GPT-3 Artificial Intelligence Model for Mobile Applications

gpt-3 ai language model


OpenAI’s GPT-3 has been in the news since its launch last month owing to the exciting features and largest language model trained in the current era. OpenAI announced this deep-learning model for natural language processing with over 175 billion parameters and set a benchmark for surpassing high-performance meeting NLP benchmarks. 

Generative Pretrained Transformer-3 is the third generation of OpenAI’s machine learning model algorithms for a straightforward interpretation of voice, text, answering various questions by analyzing data and giving accurate output. With exceptional language abilities, GPT-3 is pre-trained with a vast amount of 45TB text and more than 499 billion words, resulting in 175 billion parameters. GPT-3 is also seeing a major future in mobile application development as well. 

What is New in GPT-3?

GPT-2 was a transformer-based language and trained with 40 Gb data and gave results in proximity. At the same time, GPT-3 is an advanced version with billions of data and accurate results. GPT-3 works by processing and generating the text by a single word at a time. With a vast amount of pre-fed data, it can guess the next word with accuracy from its neural network.

With GPT-3, machine learning has attained new levels by completely transforming artificial intelligence, making it comparable to human-like intelligence. GPT-3 is capable of reforming the language processing abilities of cognitive systems. The world is yet to witness the full-fledged power of AI in the form of GPT-3. The backend technologies can also be enhanced with GPT-3 to fuel mobile applications to get high performance. 

Highlighting Features of GPT-3

GPT-3 is the highest version of machine learning and has many exciting features to enhance its services. Some of the highlighting features that you should be aware of are, 

  • GPT-3 is one of the largest model trained so far 
  • Enforced with high end deep learning and natural language processing 
  • Gives correct answers to trivia, puzzles, etc.
  • Outputs are powered with reasoning and have a basic sense of it.
  • Article writing, translation, etc. is better than previous versions.
  • Completion of stories, paragraphs, etc. after understanding the context

How can GPT-3 Revolutionize AI Mobile Applications?

GPT-3 can be used in several applications. It is one of the largest language models to date and has many capabilities rather than just answering questions or completing sentences. Some of the fantastic applications of GPT-3 are: 


Create chatbots for students to get answers directly from the historical characters or characters from their books or syllabus. GPT-3 is pre-fed with a large amount of data and can be used for mobile educational applications. 

Search Engine

Create a search engine that is just based on questions and answers. You type in a problem, and you are provided with useful links to get the desired response. This can be similar to a standard search engine, but you need to feed in a question rather than a few words.         

Word Paraphrasing

Mobile applications can provide you with synonyms for familiar words and provide you with exciting words to give your content a new look. You can transform your text into any format. For instance, if you want, you can change it into a standard format, a news article, etc. 

Story Writing

GPT-3 can provide you with fictional conversations between two people. So, it can create short stories, novels, etc. with the help of GPT-3. The training model of GPT-3 can create meaningful conversations by complementing the context of the text.

Healthcare Assistant

With a large amount of pre-fed data, GPT-3 can make mobile applications that can provide you answers to all the health-related queries and solve your fundamental misconceptions or issues regarding your health.   


Interactive and exciting games based on texts can be developed with GPT-3 by utilizing its vast data and context-understanding ability. Text-based games can be used even to educate children and increase their knowledge. 

Code Generation

GPT-3 can generate code if you feed in your requirements. You can spell the design, and you will get the code generated. The code can be generated in the desired programming language and desired UI. 


GPT-3 is indeed the newest breakthrough for Artificial Intelligence and its applications. The applications of GPT-3 are still in the growing stage and have a fantastic future that will enhance the mobile application development industry remarkably. It is even used to develop human-like intelligence to fuel various applications. If you have any exciting ideas for developing applications using GPT-3, then share it with us today!

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