SDLC Development Phase – A Detailed Overview

Development Phase in SDLC

What is SDLC Development Phase?

Development Phase in SDLC refers to the actual writing of the program. It plays an important in mobile app development. A single developer could be writing a small project, but you can break it up into large projects, and many teams can work on it. Also, one can use Access Control or Source Code Management app in this phase. It helps the developers to track changes to the code. Thus, ensuring compatibility between different team projects and achieving the target goals.

The coding process consists of several other tasks, and it’s essential to find and fix all the errors and glitches. So, the developers must brush their skills if required and work as one team. Often, tasks like waiting for test results or code compilation hold up the development process to run an application. SDLC plays a crucial role in such cases. It anticipates the delays so that developers can perform other essential duties.

Software developers always appreciate relevant explanations and instructions. Documentation can be a formal process, such as wiring a user for the application. On the other hand, it can be informal to the source code’s comments explaining why a developer used a specific procedure. Companies that strive to create software that is easy and intuitive also benefit from the documentation.

Documentation is also a quick guided tour of the app’s basic features that you display in the first launch. It can be video tutorials for complex tasks. Written documentation like user guides, troubleshooting guides, and FAQs helps you solve problems or technical issues.

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Objectives/ Goals of SDLC Development Phase

The objectives of the Development Phase in SDLC are as follows:


Successful completion of the Development Phase must comprise:

  • Building the system.
  • Integrating and testing the units into larger components.
  • Preparing a technical environment for the system.
  • Approval to progress in the Testing Phase.


The Development Phase’s primary purpose is to convert the system design prototyped in the Design Phase into a working information system that addresses all the documented system requirements. In the end, the operating system enters the Testing Phase.

Deliverables and Approvals

The SDLC deliverables help the State agencies successfully plan, execute, and control IT projects by providing a framework to ensure that all the project aspects are consistently and adequately defined, planned, and communicated. The SDLC templates give you a clear structure of the required content along with boilerplate language agencies. State agencies use formats other than the templates, as long as the deliverables include all the needed content.

The development and the distribution of SDLC deliverables:

  • Ensure a common understanding among the development team members and the stakeholders.
  • Serve as a reminder of some particular plans as the projects become more complex.
  • Provide the agency senior management and other State officials the insight into project-risks and ongoing performance.
  • Encourage the execution of consistent and repeatable processes.
  • Help with the implementation of project management and agency IT best practices.
  • Result in some comprehensive record of project performance that is useful for many purposes like staff knowledge transfer, lessons learned, budgetary, and other assessment activities).

During the documentation development, the development team must:

  • Write comprehensive and easy-to-understand documents with no redundant information.
  • Develop an organized document repository for some critical project information so that development team members can easily access, reference, and store project documents and other deliverables from all the life cycle phases.
  • Implement routine deliverable reviews to correct incompleteness, inaccuracy, and ambiguities.
  • Recognize that the sample templates for deliverables are available, so the agencies may accept deliverables in different formats as long as all the required information is available. These deliverables’ content may expand or shrink depending on the size, complexity, and scope of the project.
  • Recycle or reference information from the earlier documents wherever beneficial and possible.

All the deliverables other than the ones identified as updates must be developed in this phase. The deliverables that are identified as updates must be revisited and enhanced as required.

The deliverables you produce during this phase should be reviewed in detail and follow the required approval path. A signature page or a section should accompany all the deliverables that require approval. DoIT will regularly request copies of these documents as part of the oversight responsibilities.

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Roles in Development Phase in SDLC

The following personnel takes part in the work activities in this phase:

  • Agency CIO
  • Executive Sponsor
  • Project Sponsor
  • Project Manager
  • Development Team
  • Project Stakeholders

Tasks and Activities in SDLC Development Phase

tasks and activities of sdlc development phase 1

tasks and activities of sdlc development phase 2

tasks and activities of sdlc developement phase 3


At the end of the SDLC Development Phase, the Development Team creates a working information system. The system completion, approval of the development phase deliverables, the development project completion status review, and an approval to proceed to the next phase indicate the end of the development phase.

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