Developing Applications From a Single Codebase – The Future of Application Development

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One product, one codebase, is becoming the slogan of the current mobile application development scenario. With all the companies focusing on the single codebase, the rise in demand for mobile application development frameworks is observed. The sole reason being that it is favorable for both developers as well as the mobile app owners. There is a lot of buzz in the market about single codebase app development experience providing comparatively lower quality than the native apps. But the thing that should be observed is that there are many new and improved technologies and frameworks that can offer you a near to native feel in the applications.    

Some of the major frameworks that provide single codebase app development and are highly used by the leading mobile application development companies are, 

Why Single codebase app development is the Future of App Development?

If you are planning to develop a mobile application, you would instead do it for Android, iOS, or both, right? So, to make your task more comfortable and maintain a uniformity across your business’ mobile apps, a single codebase can be your savior. Here are some of the advantages of using a single codebase for mobile application development. 

Application UI Uniformity Across Various Devices

Almost everyone uses multiple devices, such as phones, tablets, laptops, etc. Different devices are used at different times, and each has a different operating system as well. Now, with a single codebase, you can get a uniform user experience across all the devices and operating systems. Even users can be satisfied by giving them an application that can be used on multiple devices with a uniform user interface, look and feel. So, you can get an added advantage by giving users an application that replicates itself across devices and thus makes functioning easy for the users.  

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Reusability of Code

The single codebase for application development in itself explains that the developers need to write a single code for an application and that code can be used for different platforms. Thus, the developers have to just write a single program for an application and then it can be easily deployed on the desired platform where you want to run the application. Also, the same code can be used in fragments in future application development as well. Thus, code reusability is one of the major advantages of using a single codebase for mobile application development. 

Reduced Development Time and Cost

As the developers can reuse a single code for multiple applications with mere customizations and additions, there can be a huge difference when the development time and cost are calculated. It is quite evident when you are developing native applications for multiple platforms, then you are investing more money, developers have to code more and thus time is also consumed more. Thus, using a single codebase is a win-win situation for everyone, clients, mobile app development companies, developers, designers, etc. 

Increased Market Reach

When you are developing an application for a single platform, whether it is Android, iOS, Windows, etc. then indirectly you are limiting your market reach as only the users of that platform can use your application. Whereas, if you are developing a single codebase application than you can increase your market reach by giving access to all the users. In this way, by spending considerably limited money and in a lot less time. So, even mobile app owners can get benefit from making their app available to more people. 

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Easy Market Analysis

The success of any application depends highly upon the customer reviews, feedback, and how the application has performed in the market. If you develop a single codebase application then you get a considerably higher amount of feedbacks. The use of various mobile analytics tools for analyzing the reviews, data collected from the application, success of certain features of the application, and customer feedback over a larger audience can highly add to the improvement. of the application. By investing in single application development costs and time, you get a higher amount of data to analyze and improve your application in a way that your profits can be skyrocketed. 

Fast and Easy Prototyping

As compared to mobile app development for multiple platforms, prototyping is very quick and easy when you consider single codebase application development. As the process of mobile app development becomes faster, prototyping becomes faster too with more effectiveness. Prototyping is important for the growth of your application and provides the apt direction for the development of the application.

Efficient Product Maintenance

If you are developing multiple applications then you have to take care of the maintenance of each of them. Bug fixes, updates, etc. need to be done in all the applications and that can be a tough task. Now, in case of the development of multiple mobile applications from a single codebase, you need to focus on a single codebase to make any updates or bug fixes. Isn’t that more convenient? Obviously it is, so product maintenance is quite faster, testing is easier, and deployment of updates is efficient in single codebase app development. 

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Integration With Cloud

Single codebase applications are capable of integrating with a large number of plugins, cloud, etc. for providing a unique user experience with enhanced functionalities, app aesthetics, app validity, etc. This is a unique advantage of a single codebase application that allows developers to leverage plugins from multiple platforms to provide the best user experience. 


Single codebase app development is definitely the future of app development as it can act as a boon for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and companies who are not planning to spend much on mobile app development. Businesses as well as mobile application development companies can be highly benefitted from single codebase app development as they can save their time, development costs, reach out to more audiences, and tons of other perks. Get a quote for your requirements in no time from one of the leading single codebase mobile app development companies today!

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