Case Study

Highly Secured Crypto Trading Platform



Customer Overview

Crypto trading marketplace supporting 400+ currencies

Our client is a partner and investor at Blockchain solutions. Based out of Romania, this firm is the fastest growing cryptocurrency platform that allows crypto trading and cryptocurrency exchanges. Client had keen interest in cryptocurrency and ever since it has been popularising, he wanted to develop a platform of his own where people can trade and earn by investing in these currencies. Apart from this, he also wants to launch his own token which is why he started this trading platform in the first place.

Business Challenges

Challenges faced during the development of Cardex

Smart Trading Algorithm

Implementing real-time trading experience for the user

Platform Latency

One of the key needs of the platform was to handle huge traffic


Perfect solution for alternate banking

Cardex is a crypto exchange platform that serves as an alternative to banks. This platform helps people to transfer cryptocurrency, take cryptoloans and also provides card solutions for trading crypto assets. Moreover, Cardex supports over 400 currencies and has a highly secured, 2-step payment verification method.

  • Crypto Trading
  • Crypto Exchange
  • Crypto Loans
  • Cardex Crypto Debit Card
  • BitGo Integration with 400-500 bitcoins
  • TradingView Library
  • Candlestick Charts
  • Highly Secured Transactions
  • CCPRO integration
  • Ondato integration for KYC


Cardex’s Success

99% software uptime

Supports 400+ crypto currencies


Our efforts acknowledged