On-Demand Service App Development

An on-demand service app for quick and easy travel

Shohoz super app provides you easy access to your daily needs. Be it a ride to your destination, a consultation with a doctor, ordering in food for your friends, or grocery shopping for the family – Shohoz has it all. A one-stop solution for multiple problems is at your fingertips. They wanted to reduce their payroll and infrastructure costs and enter the foreign markets without compromising their service quality. The same wasn’t possible with their in-house team, and that’s when OpenXcell entered the picture. We helped them sort out all their problems, one by one, providing our high-quality development team, and it worked wonders for them.


Decrease payroll and infrastructure cost:
This was our client's primary concern when we took up the contract. They spent a lot of money on employee's wages and got the minimum outcome out of it. Plus, with growing manpower, they had to spend huge funds in providing the infrastructure facilities. All these hugely affected their overall revenue.
Foreign markets:
It's never easy to enter foreign markets as it involves a lot of risks. Their in-house team faced many barriers like language, regulations, cultural differences, and other challenges in expanding their business. They were looking for a team that would make it happen with minimum risk.
Respond to short-term needs:
The client's in-house could not always cope with the new needs as they emerged and focused on the core business activities. With growing demand, they could not meet their deadlines, and it reduced their scalability. They were looking for a team that would respond to every short-term need.

Reduced infrastructure costs::
As the client's ever-increasing team cost them a lot of money, we provided them with our core development team of their choice of developers, designers, project managers, data analysts who provided better and high-quality results at affordable payrolls. Plus, we provided them with our ample office space that saved them on the infrastructural facilities.
Cracking the foreign market:
Our core team of data scientists, developers, and project managers understood their needs, the goals, and how to carry out their vision. This cultural difference between the teams worked as an asset and broke all the language barriers, cultural differences, and other regulations. Our offshore development team helped them understand the region's target audience and developed relevant solutions as per the set priorities.
Flexible to short-term needs:
Our offshore development team quickly responded to new market trends and met deadlines on time. It increased the scalability and helped the client's in-house team to focus on their core business activities. Our developers and designers created various documentation for communication to flow and maintained quality standards with templates of different project types as required.
Results Obtained

By partnering with Shohoz, we could influence the decrease in expenses, not just a matter of funds. With our development team’s greater values, we offered them expertise and specialization that helped them focus on the company’s main objectives. Irrespective of the size of the business or team, we provided them big-space infrastructure at reduced costs. They could tackle the time zone differences with our highly qualified development team worldwide, and it helped them crack the foreign market at minimum risk. It increased their overall revenue and saved a lot of time.


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