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Backend is the server-side development that focuses on databases, scripting, and website framework. The backend team creates and manages the hardware used to control the modules that allow the user-facing side of the website to function. Complete backend process needs a huge group, and in order to manage the team, a backend team lead is really important. The Data Infrastructure team will be led by a Back-end Team Leader who will ensure that the team’s coding principles and development processes are up to par. The Lead provides technical expertise and leadership to the team. They also look after the entire backend team.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Oversee the growth of a backend development team.
  • Participate in/manage the entire software development lifecycle, including architecture, solution design, quality assurance, and maintenance.
  • In a fast-paced world, provide high-quality technological solutions to a variety of global stakeholders.
  • The ability to convey implementation progress to the company head and program management in a clear and concise manner.
  • Be willing to introduce new technology and ideas as needed.
  • They work efficiently with a large team and also mentor them.
  • Back-end development of high-loaded web applications.
  • Work with Blockchain APIs.
  • Working and maintaining different types of Databases.

Why Hire Back-end Team Lead

The backend Team Lead will look after a team of API engineers. Leaders enable others to excel by providing mentorship and direction to their team members on a daily basis. A team looks up to lead and their efforts in developing these APIs as part of new features and products. Empathy and perseverance are important characteristics that help a backend team stay resilient and committed to the team in a fast-paced world like ours. The work begins with an idea and progresses through a complex process to ensure the quality code is running in the product. Their roles and aspirations differ based on a variety of factors. Companies that create software platforms need backend leads to ensure long-term success.

Backend Team Lead at Openxcell

OpenXcell has a solid base in tech, smartphone, eCommerce, web creation, IT services, business solutions, and outsourcing. Our Back-end Team Leads will help you Lead and coach your project team and ensure high-quality standards. They ensure the success of delivered solutions and also enable the team to work with quality. OpenXcell has branches in the United States and India, and its team of experienced Back-end Team Lead will provide you with custom-creating solutions and more. There are several reasons why an organization would need the services of a Back-end Team Lead. With Openxcell Back-end Team Lead, you’ll be able to see how the tasks become more organized and reliable. To grow your business’s important customer touch, contact us and choose a team of your preference.


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