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Remote work style has been adopted by all the companies in the world and almost 80% of the workers now prefer operating from remote locations. Even the stats tell that the productivity hasn’t declined even when teams were working from home. Looking at this newly formed culture, organizations have got an advantage to explore more talent in the industry. People who are skilled, prefer working from home and reside in a different country or at a remote location within the same country don’t need to come to a bigger city to find jobs. Nor do they have to pay for commutation, rent, or any other bills that tag along with shifting to a new place. Today, if a US company has to hire a developer who is remotely working in Poland, all they have to do is interview the person and hire them if they align with the skill set the company is looking for. An organization can actually build a completely talented team in doing so. So, let’s check how hiring remote developers can be beneficial for your company.

Advantages of hiring remote developers

It is a well-known fact that hiring remote developers brings more talent on board. But this is not it, there are many other advantages that you get when you hire a remote development team. Here are some of them:

1. Addresses business needs

Businesses are evolving and so are their demands. With most companies now going completely digital and focusing on the core operations, they need resources that are highly experienced to handle enterprise-level projects. For this reason, companies are now hiring remote developers as well as entire dedicated development teams. Apparently, hiring a dedicated team in India or other developing countries is easier and cost-effective because developers’ rates are less and you get some of the best developers in these countries.

2. Implements ideal working model

Thinking from an employee perspective, the remote working model has always proven better than normal. Software developers that are hired on a contract basis are willing to work dedicatedly and give their best at work. Since they are bound by deadlines, remote developers maintain good standards of work quality while simultaneously enjoying the comfort of their homeland. This in turn provides them with a work-life balance and they give their 100% at work.

3. Accessibility to global talent pool

Hiring remote developers from across the globe solves the talent issues for the companies and sustains productivity. The availability of effective tools further simplified collaboration between the organization’s in-house teams and remote developers.


How to hire remote developers? Step-by-step process of hiring a remote developer

There are some well-tested methods that are highly effective in hiring remote teams:

1. Define requirements

Define the product’s core features and the kind of users who will use it. Once you have defined the features, it will be easier to figure out which expertise you might be needing to accomplish the tasks. Now analyze the platform that would be needed to develop the product. Also, the language in which the remote developer must have the expertise to develop the product.

2. Find the right candidate

In case you are planning to hire remote developers, you must look for options from where you can get the best candidates.

Online research for reliable tech companies

The first thing when you are trying to find a remote developer is to search for technology companies. They have good access to a huge talent pool which is oftentimes in-house and could be leveraged right away.

Job portals

One of the best ways to find dedicated expert developers is by posting job ads on career portals or reaching out to tech publications. These portals are often visited by regular job seekers and techies for remote or full-time work. You can simply state your requirements mentioning that the job is only remote.

Freelancing portals

Hiring freelancers can be a very cost-effective and intelligent choice when you have a very short-term project. You can easily approach developers on portals like Upwork and Fiverr.

Social handle

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Stack overflow, Twitter literally everywhere there are job finding or offering groups where you can post the vacancy and you will get ample applications within days.

3. Start screening

In order to get the right candidate that exactly fits your requirements and has high competency levels, it is necessary to screen the profiles of each candidate meticulously. You must verify whether they actively participate in answering the tech questions or how active they are in the developers’ community. You will also get to know how well a team player they are and could be.

4. Evaluate programming competency

Take a sample test of the shortlisted developers and evaluate their practical skills. There are certain digital platforms that help take sample programming tests and allow developers to work in different environments which they normally do while working on a project like frameworks, libraries, etc. Thus, it is a great way to assess the coding skills of programmers.

5. Interview for soft skills and technical competency

After you have selected the candidate who cleared the programming tests, it is time to move to the next level of assessment to check if the developer is the right fit for the company. How willing is he/she to take on the challenges and to what extent they can dedicate themselves to work commitments? You get to know how they will resolve things if the going gets tough. Once a soft skill assessment is done, a technical round must be conducted by senior software engineers to check how a developer responds if he/she is given a random problem and is asked to solve it in steps.

6. Offer and onboard

After the developer has been selected, make an offer with the salary discussion and notice period that the person will have to serve in another company. Provide a legal contract for remote developers in order to make tax deductions and other salary cuts clear. In case you are hiring directly from companies, you can just sign a contract and they can offer you readily available resources onboard.

Qualities that a good developer must-have for remote hiring

While hiring a remote developer it is important that you look for certain qualities that a developer must have for operations to go smoothly in the future. Here are some of them:

#Efficient time management

In the IT industry where multiple projects run parallelly and the deadlines are strict, it is imperative to have a team of developers that are highly productive and meet their deadlines. So, while hiring a remote developer you must always keep in mind that the person shows the capability to adhere to deadlines and follow the team schedules.

#Optimistic attitude

You must hire a remote developer who has a positive attitude towards solving problems. Since development projects have challenging situations and strict deadlines, developers have to have the capability to hold on to such situations and deliver the best quality work. The developer must be able to fulfill all its stints without giving in and embracing the changes.

#Technical expertise and project management

Experienced developers always have good exposure to multiple projects. It is also necessary that the developer has worked on projects that are similar to projects your company currently is working on. Also, ensure that the developer follows all protocols while building applications. Check their portfolio for skills and also take their feedback from former employers.

#Team building spirit

Having a mindset of helping other team members to improve their performance and teaching them better ideas to increase productivity is how a developer or any other employee for that matter, must work. It is essential to have a team-building quality in a candidate and must be able to work collaboratively on projects.

#Good communication skills

Communication is the most important aspect of running a project. Developers have to communicate with the team members as well as clients to convey the development changes. How clearly they are able to communicate their thoughts and are able to learn new things is essential for a developer’s role.

Why hire a remote dedicated development team in India?

Out of all the popular major countries like Poland, Ukraine, Argentina, etc, India is the leading place to hire remote developers and remote development teams. Since it has a cheaper workforce and the average cost of a developer per hour ranges from $15 to $30, it is a perfect destination for companies with limited budgets. Moreover, you get the time zone benefit and culturally aligned talent since India is quite influenced by western culture. All you have to find is the right developer or dedicated software development company that could fit your organization’s needs perfectly.

Hire a team of highly experienced remote developers

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