trial For 2 Weeks Available*


If you need ongoing assistance and expect your requirements to change, hire a resource on a yearly basis.

$ 18,999 USD
Free Trial For 2 Weeks Available*

Steps to hire

How can you hire a big data engineer with OpenXcell?


Share your project requirements

Drop your requirements or fill the form. We analyze your needs and share the overall estimation of time, resources, tech stacks, etc.

Screen our

Select a perfect match after screening our candidates that match your requirements and can suit your team.

Sign a contract & get going

We sign a non-disclosure agreement along with various documents, and the resource is added to your team to start development.

Why OpenXcell?

Make the most of a world-class team and infrastructure


development facilities


sQ. MTR of
office space


software engineers &
technical staff


software designed,
developed & deployed


IT support staff


years of development




own Successful


You can depend on their creativity and expertise!

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Faqs for Big Data Engineers

Frequently Asked Questions

With a few easy steps, you can hire Big Data Engineers. Fill out a form to tell us what kind of resource you require and how much experience the resource should have. Then you may interview our applicants to see which Big Data Engineers might be a good fit for your company, and then sign a contract to begin development.

OpenXcell has a huge team of Big Data Engineers with varied expertise and experiences. Depending upon the resource you choose, you can get multiple services to build your dream project or enhance your business profits with Big Data. Some of the major services provided by our Big Data Engineers are,

  • Big data consultation
  • Real-time data processing
  • Big data development & analysis 
  • Big data maintenance

OpenXcell follows a strict and streamlined process of hiring Big Data Engineers. The pool of Big Data Engineers at OpenXcell has only the best and most experienced engineers who have qualified in all aspects to develop the best possible solutions. Our Big Data Engineers have complete knowledge of all the development, operations, and process management.

Hiring a Big Data Engineer is quite simple with OpenXcell. And you can hire a Big Data Engineer on an hourly basis depending upon your requirements or as suggested by our techies after analyzing your requirements. So you can hire on a part-time basis if your requirements are less or full time as per your need.

When you hire a Big Data Engineer from OpenXcell, you are free to choose the desired pricing model depending on your project’s requirements. We offer three hiring models, viz. hourly, monthly, and yearly. The rate starts from $18/hour on an hourly basis, $2,399/month on a monthly basis, and $18,999/year. These rates are the starting rates and will be subject to increase depending upon their experience and experts.

Our Big Data Engineers have numerous technical and non-technical skills to ensure that your project is built with the latest technologies and tools. Here are some of the major skills owned by our Big Data Engineers,

  • Data warehousing skills
  • Statistical analysis 
  • Database query language skills
  • Project management and collaboration skills
  • Big Data consultation and analytical skills

OpenXcell has the most experienced and expert Big Data Engineers in the industry, so there are very few chances that any of the engineers might disappoint you. But, in case there is any glitch, then we have already provided you with a free trial period of two weeks. In these two weeks, you can assess the Big Data Engineers and can change them if you are not satisfied.

Yes, you will have total control over a Big Data Engineer hired with OpenXcell. You may keep track of the project’s development at any time, ask for updates, make ideas, and even express your thoughts about it. In essence, when you hire a Business Analyst, they become an extension of your team and will operate in total harmony with them.

In order to stay in the game in this fast-growing industry, you have to deploy the latest technologies, and Big Data is one of them. Out of numerous reasons to hire a Big Data Engineer, here are a few major ones. 

  • Performance optimization with Big Data platforms
  • Highly efficient data ingestion
  • Management of streaming flows
  • Database optimization
  • Easy deployment of machine learning models

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