23 Incredible Facts and Figures About Clash Of Clans

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Facts and Figures About Clash Of Clans

Let me admit it! I’m no gamer, let alone being a gaming enthusiast.  But when you come across loads and loads of digital data going maddeningly crazy about this game called Clash of Clans, you simply can’t stop yourself from diggin’ in and finding the facts for yourself. And, there it was. Each and every fact speaking volumes about the game’s incredibly addictive strategy.

Yep! CoC came across as a very quintessence of a great game. The overall impression, I gathered, was of a highly dynamic game with all the nuts and bolts, in terms of in-app purchases, perfectly crafted to entice as many users as  possible.

Little wonder, the game managed to attract hardcore players like Jorge Yao, Panda, and Mohammed Maher, who not only spent over $5000, but also played 24-hours straight, specifically on the weekends. In fact, players like Jorge homed in on five iPads (three gifted by a fellow gamer), and spent six months straight, doing nothing, but playing the game to maintain his top-rankings, sometimes playing the game even in the shower. Good God!

And there are other stories doing rounds as well:  Of obsessive gamers who divorced their spouses. Of some high ranking players who went bankrupt. Of Jorge, who lost almost 20 pounds, while being hooked to the game, six months at a stretch. All these just to keep the gamer’s clan safe from raiders; to train troops; and to seize more and more resources from the enemy clan, not to mention maintaining their top positions.

By the way, this is just a glimpse of what CoC has done to its players since its arrival in 2012.

Read on to know more…

Here goes Clash of Clan’s Incredible Facts and Figures

  1. The Finnish gaming giant Supercell is behind the super successful game app CoC. In fact, it’s not only the app that’s grossing big. There are two more super-popular games the company has to its credit. The Hay Day app and the Boom beach app, earning the company a spectacular $1.7 billion in sales during 2014. A rare feat, given that there are thousands of games dominating the app store.
  2.  Launched in 2012, the app is still going strong. According to Statista’s November 2015 data, the game is still stealing the thunder from newbie apps, raking in 1,141,815 U.S. dollars a day.  Good God! Isn’t that an impossible sum of money?

Game of War - Statista

Clash of Clans is still making a big splash in the app economy

An overview of the top grossing iPhone mobile gaming apps as of November 2015. During the survey period, it was estimated that second-ranked CoC was generating about 1.1 million U.S. dollars in daily revenue.

  1. Supercell was valued at $5.5 billion, courtesy its multitude of successful mobile games.
  2. According to last year’s Midia Research, Supercell spent a reported $1m a day on app marketing.
  3. The gameplay is addicting. Logging off means your base would be attacked/raided by the rival clans in no time. Which means the top players stay glued to their screens all the time.
  4. George Yao, for instance, had about five accounts, and he played around the clock. In fact, he ended up spending a good six months playing CoC on five iPads. And, yes, he managed all the five iPads at the same time! In fact, he was known to take his iPads into the shower as well. He carefully wrapped them in a plastic bag, to ensure that none of the accounts went inactive.

Jorge Pao - Clash of Clan Player

Jorge Yao, a top-ranked CoC player, had about five accounts, and he played around the clock, even in the shower  

  1. Jorge is the first player to break the 4000 trophy mark, which made him instantly famous. This notoriety won him a whopping 79,000 followers on Twitter and a spectacular 30,000 likes on Facebook.
  2. Tyrael is a top “CoC” player who stays online for 16 hours a day so his base doesn’t get attacked.
  3. CoC is a free-to-play app, but the in-app strategies are such that players end up paying a premium.
  4. Unlike other apps, the in-app purchase formula of this game is quite solid. In fact, it’s so solid that once the users happen to download the app, s/he cannot turn his back on the in-app purchase thing. Spend a tiny sum of $4.99 on in-app purchases, or spend some 500 years, or send 50 invites to keep yourself active. Obviously, you know what’s really beneficial for you.

11.  Panda, one of the top 10 CoC players, told Wired that he spends nearly $7,000 a month on his Clash of Clan village.

12. “I actually save money playing these games instead of going out and drinking,” – Leo, a high ranking player who spent around $5000 on the game said. Previously, he used to spend the same amount and more, sometimes $6000 in a single night drinking out with friends.


13. CoC was the most viewed Super Bowl Ad in 2015 featuring Liam Neeso.

14. The game thrives on top 10 percent of its players. In other words, almost 50 percent of its revenue is generated from its top 10 percent players.

15. CoC has got 29 Million Active Users. If you are not playing the game, you are out of the loop.

16. Though Supercell has got about 150 employees, only 15 work on CoC. In the beginning, there were just 5 developers working on the game, scaled up to 8 at the time of release

17. The game was released in six months’ time. Though countless updates have been made since the time of its launch in 2012.

18. The concept of the game is not very new. In fact, the developers picked up the idea from StarCraft and Age of Empires and added their own sweet magic to it. In fact, the Age of Empires-2 is still favourite, among several game players.

19. It was a kind of a game that everybody knew anybody, whosoever was around. (One of the several good reasons that make it an addictive game.) This could especially be said about the clan members, given that it  majorly consisted of friends and family members. Plus, the players enjoyed socializing about the game.

20. Apart from your friends and family members, you also get an opportunity to interact with fellow gamers scattered across your region or country.

clash of clan copycats21. Leveling up is a challenge, specifically when you reach the Town Hall levels of the game. Despite this, the gamers show up. In fact, some start playing it as soon as they wake up.

22. Impatience worked for the game. Though the opposite is true for mobile games. The gamers involved were so insanely crazy about levelling up that they ended up spending a good amount of time and resources on the game. One gamer is said to have spent $200 in in-app purchases just to gain some strategic advantage.

23. Though CoC was firing all cylinders in China, U.S. and Turkey, the game couldn’t manage to make much headway in Japan. So the company paired up with the Big Boss of Japanese gaming market – Gungo Ho, developers of Puzzles and Dragons – to cross promote each other’s games in 2013. The gamble paid off.  From 98th rank in Japan’s iOS store, CoC moved to the 11th position. 

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I reckon, this list to be pretty comprehensive. But, yes indeed, there’s always some room for more.  Go ahead. Add to the list.


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