Digital Health & Wellness Platform Development

A digital platform for tracking and managing helath

Digital health and wellness platform is created with the idea to provide health and wellness to people through digital media. It’s a cloud-based solution that uses smartphone applications, hardware, and human assistance to help people reach their fitness goals. With a team of 40+ experts, this company rapidly expanded its team, delivering a holistic weight loss experience to the users. The platform has a unique Indian calorie tracker feature that allows users to track their food, weight, and exercise. HealthifyMe has also partnered with healthcare providers like Medanta, Apollo, and Manipal, to employ its app-based services to treat and prevent diabetes, clinical obesity, and other lifestyle diseases.


To track orders, operations, shipments, and delivery:
The client found it very difficult to track their daily orders and the operations with its outdated system. The timely delivery of orders and coordinating with the shipping providers for delivering weight-control wearable devices was the most labor-intensive process of all.
To track the sales activities:
This digital health and fitness giant used a lot of its time aligning the sales and delivery activities that hampered its communication with the end-users. Thereby giving it a disadvantage in user engagement.
Modern cloud-based system:
Our client needed software that would automate their business processes and increase the fulfillment ratio.

Aligning the business flow:
Our development team quickly integrated the back-end management features with the online store and started regulating the daily business activities from day one. We successfully connected to their store using the API to sync the information automatically. It led to a drastic increase in fulfillment ratio and quick, streamlined operations.
Leveraging on intelligence reports:
Our team offered a self-explanatory UI to the company's employees. It helped them save a lot of time on processing orders and manage the customers more efficiently. They could quickly check the best-selling products, regular subscribed customers, order fulfillment ratio, and time-bounded sales.
Reduction in logistic costs:
Our development team integrated app with prominent shipping providers like Blue dart, UPS, FedEx, etc., to give shipping estimation in just a few clicks. The system generates a shipping estimation allowing them to choose the best and attach invoices to them.
Results Obtained

Our development team helped them align the daily business processes and provided a centralized system to handle & track sales, order fulfillment with shipment activities. The custom-made integrations allowed them to use the software uniquely. Plus, our automation saved their time and effort invested in the core business activities. Our development team helped HealthifyMe to spend more time on managing customer-centric services and expand their business.


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