1. 100+ Mobile App Ideas That Could Change The World in 2024
    1. 1. Scan to Shop App
    2. 2. Mapped Navigation Mall App
    3. 3. Restaurant Booking App
    4. 4. On-Demand App
    5. 5. Crime Alert App
    6. 6. Exam Preparation App
    7. 7. Navigation App
    8. 8. Supermarket App
    9. 9. Food Recommendation App
    10. 10. Parking Space Navigation App
    11. 11. Interior Design App
    12. 12. Security App
    13. 13. CryptoCurrency App
    14. 14. Personal Finance App
    15. 15. Taxi Booking App
    16. 16. Language Translation App
    17. 17. Productivity App
    18. 18. Advanced To-do List App
    19. 19. Dating and Chatting App
    20. 20. Auto Answer App
    21. 21. Credit Card Management App
    22. 22. Subscription Management App
    23. 23. Magazine App
    24. 24. News Apps
    25. 25. Sports Learning App
    26. 26. Travel Suggestions App
    27. 27. Meditation App
    28. 28. Food Ordering App
    29. 29. Inventory Tracking Apps
    30. 30. Donation Apps
    31. 31. Covid-19 Pandemic App
    32. 32. Transportation App
    33. 33. Shipment Tracker App
    34. 34. GST Return App
    35. 35. Note Taking App
    36. 36. Conferencing App
    37. 37. Video Live Tutorial App
    38. 38. Measurement App
    39. 39. 3D Printing App
    40. 40. Dating App
    41. 41. Goal Tracking App
    42. 42. 3D Scanning App
    43. 43. Text Messaging App
    44. 44. Video Calling App
    45. 45. Movie Review App
    46. 46. Advertisement App
    47. 47. Writing App
    48. 48. Cleaning Service App
    49. 49. Sell Old Goods App
    50. 50. Book Exchange App
    51. 52. Email App
    52. 53. Loan Approval App
    53. 54. Loan Application Status App
    54. 55. Credit Spending App
    55. 56. Graphic Design App
    56. 57. Photo filter App
    57. 58. Video Filter Editor App
    58. 59. Selfie App
    59. 60. Grocery Delivery App
    60. 61. Suicide Prevention Help App
    61. 62. Party Planning App
    62. 63. Fashion Design App
    63. 64. Jewellery Design App
    64. 65. Work from Home Jobs App
    65. 66. Freelance Work App
    66. 67. Connect with Friends App
    67. 68. Public Transport Booking App
    68. 69. Free WiFi Finder App
    69. 70. Food Review App
    70. 71. Random Chat App
    71. 72. Song Identify App
    72. 73. Add to Wishlist App
    73. 74. Alarm App
    74. 75. AI-based Food Freshness Checker App
    75. 76. Video Hosting App
    76. 77. Connect with Celebrity App
    77. 78. Mantra Meditation App
    78. 79. Deal Alert App
    79. 80. Daily Motivation App
    80. 81. Doctor Appointment Booking App
    81. 82. Location-Based App
    82. 83. Investment App
    83. 84. Real-time Translation App
    84. 85. College Learning App
    85. 86. Car Servicing App
    86. 87. Karaoke App
    87. 88. Video Editing App
    88. 89. Language Learning App
    89. 90. Safety Alert App
    90. 91. Health Monitoring App
    91. 92. Health Improvement App
    92. 93. Social Network for Goods Exchange App
    93. 94. Smart Reminders App
    94. 95. House Rent App
    95. 96. Food Donation App for Restaurants App
    96. 97. Menstrual Cycle Notifier App
    97. 98. Pregnancy Helper App
    98. 99. Sell Old Furniture App
    99. 100. College Application App
    100. 101. Movie Review App

100+ Mobile App Ideas That Could Change The World in 2024-25

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100+ Mobile App Ideas

Are you searching for the best mobile app ideas in 2024 for your startup company?

You’ve landed on the right spot.

To get achievement in mobile app development, you’ll need great app ideas first. Be that as it may, many startups or entrepreneurs face challenges while looking for answers to the accompanying questions:

  • How To Get App Ideas?
  • How To Outline An App Idea?
  • How To Brainstorm App Ideas?
  • How To Turn App Ideas Into Reality?
  • How To Patent An App Idea?
  • How To Get an App Idea Started?

If you’re also facing similar questions, relax, our this “101 Mobile App Ideas for startups in 2024” article includes some brilliant mobile app ideas that haven’t been carried out yet. As a startup or endeavor, you can investigate the following cool app ideas to get accomplishment in the enterprise mobility solutions arena.

In this computerized evolution, mobile app ideas have changed the technological world. In the last few years, mobile apps’ usage has commendably increased and has become an integral part of everyone’s life.

Many of our day-to-day chores such as shopping, booking a doctor’s appointment, online classes, alarms almost everything is available in one click.

New app ideas for an application are making the class more popular with a fruitful development like Uber, Tinder, Spotify. In case you are searching for creative & innovative app ideas, we have curated a list of 101 best app ideas for new businesses who need to conquer the application world.

We have thought of these astonishing mobile app ideas the whole way across the internet that have been recommended by clients…

Hope you find the best app idea to develop!!

Mobile has these days become the equivalent word of growth, where organizations with no mobile applications are very less likely to continue to grow in the future.

A dedicated mobile application is simpler to utilize and explore and looks obviously superior to a mobile site.

In 2024, the mobile app development industry has transformed to take on newer challenges like augmented reality, virtual reality, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.  

Revolutionary mobile app ideas that provide people with solutions to their needs have a strong chance of succeeding. We have gathered some of the best app ideas for you that could be successful and generate revenues for you in 2024. If you have any thoughts, feel free to share them with us.  

If you are looking for some really cool and new mobile app ideas, we’ve got here some for you.

100+ Mobile App Ideas That Could Change The World in 2024

1. Scan to Shop App

During the last few years, these applications have played a major role in e-commerce. This type of app will allow you to search the items you find attractive and find them on online shops or their closest alternative so that you can purchase them instantly.

They enable users to communicate and interact seamlessly with items, catalogs, print advertising, or in-store signage, providing them with useful content and experiences.   

2. Mapped Navigation Mall App

Many malls are coming over with a full entertainment package, shopping, restaurants, cafes, etc. A digital mall navigation app stores all shopping malls’ digital maps and can navigate and locate it.

A mall navigation app’s quality is highly regarded by shoppers and those who value time and do not want to move from store to shop looking for things.   

3. Restaurant Booking App

We all enjoy dining out and holding family get-togethers, but it can be a huge help to make reservations by phone between busy lives and the daily hustle at the restaurant.

Guests can make reservations in advance with restaurant booking apps to confirm a table at a specified time. By filtering cuisine choices by displaying locations on a map, pricing, and more, you can check your restaurant. Example – Zomato

4. On-Demand App

The demand for mobile apps has revolutionized the way businesses offer their services since the pandemic. On-demand applications connect clients with various service providers and the way around.

These amazing mobile apps target people who need access to goods and services more quickly and conveniently, creating a perfect atmosphere of ease, quality, and trust.  

5. Crime Alert App

These applications alert and educate the community of their environment by providing the consumer with a crime indicator. The Crime Notification application also provides clear warnings in an incident and allows users to share information through live videos or commentary.  

6. Exam Preparation App

In the new tech-driven world, where everything is a click away, everyone can learn and study without trouble. Along with dedication, some smart strategies can enhance your exam preparations.

Mobile applications are one of the easiest ways to simplify and improve the exam preparation process. Exam Preparation App is a trending app idea that helps students and teachers as well. 

7. Navigation App

Navigation-App is a smartphone application that provides users with real-time navigational guidance. These applications help you with features such as transportation mode, traffic issues, travel time to reach your destination, and many more. Navigation mobile app ideas are very helpful, especially when smart apps owners introduce special features to make users’ lives easier.     

8. Supermarket App

The COVID-19 outbreak has had an unpredictable impact on nearly every business. The number of searches around supermarket delivery services has also increased significantly, as per Google trends. These apps will let you check the products on your smartphone while shopping and make the payment accordingly. 

9. Food Recommendation App

This one is one of the trending app ideas. The food recommendation/examination app shows feedback from people who want to experience various restaurants and are assured that they can offer reviews and recommendations about what people should try when they visit a restaurant. 

10. Parking Space Navigation App

When you are in large areas such as cities, theme parks, malls, shopping centers, and other different regions, apps like these are particularly helpful. Most of the time, parking is a real hassle in most crowded areas. The app will use GPS, webcams, location, and parking information in real-time to find free space for the user whenever he wants.

11. Interior Design App

When purchasing furniture or any interior decoration piece, one of the issues is whether the item would fit your room and where it will look best. These interior design apps assist at every stage of the process, from shopping and color planning to measuring and arranging.

12. Security App

Protection is a key concern these days, and many third-party apps have sought to reinforce it. These apps provide safe security, almost all you need for virus protection, also lets you clean and speed up your device. 

13. CryptoCurrency App

Crypto-currency has invaded the world. Bitcoin, Doge coins, Etherium, and many other types of currency are mined by people worldwide. Cryptocurrency apps offer paradigm-changing capabilities for organizations searching for unprecedented scalability.

14. Personal Finance App

Your expenditure, saving, and investing can be monitored through personal finance apps. They will also track bill payments and keep you up to date on changes in the credit score. A personal finance app is a mobile or tablet app that can be downloaded to help you navigate all aspects of your finances. 

15. Taxi Booking App

The Taxi booking app provides a great user experience for booking a taxi with fast options. The notion of taxi apps is fairly plain. At a destination, a rider enters and confirms their location. Following this, the app matches the rider to a nearby car. Purchases, GPS tracking, and even customer support are included in such applications. 

16. Language Translation App

When we travel to a foreign country, we find it hard to connect with people because we do not know their language. A language translation app’s key characteristics are features that go way beyond basic translation, including the ability to interpret a two-way conversation in real-time, which can be a boon for travelers.

It is a personal decision to choose the right app that depends on what features are most relevant, what languages are available, and ultimately on ease of use

17. Productivity App

A productivity tracking app makes your work and personal tasks easier and more efficient to complete. Productivity apps are available in different categories, such as individual productivity apps, business and office apps, and collaboration apps. We are sure most of us are using some of the other apps to track our productivity in today’s times, and it is one of the best mobile app ideas for app development. 

18. Advanced To-do List App

The use of a to-do list application helps to simplify the process dramatically and saves time on a wide scale. Also, it is one of the most profitable mobile app ideas in recent times.  

19. Dating and Chatting App

One of the most profitable and trending app ideas. Today, millennials have led the charge of transforming the dating industry and made online dating universally recognized. Also, researchers have predicted that revenue for Dating and Chatting apps is expected to grow in the coming years.   

20. Auto Answer App

Auto Answer apps answer the phone automatically when it rings. There are times when your hands are full, so it is impossible to answer a big incoming call. This application is capable of automatically responding. 

21. Credit Card Management App

People are relying more and more on apps to track their daily activities, calories, to prescriptions. They can also try managing credit cards and get help with finances. Credit Card Management App is among the new app ideas designed to manage all aspects of a user’s credit life. Without having to sit down and review mounds of bills and receipts, credit card management software will help you get clarification about your credit usage. 

22. Subscription Management App

Since we are at home for a long time, we might have taken subscriptions for many entertainment services. Subscription Management App notifies you when a service hikes prices and helps you cancel any services you’re not using. It can be good app ideas. 

23. Magazine App

As most of us are trying to go paper-free, a Magazine App can take care of your reading by having magazines all around. The magazine app lets you access the magazines with just a click of a button on your mobile device, sign up and unsubscribe according to your wish.

24. News Apps

These apps help you know what’s going in the world, the latest news, and more with one click. The news app can be accessed from anywhere and updated with the latest news. You can choose the language and categories depending on your choice. So, introducing a news app is also one of the mobile app ideas. 

25. Sports Learning App

 Apps developed especially for sports lovers and athletes. These apps will stir up students with a deep interest in sports. One can use the applications to watch a video clip or update results and connect to a real game by a single lesson or a multi-unit program. 

26. Travel Suggestions App

A travel suggestion app automatically searches and discovers the best places to visit and things to do for the user in a specific area. It may also have the characteristics to recommend the best restaurants, hotels, etc., and reviews about the place. This app is popular and effective because it helps travelers with full service on their smartphones. 

27. Meditation App

A meditation app teaches, through a guided program, the basic techniques of meditation. The apps lead you through meditation, and research has shown that they help you increase your attention span. Also, it is one of the most profitable mobile app ideas looking at our current scenarios. 

28. Food Ordering App

The current craze that blends into our immediately gratifying digital lifestyle has been food ordering apps. Although the market opportunity for such applications is immense, food apps still reflect a highly competitive application niche. Users can order their favorite food with just one click. 

29. Inventory Tracking Apps

Be it a startup or an established business; every owner knows that their inventory is everything. That’s why it’s so important to have a dependable, quick inventory management app. The inventory tracking app allows for time reduction, smarter inventory allocation, an order management system, and more. It comes under one of the New App Ideas.

30. Donation Apps

COVID-19 has brought along social distancing and safety measures and has left many people in need. A donation can be the best way to help. Here is where a donation app can help, and a donor can donate from any part of the world through these mobile apps.

31. Covid-19 Pandemic App

The application should include regular newsletters containing the latest news, news articles, fact sheets, updates on disease outbreaks, and emergency information for public health. To keep the new global health knowledge at your fingertips, the Covid-19 Pandemic Software can be the best startup app ideas.

32. Transportation App

Transportation has become a huge industry in recent years and has moved to a mobile application culture. The portable transportation app has proven to be a flexible solution for transport companies to expand the user’s reach and area. This application can be successful and efficient because it helps users by offering all transport services at their convenience. 

33. Shipment Tracker App

One of the most commonly used mobile applications. Shipment Tracker App helps to track your shipment and check its deliverables at regular intervals. These can be helpful, from monitoring a single order to tracking many deliveries simultaneously for a huge company. Must say it is a brilliant business app idea. 

34. GST Return App

A tax request that maintains track of all your revenue, business materials, expenditures, and tax transactions and calculates your tax liability automatically for a given duration. For both kinds of taxpayers, it would be immensely beneficial. Thus, developing a GST Return App can be one of the Brilliant mobile app ideas. 

35. Note Taking App

Users can make new notes using voice input, add and tick items from lists, and use the Note Taking application to display reminders. It can be a popular forum for note-taking where anyone can take notes, share with others, and be extremely helpful.

36. Conferencing App

What can be said about these? Almost every working professional is using such applications to make conference calls.  You can create a conference group and begin talking in less than a minute. Its current demand makes Conference apps a most profitable app idea.   

37. Video Live Tutorial App

This is one of the few times where the term “anytime, anywhere” makes real sense. Such apps make teaching more convenient and strike a strong balance, providing teachers with a quick introduction to immersive video lessons. So, this is just an app concept that you can be profitable. 

38. Measurement App

With the help of measurement apps, more reliable, accurate response time, frequency of readings, automatic readings can be taken. These come in handy when you don’t have your measuring tool with you.  

39. 3D Printing App

The engineering and design capabilities of 3D printing software tools have become more seamless. 3D printing turns 3D models into real models with computer-aided design models that you can touch and use in the real world.

With new apps and features, the options available to build, display, or transform your 3D designs from your smartphone or tablet are increasing every day.

40. Dating App

Rather than meeting people face to face, people are more comfortable using apps. Through dating apps, you can meet new people, get to know them, and move further if you feel comfortable. Many people are using these apps, which makes it one of the most demanding mobile app ideas.

41. Goal Tracking App

Finding a sustainable way to track your goals every day helps them feel more concrete and less like an abstract, unattainable goal, or you have been trying to kick the same habit for years. These goal tracking apps are the most trending ones these days.  

42. 3D Scanning App

3D scanning apps are a perfect substitute for expensive scanning equipment. It gives users a chance to recreate their favorite physical objects. These apps only do the scan without the use of external devices. With the 3D printing industry on the rise, 3D scanning apps are sure to be on the list of high-demand apps. 

43. Text Messaging App

Keeping in touch with family and friends is most important. It’s all about connecting with your loved ones from anywhere and everywhere. The Text Messaging App will send text and multimedia messages to a person or group conversation and images and videos. This is one of the best app ideas.

44. Video Calling App

Since 2020, we have all know that we are linked via video calls to our family, friends, colleagues, and what can be a better idea for developing an app than a Video Calling App. More and more people are looking for simple video calling apps that bring them face-to-face with all the people that matter most.

45. Movie Review App

Most of all, with social networks, everybody uses movie reviews to find their next movie to watch. These applications provide details on the new films that have been launched or released. The movie review app reveals feedback by users, reviews by users.

46. Advertisement App

In-app advertisement for mobile publishers is an important monetization method in which app developers are charged to include ads in their mobile applications.

In-app advertising is also a crucial marketing channel for brands and agencies. These advertisement apps enable users to target customers with pinpoint precision with advanced data monitoring and user concentrating.

47. Writing App

Writing is a dynamic process involving everything from handwriting skills to creating sentences to preparing and writing great content. Writing apps are useful to those who wish to write. They can use the app to write content seen by other users and even further enhanced.

48. Cleaning Service App

A cleaning service app allows users to locate and hire a person/service to clean their homes, offices, or space-saving money and time. One can also watch videos for cleaning, reviewing the services, and much more.

49. Sell Old Goods App

Make extra money selling things you don’t need anymore. We mostly store items we don’t use or throw them away. Selling Old Goods Apps ideas will become a great business in the near future.

50. Book Exchange App

These applications are a modern take on book exchange. They allow local book readers to exchange their books with fellow readers. Creating a book-sharing app for a group of readers can bring them together.

51. Contact Management App

Applications that help you manage all your contacts. These applications for contact management are built so that they satisfy all of the users’ contract-related needs.  

52. Email App

An Email mobile application allows users to send, receive, and read emails at your screen’s convenience. Email applications have long been a highly successful means of online communication, whether for an official reason or a personal one. 

53. Loan Approval App

Many loan approval apps have gained a place in the market in recent times. They make the loan application process faster and hassle-free. This app concept would be advantageous for your business because the number of app downloads would be greater than a regular loan app.    

54. Loan Application Status App

This kind of application can create a bridge between borrowers and lenders. They can access and fulfill their loan-related requirements, such as checking the status of the loan application. Don’t miss to add safety and privacy features to make the users feel confident about the application. 

55. Credit Spending App

Monitoring your spending in real-time is important. Such apps are smart enough to calculate the user’s expenses. In the year 2020 and beyond, the Credit Spending App will remain extremely popular among citizens. It would undoubtedly be a useful idea for financial start-ups.

56. Graphic Design App

For more versatility and power, graphic designers may prefer using desktop applications. However, mobile graphic design apps are more relevant than ever, with more creative people on the go and have to go mobile.

Graphic design apps can be used to scan, paint, or sketch ideas in a drawing. In demand and one of the best mobile app ideas for 2020.

57. Photo filter App

One of the most trending app ideas and also the most used ones. A software application for photo editing is designed to edit images on a mobile device. Everybody wants their pictures to look good before they share them with friends and family. This is why the Photo filter App that allows you to edit photos has become very popular. 

58. Video Filter Editor App

Users can now do a surprising amount of video editing on their phones or tablet, whether they edit videos for social media, modify YouTube videos, or make complete advertisements. In the mobile app industry, video editing applications have found an effective niche. 

59. Selfie App

The revolution of online selfie sharing has taken center stage. By use of selfie apps, users can share their pictures online and also get control over who can view their photos or not. Selfie App is a brilliant start-up concept, indeed.  

60. Grocery Delivery App

There is no question that this concept of app creation has been on the market for a long time, but it has been in demand in the current situation. Online grocery delivery apps guarantee consumers to deliver groceries from the closest supermarket store to their doorsteps.

Grocery Delivery App has made all things automated for the grocery store owners. Consider it at the top of the list of mobile app ideas for your start-up. 

61. Suicide Prevention Help App

The increasing number of suicides and people suffering from depression has become a global concern. In such circumstances, Suicide prevention help applications can help meet the unaddressed problems of people at risk. People have been looking for therapies and services that can relieve stress and overcome negative thoughts that can arise at any stage of life. Therefore, it is a reasonable choice to think of such an application as your start-up concept. 

62. Party Planning App

It can become a massive success to plan and organize a party. There is a lot to consider during the planning process, including the guest list, food, and drinks, decorations, and games. Using these apps, one can plan a party in no time. Also, a big benefit is that COVID-19 has made many businesses go online, and party planning is in great demand.  

63. Fashion Design App

Make the most technical innovations to have an application for users to build new designs that can be viewed in the form of drawings before they are cut and sewn. Fashion Designing applications can help create fashion sketching in a short time on your phones or tablets. You may also add the suggestions feature in your app to help users pick the best.  

64. Jewellery Design App

In addition to brands from the entertainment, food, FMCG, and healthcare industries, jewelry manufacturers are now using internet-related technology to meet changing consumer needs. Mobile phones have been the favorite round-the-clock means of accessing the internet. Thus the consumers are likely to use smartphone applications for jewelry shopping over jewelry stores to purchase different ornaments.

65. Work from Home Jobs App

With remote working dramatically on the rise, more individuals get the day’s tasks completed at home. However, we can also assume that tasks are taking a long time to complete, directly impacting efficiency.

Again, communication is a barrier. Here is where such Work from Home Jobs App comes to the rescue. WFH applications can maximize productivity, and anything positive about working from home can work out fine.

66. Freelance Work App

What most people need today is a platform that connects freelancers to employers who need workers. One of the best mobile app concepts in such circumstances is an application to find freelance jobs. In fact, for students and other individuals who need side jobs to earn a little extra, it can be considered one of the unique mobile app ideas. 

67. Connect with Friends App

As we spend less time together physically, using technology for being linked is becoming more important than ever. Connect with Friends Apps can be used to stay connected with your friends and family from the comfort of your own home. As we practice social distancing and look at the current safety measures, these app development ideas are the most profitable app ideas nowadays.    

68. Public Transport Booking App

In the last few years, a massive increase has been noticed in public transport booking apps. This could be as users have realized the possibilities these apps offer along with the convenience that comes. After all, who will like to wait for transportation when it can be done sitting in the comfort of your home.  

69. Free WiFi Finder App

These apps automatically help your phones to find free WiFi networks without an internet connection; in other terms, it can be used as a hotspot scanner. This is one of the innovative and fresh start-up mobile app concepts. 

70. Food Review App

A food review app shows feedback from individuals who want to experience various restaurants and can be trusted to provide reviews and recommendations on what individuals can try when they visit such a place to eat. The app can clear the view of the foodies after getting the reviews of a particular dish. 

71. Random Chat App

A random chat application will show new random people every time you join up for your chat list. Users can chat and get known to strangers. This stands in the category of new app ideas.

72. Song Identify App

Apps that recognize songs in seconds. We usually have some song in the head but cannot remember it where a song identify app allows users to find a specific song’s title based on the user’s tone or words. It is a great app idea to develop such an app.    

73. Add to Wishlist App

We all look up to achieving future goals or have wishes to fulfill. Add to Wishlist App facilitates users to add their desires or purpose to accomplish in a Wishlist. Which further utilizes the given data and guides the user to achieve the goal. This increases efficiency and brings the user closer to their destination. It is indeed a successful startup mobile app idea. 

74. Alarm App

There was a time when things like a lamp, a book, and an old clock to wake us up every morning were kept on the table beside our beds. As everything has changed, and so is our way of waking up. Alarm apps on our mobile phones have replaced alarm clocks. They tell the time and help you get out of bed every morning.  

75. AI-based Food Freshness Checker App

A food freshness screening application allows users to scan or click on a picture of their food and automatically tests the freshness of food products based on certain mechanisms and criteria predefined. These apps can be very useful as we order most of our food now sitting at home. One of the trending business app ideas! 

76. Video Hosting App

For years, videos have dominated the internet, and now video marketing is becoming a need for any business. Users can post their live videos or record a live event they attended and got based on a view much like YouTube. Its increasing demand makes it one of the great app development ideas.

77. Connect with Celebrity App

App, which allows fans to get connected to their favorite celebs. The fans get a sneak-peek into a celebrity’s life and feel a tad acquainted with these famous faces. Connect with Celebrity App is one of the new app ideas. 

78. Mantra Meditation App

Without visiting a meditation center, mantra meditation apps can help people stay fit, relax, and calm. In other words, when sitting in their houses, people can do meditation. These advantages are the reason behind the rising demand for meditation apps. If you pick it as the idea for your start-up mobile app, you will generate resources and popularity. 

79. Deal Alert App

Users can pick the categories for which they want to receive deal alerts from a deal notification app that will inform you of the latest sales and offers provided by your nearest restaurants, shopping locations, theatres, and much more. This is one of the latest concepts for applications that one could develop in 2024.

80. Daily Motivation App

As the name suggests, a motivation app reminds you of everyday activities and motivates you to do less willing tasks such as exercising, walking, reading, etc. This app encourages users and serves as an app to perfectly accomplish the task.

81. Doctor Appointment Booking App

The mobile app ideas are quite basic and built primarily for the benefit of doctors and those looking to book a doctor’s appointment. The doctor appointment app is also said to be the future of modern medicine. It enables doctors, patients, and healthcare companies to use simple but powerful technological devices like smartphones to share reports, connect, and receive consultation from home. 

82. Location-Based App

To make their clients’ everyday lives more convenient and enjoyable simultaneously, various industries continue to create location-based applications. Location-based applications occupy an important niche in the mobile app industry due to their unique usefulness. GPS coordinates, position monitoring, and map integration are the main features of a location-based application.

83. Investment App

One of the most creative app concepts you can go for is an investing app. This app could use technology for artificial intelligence and ask users a set of budgets, time duration, etc. And the app will provide users with the best investment options appropriate for them based on all that data.

84. Real-time Translation App

Real-time translation mobile apps enable individuals who speak foreign languages to connect and chat with each other. The words are spoken on the phone and translated into the desired language by the application. These types of apps are used for both casual or professional translation.  

85. College Learning App

As many colleges and educational institutions have gone entirely online due to the Coronavirus pandemic, College Learning apps are now one of the profitable app ideas and are only aiming to provide education through online learning applications. Undoubtedly this app idea is one of the most profitable app ideas of 2024.

86. Car Servicing App

Offline car services are now very complicated as individuals need to drop and pick up their vehicle from the service center, which takes a very long time. With the car services app, people are more relaxed as they can recruit experts from online platforms at their own time and place whenever they need them. Car services app ideas have a big demand in today’s market. 

87. Karaoke App

A non-singer can turn into a singer with the help of karaoke apps. A karaoke app not only gives you the ability to sing background music but also includes several enhancements that sound more like your singing idols.

We believe that these ideas will provide you with a spark of innovation to create a mobile app with innovative functionality that will provide the target audience with outstanding value-added service and help you earn a healthy profit. 

88. Video Editing App

Users can now do a surprising amount of video editing on their phones or tablet, whether they edit videos for social media, modify YouTube videos, or make complete advertisements. In the mobile app industry, video editing applications have found an effective niche. 

89. Language Learning App

It is a perfect app development idea as any age group can use it. Students plan to move to a different country, or someone wants to learn the basics of a foreign language, the app can be a perfect choice. Language Learning App is an effective mobile app strategy for today.  

90. Safety Alert App

Communication technologies, including social and mobile tools, play an ever-growing role in emergency response and personal protection. We live in a world that needs emergency rescue assistance and relief operations, where difficult circumstances can happen to anyone. An app with safety alert options can be a lifesaver for many in dangerous times.  

91. Health Monitoring App

A health monitoring app monitors and keeps track of your health and automatically makes appointments for your routine health check-ups. The user would not have to remember to make appointments this way manually. Everybody is looking to get healthier nowadays, making the health monitoring app the best mobile app idea for startups. 

92. Health Improvement App

The demand for health apps was projected to grow even before the current situation arose. It helps patients to get in touch with doctors and keep track of their health improvements. As with every other sector, the mobile app development industry has a great deal of promise.  

93. Social Network for Goods Exchange App

An exchange app allows users to find other people in the same area or different who are interested in exchanging goods, for example, clothing, electronic devices, mobile phones, furniture, etc. It connects them and helps them by creating a social network for people willing to exchange goods.

94. Smart Reminders App

With the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we tend to miss many things or someone’s birthday, and it may be your anniversary. Smart reminders apps allow you to set reminders of any important task or date, which will give you a reminder when the time comes. A mostly used and required app development idea. 

95. House Rent App

Real estate has grown commendably in the last few years and has adapted to enterprise apps. Apps are the perfect solutions for them as it increases their productivity, higher engagements, and better communication with clients. Be it for renting a house or purchasing; these apps make the experience as smooth as possible for users. 

96. Food Donation App for Restaurants App

This is also one of the best app ideas for applications that you should go for. A food donation app for restaurants connects them to charitable organizations or people willing to help the suffering and donate their extra food. Not only can this save a lot of food that goes to waste elsewhere, but it will also help a lot of underprivileged people. 

97. Menstrual Cycle Notifier App

Health and wellness apps are increasingly becoming popular in the regular woman’s app list due to smartphones’ proliferation. The most in-demand sort of application is Menstrual Cycle Notifier.

Based on the details that women provide to track their menstrual cycle, these apps produce accurate data. Such facilities prioritize women’s healthcare needs and improvise their access to treatment.

98. Pregnancy Helper App

With more focus on health and wellness, these pregnancy helper apps assist pregnant ladies and their families with useful information during the various stages of their pregnancy.

What they need to do, what they need to eat, how they should take care of themselves, and what they shouldn’t do are the information that can be gained from these apps. The information should be from authentic and qualified medical personnel only.

99. Sell Old Furniture App

This concept for app creation has been on the market for a long time now but has steadily gained traction. Selling old furniture apps helps the user to sell out their used furniture at their convenience. Indeed the best app idea for startups.

100. College Application App

While technological advances have helped enhance various aspects of the college experience in colleges and universities, there is still enough room left for innovative app ideas. A college application app is one such trending app idea that helps students get known to various colleges and carry on with the application process. 

101. Movie Review App

If you love watching movies and are always searching for new ones, a movie review app can help you with reviews and various movie recommendations.

The mobile app gives you the most productive way to operate on your business concept. In an era where mobile app development is linked to every aspect of one’s life gives you an opportunity to establish your business. Go ahead and choose from these great mobile app ideas.

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