List of Top Mobile and Web Applications Built on Java

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Top Apps Built on Java

Java is the most popular programming language that is widely used to build mobile and desktop applications. According to the most influential ratings by TIOBE in May 2020, Java stands second highest in the list of the popularity of programming languages. From mobile phones to enterprise servers, applications of Java are used everywhere.

Java provides a robust and flexible development environment. Being powerful and a fast programming language, it helps the Java developers to create interactive applications and websites.

Java is a class-based, and object-oriented programming language that treats everything as objects, and these objects complete the app development operations. Many applications are developed using this popular language called Java. Today, let’s have a look at the top java applications list.

Top Mobile & Web Applications of Java in Real World

1. Spotify (Music Streaming App)

Spotify is a well-known music streaming app that allows users to stream nearly any song, album, or artist. Users can also find podcasts at any moment in this app. One can use Spotify using any device from phone to tablet to computer. 

Spotify is appealing because one can access content for free by simply connecting with Facebook or by signing up using their email address. 

To use the premium version of Spotify, all one has to do is subscribe to the app. It’s easy to get started, and there’s no commitment.

2. Twitter (Social Media App)

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms with microblogging services that shows that the company is effectively using Java for mobile app development.

Besides this, some of the best features are personalized news, smarter downloads, block ads, data saving, and private browse. The users can add up to 140 characters in their tweets and can also include links to relevant resources and websites.

Twitter enables users to create their tweet or retweet the information that has been tweeted by others. This app has become more popular with academics as well as students, politicians, policymakers, and the general public.

3. Opera Mini (Web Browser)

Opera Mini is one of the favorite java applications for mobile internet users since it is known to make page speed faster by compressing the unwanted graphics of the web page. 

It is a lightweight and safe browser that allows you to surf the Internet faster, even with a poor Wi-Fi connection. This is a browser that provides an in-app file sharing feature. Besides this, some of the best features are personalized news, smarter downloads, block ads, data saving, and private browse.

4. Nimbuzz Messenger (Instant Messaging App)

Nimbuzz is one of the famous Java applications for instant massaging. Nimbuzz provides a single-window chat facility on multiple chat domains like MSN, Facebook, Yahoo, Google Talk, MySpace, ICQ, and many more. 

Nimbuzz is a smarter app because it allows the users to create their chat buddy using Nimbuzz API and drive users to your site. This is a free app that supports all major platforms, including Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian, Mac, J2ME, and Web.

5. CashApp (Mobile Payment Service)

CashApp is an money transfer app that is formally called Square Cash. It is a mobile payment service that allows users to easily and securely money transfer money to one another.

The Android version of CashApp uses Java for most of its code. The reason behind it is that the Java language has flexibility across the device and security features. This can help while dealing with bank accounts.

With CashApp, the user doesn’t have to pay anything for sending and receiving money. It is easy to use the app, and all one needs to do is download it and signup.

6. ThinkFree Office (Desktop-based App)

ThinkFree Office is one of the applications of Java that provides a wide range of compatibility with the robust operating programs like Microsoft. This product looks and feels similar to MS Office. 

One of the advantages of using ThinkFree Office is that it offers PDF export functionality. The user can manage documents in ThinkFree with Android devices and Windows Mobile.

7. Signal (Encrypted Messaging Services)

Signal, encrypted messaging services, just like IMO and WhatsApp. This app is developed by using cross-platform Javaservices like security, and privacy-centric messaging app. Signal is known for the security it provides.

With Signal, the user can send one-to-one messages, group messages, files, voice notes, videos, and images to other uses. This app is supported on both Android and iOS platforms. One can lock the Signal app with a phone’s pin, biometric authentication, and passphrase.

8. Murex (Trading System)

Murex, a third-party trading platform, is a big part of the more significant financial services industry. It is a popular trading app. This high-frequency trading system is scripted in the Java language.

Murex’s lead role is to process effective technology as a catalyst for innovation and growth in the capital market. Murex has created a cross-asset trading, cloud-ready, and risk management platform. It is a flexible, scalable, and cost-reduction application.

9. NASA WorldWind (Virtual Globe)

NASA WorldWind, an open-source virtual globe that is built on the Java development platform. It allows the users to zoom from any of the satellites into any place on Earth. 

WorldWind enables the developers to create interactive visualizations of the 3D globe, geographically easily, and map information. 

With WorldWind, the organizations around it can monitor weather patterns, track vehicle movement, visualize cities and terrain, and educate humanity about the Earth.


The Java programming language is the most critical language for Android app development as well as software engineering. This language allows developers to write simple code that works smoothly across multiple mobile platforms. There are applications of Java in the real world in many different fields such as gaming, instant messaging, music streaming, and trading.

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