Online Team Collaboration Platform Development

Platform for communication across projects and teams

The online team collaboration platform is designed to satisfy the dynamic and demanding needs of digital professionals who need intelligent and seamless collaboration tools to manage fluid communication across their projects and teams. With this platform, you get everything in one place – instant messaging, task boards, project management, design feedback, online storage, etc. all in a simple, easy-to-use layout.


Lack of technical expertise:
In order to develop a seamless online team collaboration platform, it is inevitable to have a team of professionals who can design a perfect app with technical expertise.
In-house team costs more:
Anyone's initial idea is to hire an in-house team to get the desired platform developed, same thing went with this online collaboration platform. But, on comparison, they found the cost too high of hiring a team.
Access to limited resources:
In order to develop a perfect platform with all the features, it is necessary that all the latest resources are used with updated technologies and infrastructure, which was not available with the client.

A team of experts for all the requirements:
A dedicated team of professionals who are experts in all the technologies required for the development of online team collaboration platform were provided by OpenXcell.
Almost 60% cost was reduced:
By hiring the team of experts at OpenXcell, the online team collaboration platform was developed with all the features and that too with almost 60% less cost than that of hiring an inhouse team.
Unlimited access to resources and latest infrastructure:
In developing this online team collaboration platform, OpenXcell has provided all its resources, and complete access to the latest technologies and the required infrastructure that has made the product go huge success with complete efficiency.
Results Obtained

With the excellent support and expertise of OpenXcell techies and the availability of infrastructure necessary for the perfect development process, a seamless online team collaboration platform was developed. Everything right from the scalable team, to a huge decrease in cost, was taken care of by the OpenXcell team. They got all the resources they needed as per their needs and were able to take benefit of the latest infrastructure for the development of a platform that can connect the projects and teams making communication easy and quick.


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