Case Study

Educational App That Improves Your Practicing Skills





Customer Overview

Cultivate lifelong habits of deliberate and effective practice

Practworks Mentors Private Limited is a private, non-government company based out of Bangalore. Practworks was created to develop a lifelong habit of practicing and improve student’s performance and hone their skills with the help of practice lessons available easily on an application.

Business Challenges

Challenges faced during the development of PractWorks

Image to PDF Conversion

To ensure a smoother experience of test assessments, we needed a functionality which allows users to capture the answer sheets & submit it back to the teacher in the form of PDF.

Draw on Image using Pen or Text

For answer sheet assessments we needed a clean & easy to use UI which allows teachers to mark their notes & comments, just like the traditional answer sheet assessment.

Adding Point Based Questionnaire

Since the platform includes questionnaires which are further controlled by the admin, we needed to provide a simple yet scalable module to accommodate different types of quiz formats.


Create and submit assignments and get evaluated by teachers

PractWorks is a collection of practice worksheets that is available online for students to improve their performance. This application combines technology, domain expertise as well as intense research to encourage students to cultivate practicing skills in order to excel. The platform contains a set of questions which are specific to the students’ search history and topics learnt, and accordingly generates relevant practice questions which are supposed to be answered by downloading the sheet. Once the questions are answered, the sheet is uploaded for evaluation by the teachers. The evaluation determines the next set of worksheets. Practwork also gauges your performance and rewards you with higher rank in the group. Apart from that, one can also quickly revise the theory and concepts related to a particular topic. Thus, Practworks is, in short - your one-stop solution to encourage, evaluate and help develop the habit of effective practicing.

  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Free, unlimited practice material
  • Instant feedback
  • PractMissions
  • Self-created missions
  • Showdowns
  • Rewards


Technologies guiding PractWorks to success


ReactJs, NodeJs, Flutter






AWS, Jenkins


Our efforts acknowledged