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Health and wellness platform to track your fitness

HealthifyMe application was an idea sprouted by two graduates from the University of Pennsylvania and MIT who wanted to develop a calorie tracker specifically for Indian people due to different food varieties. Though there were many food calorie trackers in the market, none of them gave a specific calorie count for Indian food. Thus, our client came up with an idea to create a cloud-based application that can help Indian people count each and every calorie intake without struggling to choose the right portion size.


Challenges faced during the development of HealthifyMe

Tracking of orders, shipments, operations, and delivery

Tracking the shipment of orders and coordinating with delivery providers was the biggest challenge. It was quite difficult to track the daily orders of fitness wearables with the slow system.

Tracking sales activities to improve user engagement

Due to the complex system, the client wasn’t able to gauge sales activities which were eventually hampering the end-user communication and scope of profit.

Implementation of cloud-system

Atomizing the business process to increase the fulfillment ratio was tricky as it needed a new cloud system which was complex to implement.


Track your nutrition, plan your diet and stay on point with your fitness goals

HealthifyMe is a cloud-based solution that helps people to reach their fitness goals using the support of nutritionists, trainers, yoga instructors, and wearable devices. As the application had become popular and the users were multiplying, our client needed an inventory management tool. This tool was supposed to sync data automatically, help streamline the orders and give analysis reports to clients about regular subscribed customers, best selling products, etc. To fulfill the client requirements, OpenXcell, therefore, integrated Orderhive (a Saas based inventory management tool) into Healthify that streamlined the entire process. This integration allows centralized stock control, choosing the right carrier as per cost analysis and generates invoices accordingly. Also, with the entire inventory in one place, the transition to retail had become quite easy. With intelligent reports, they saved a lot many business hours which were earlier spent on inventory and order spreadsheets.


  • Inventory and order management
  • Shipment mapping
  • eCommerce automation
  • Smart Analytics & Reporting


Technologies guiding HealthigyMe to success

Front End

React Js, Angular




MySQL, MongoDB


Amazon AWS


Our efforts acknowledged