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How to reinvent Mobile eCommerce App through Personalization

E-Commerce App Personalization

I am surprised by how these eCommerce personalization trends are helping users that are diversified and experiencing unexpected satisfaction from eCommerce mobile apps. 

To my surprise users from different fields and styles are appreciating and preferring online buying through eCommerce personalization platforms

E-commerce, as a booming market over the globe for a decade, is not limited to any age, profession, or urban population. Growing digitalization in the business involves growing competition and brands are evolving technology to deal with the competition.

Customization is the new common in the market regardless of industry, and as per the statistics data, there is a big payoff and demand for customized services and products to each E-Commerce app personalization such as eBay, Amazon, Flipkart, and more. 

Popular eCommerce delivery app assists with customized orders, offers, discounts based on festivals, and related changes for product customizations along with dining booking facilities within a few minutes. 

Let’s see how customers’ online buying affects through personalization apps. 

  • As per 59% of online buyers, online shopping is more comfortable and becomes interesting for them by personalization on a website. 
  • More than half, i.e., 53% of buyers represent that they have experienced a valuable service and products by retailers who implemented personalized services.
  • And 45% of customers highly prefer online e e-commerce websites as they are happy to purchase from an eCommerce app providing real-time personalization and AI-based recommendations.

What is eCommerce Personalization?

The last year 2019 is the big answer proving why “Personalization technology” is important and how it helped business marketing to grow.

With a personalization aspect to the dynamic website or involved in services to delight customers, mobile app personalization is booming. You will find entrepreneurs focusing more on real-time services and AI-based features to engage more with their customers.  

fact about eCommerce personalization

According to a Forbes report of “The Clear Path to Personalization,” a survey conducted for 200 retail marketing executives by Arm Treasure Data to know more about personalization and how it helps in delivering a superior experience.

These days after much with real-time services and more competition in the market, consumers are always craving for useful products and data that helps them to solace their requirements. 

Additionally, some brands and major retailers are focusing on personalizing their efforts for mobile apps that make it easy for users to view their products. The progressive value of e-commerce sales at the end of the year 2019 was expected to top $3.4 trillion. 

To achieve the predefined business goals, personalization strategies play a crucial role to lead the market and generate demanded sales. This simply shows that personalization is way essential and is the cost-effective way to grow your business with more conversation and brand influence

Process of reinventing business with technology

  • Personalized Shopping Experience

Customers want customized things for what they are paying for, and shopping experiences delight them because they don’t want only a product expecting much that suits their lifestyle.

A world is full of e-commerce where services and experiences matters, as a shopper, I will expect that everything should be offered to me from communication to their social media images for clarity and trust to the items delivered the same as shown on the website.

And believe me, no article on eCommerce Personalization seen without Amazon, the leading online business based on customers’ needs. Each of us had gone through Amazon for one or the other reasons. Because Customers’ first. 

Tips for retailers to make their online store personalized:

  • Leverage Social Media
  • Email Marketing should not be skipped
  • Market alternative payments
  • Offer related product recommendations 
product recommendations

Check the image from Amazon, one of the biggest eCommerce that makes you feel confident by making you aware of all the required information. You can choose from various sections that relate your choice and satisfy your requirements by providing such a fantastic experience. 

Personalization makes the shopping journey more relevant and hassle-free as you don’t have to rush to various sites or numerous pages for your needs. And as it is said, happy customers become loyal customers.

  • Personalized Survey

If you have wondered, several e-commerce brands are choosing to ask you context, or organize online games and quizzes. Yes, it’s a part of the survey to offer products more conveniently by targeting the audience to better understand them of delivering entirely customized products. 

Myntra and as a cost-effective apparel business organize fashion quizzes and spinning games that lead to customers’ preferences and offers to satisfy their needs.

  • Customized and Shoppable Social Media Feed

A business with most internet users can’t skip social media gate as an opportunity to engage their customers through mobile devices. There are few social media apps that are not to be missed such as Facebook, and Instagram is the most used ones.

Myntra as one of the known apparel businesses, serves best from an eCommerce site and growing away fast by attracting customers over social media. 

  • Personalized Product Recommendations

Myntra, and Amazon is known by the brand and a recommendation service provider who offers personalization at its best. From your past orders and behavior for product selection and brand love, they will recommend related and similar products with a variety of options. 

It makes it easy for the user to choose from options by saving time to visit all the items on the site. 

Personalized Product Recommendations

With a prioritized recommendation system, organizations are gaining easy capture to hidden business insights into their product and services. Customers’ data are in bulk and are maintained well in the AI-based recommendation engine based on their past interactions with the products. 

Personalization of product recommendations is also used by brand Adidas to prioritize the product content and related information displayed on the app. 

  • Using AI for Personalized Customer Support

As per the research, within five years, 85% of consumers’ support will be improved through personalization, where a company manages all services without human interaction. 

A recent Gartner report, 55% of established companies and brands are planning to invest in AI for better customer support, and some of them have already started investing. And as we know, most of the AI-based result is based on these two significant factors:

  1. Machine learning
  2. Natural language processing (NLP)

In the past year, we noticed that online e-commerce platforms are going for customized services with AI-based chatbot, personalized email, and various tools to enhance user conversion rates. 

So, personalization has the power over other aspects to increase the efficiency of your conversation with customers through various marketing tactics like prompting customers, campaigns, discount and offer based emails, and the list continues.

If we talk about emails, it can be leveraged in various ways based on situations and subjects. Personalized emails are way positive and not a chance to be moved in spam as they are segmented based on customers’ needs. 

  • Tracking each customer’s interaction with your app

The correct data, in this case, is data about how your customers behave on your site at an individual level. 

See, customers are your lifeblood for whom you are making and selling products. To understand customers’ preferences and priorities it is necessary to know why they are on your website and the experiences that are having. Lets’ see factors that gather customers’ interactions: 

  • Cross-platform visits 
  • Call to Action
  • Repeat purchase and lifetime value
  • Behavior for product
  • Customer segment experiences

Marketers are using mobile devices to deliver discounts, promotions, and offers that are based on location, personal preferences, and based on other personal data. In today’s highly competitive world, loyalty is driven by customers’ satisfaction and experience they have. 

If you don’t understand what your customers are looking for, how can you sell them the best experience?

“To keep your customer satisfied and increase your business traffic, you need expert-level product optimization.”

  • Personalization moto is to optimize customer experience on-site and off-site by emails and other promotional activities.
  • Product recommendations are just as they offer a substantial positive aspect and a new experience that related customers need.
  • The key determinant of customer loyalty is based on the experience you provide.

AI-driven personalization platform 

For AI-driven personalization, business needs data to progress with any functioning. A couple of years ago, algorithms were new in the market, and people are trying to understand machine learning and AI for coding and implementation. 

And since the past few years, we can see businesses that are now running based on real-time AI- and machine-learning algorithms and gaining leads based on the executed AI systems to the cloud. 

AI can help with various business actions, especially in sales such as recommendations based cross-sales, feature sales predictions, analytics, on-site and off-site messaging, offering and other product recommendations. 

Benefits of Personalization in eCommerce Mobile App

The feature-rich eCommerce mobile applications have the potential to attract more customers to add more competition to business.

Three types of platforms that help businesses to manage their strategy. Let’s see the overview:

Sophisticated management tools – High-ended management solutions build on the feature-kit, including AI-driven personalization, segmentation, in-depth analytics, and more.

  • Quality feedback- Personalization helps to improve service quality by gathering valid reviews and quality feedback.
  • Customer support- After and before sales service support is the key benefit since initialization of any product or service. With personalization, businesses can gain add-on benefits to reach their customers by getting direct queries, mails, suggestions, solving issues in no time, and more.
  • Monetization platforms – Brands are coming up with new advertisements and strategies where networks enable them to reach their target new audiences with the help of notifications. 

The phase of eCommerce Personalization in 2020

Last year was much developed in terms of technology and successfully executed it such as personalization. Yes, it has changed the customer serving aspects and led to mobile app retargeting to the next level for customers. 

From your browsing to the product packaging and delivering, everything is so mazed and real-time touched. Once the strategy planned in a correct way, Personalization Services & Solution providers will help you to implement the shopping, buying, and service experience of a modern consumer ecosystem and will have a direct impact making technology more trusted than before.

Meghavi Vyas
Meghavi Vyas

Meghavi Vyas is a Content Writer and Marketer who is working for Openxcell. A technology writer for 5 years, she is first a reader, an avid researcher, and a tech geek who uses her skills and expertise for well-versed content. You will often find her articles, blogs, and knowledge-based content on AI/ML, Data Science, and Mobile Applications.

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