Hospital Patient Record Platform Development

A patient record platform for hospitals and patients

The IIAM (Important Information About Me) app lets you enter and save medical information records along with medications and reports that can be shared with a medical professional over an email at any point. Our dedicated team of developers, designers, managers, data scientists, quality analysts, system engineers, etc., raised their quality of service by providing better technology and work flexibility.


Leverage business infrastructure:
The client required ample space to back their dedicated team with a specific office culture to set off the daily pace.
To scale faster:
The client needed faster scaling of the app to meet the demands without all the overheads. It would help the users to use the app smoothly and hassle-free.
To reduce the manpower cost:
The manpower was costing a lot of money to the client and affecting its overall revenue. So, they wanted us to work on reducing their labor cost.

Providing big-business infrastructure:
We offered them a big infrastructure irrespective of the business's size for the dedicated development team to perform their daily work activities. Plus, providing them with a healthy office culture and ambiance that inspires them to work harder and better.
Faster scaling:
Our dedicated project managers and a team of developers ensured the faster scaling of the app, providing a positive user experience and handle the traffic surge. It resulted in a higher ROI.
Minimum manpower cost:
The manpower cost in India is much lower than that of the host country. We provided them with plenty of options to choose from our large educated workforce of developers, designers, managers, etc. It led to 70% reduced labor cost as compared to their country.
Results Obtained

OpenXcell team of data analysts, developers, designers, project managers, delivery managers, quality analysts, etc., successfully helped them in faster scaling of the app, increased efficiency, and productivity, providing access to professionals, experts, and high-quality services with big-space infrastructure. It ultimately led to a positive user experience.


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