Top 7 Enterprise Search Software Advised By OpenXcell For The Year 2020

Enterprise Search Software

What is Enterprise Search?

Enterprise search is a large-scale search system that provides the means to search both unstructured and structured data sources with a single query. It makes the audience reach the content from multiple enterprise-level sources such as intranet and databases. 

There are employees at organizations who spend a lot of time searching for useful information. Enterprise search solutions can help organizations to assist in locating vital information within no time. By using an easily-navigated interface for categorizing, retrieving, and entering data securely in compliance. 

In this article, let’s find the top enterprise search software that can help make quick decisions for your business progress.

Top Enterprise Search Software

Top Enterprise Search Software

1. Datafari

Datafari, the enterprise search solution, helps its users to index data and documents wherever they are. This software aims to be multiformat and multisource, provide the information by using the easy-to-understand interface, and index both the metadata & contents. 
This software belongs to the open-source community edition. It can scale hundreds of millions of documents. 

Datafari also consists of analytics capabilities that can enable the search expert to analyze the search’s behavior and then customize the search experience.

2. Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is an open-source, distributed software that is designed for management, reliability, and scalability.

This software allows users to search and quickly analyze the data in real-time. Alongside sophisticated RESTful API, Elasticsearch offers users real-time search and analytics capabilities.

Elasticsearch can help the data move fast.

3. Google Search Appliance

Google Search Appliance (GSA) is a combination of Google’s search knowledge and today’s business requirements. GSA can sort searched results by price, author, date, or any other attribute.

With GSA, the user can skim through many results to find what they need in no time. GSA also helps the uses by filling the blanks. For example, if any user doesn’t know the exact spelling or wants to search for similar terms, they can type a few letters and then add wildcard characters to it. This software will automatically suggest the most common spellings for words.

4. Algolia

Algolia is a software that is capable of delivering real-time results from the first tap itself. Algolia is built by keeping developers in mind. This search engine has a robust API that allows quick and seamless implementation of real-time search within mobile apps and websites.

Besides this, Algolia also examines all the words within full-text fields to find the most relevant records. Because of this, Algolia can quickly search and return records from a large amount of data.

5. Amazon CloudSearch

Amazon CloudSearch is a service managed in the AWS cloud. This search engine supports 34 languages and has popular features like geospatial search, highlighting, and autocomplete.

The users of Amazon CloudSearch can quickly add rich search capabilities to their apps or websites.

Users can easily create a search domain and upload the data that the users want to make searchable by just a few clicks in the AWS management console. Amazon CloudSearch will then automatically supply the required resources and deploy the search index.

6. Splunk Enterprise

Splunk Enterprise is a search engine that helps users gain valuable operational intelligence from their machine-generated data.

The users of Splunk Enterprise can quickly discover and share insights with a full range of powerful search, pre-packaged content of use-cases, and visualization. All users need to do is point their raw data at Splunk Enterprise and start analyzing.

Splunk Enterprise has User Behavior Analytics that is an excellent solution that helps organizations to find unknown & known and hidden threats using machine learning, data science, advanced correlation, and peer group analytics.

7. Indica Enterprise Search

Indica Enterprise Search makes it possible to order and structure within the massive amount of data in the users’ organization. This can consist of users’ website, emails, all their internal data, and database.

This software provides modules based on new technologies that enable users to find all the information and corporate data. Indica enterprise search is software that indexes corporate data and improves it with a company-specific structure.

Benefits of Using Enterprise Search Engine Software

Benefits of Using Enterprise Search Engine Software
  • Flexible and easily adaptable: The search engine system should be one that can adapt to the needs of your organization. It enables you to meet all users’ requirements without delay.
  • Scalability: The system allows you to work comfortably when there is an increase or decrease in your data volume.
  • Reliable: The enterprise search must allow the users to monitor and recover your search domains automatically.
  • Cost-effective: All the search engines should be profitable for your business.

Conclusion – Enterprise Search Software

The enterprise search services can connect disconnected cloud platforms and make them accessible through a search tool. The above-listed enterprise search solutions can be helpful to all kinds of organizations, be it a mobile app development company or a blockchain development company, or any organization with a massive amount of data to be handled. If you want enterprise search consulting services for your business to decide which kind of enterprise solutions can help you manage your business data, you can contact OpenXcell, the Enterprise Search Services & Solutions Provider Company.

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