How Artificial Intelligence
is Transforming the Landscape of
Mobile App Development?

How AI Transforming Mobile App Landscape

How AI Transforming Mobile App Landscape: Mobile application development is witnessing new technologies and innovations every day. Mobile applications should be simple and serve the purpose for users. With the fuel of the latest technologies in fulfilling users’ needs, user interaction can reach the next level. 

How AI Transforming Mobile App Landscape

Among the latest technologies prevalent in the market today, a big name floating at the top is Artificial Intelligence. Yes, you read it right! Artificial intelligence is becoming a critical technology that is fusing in the processes of almost all sectors. AI increases their productivity and efficiency.

Artificial intelligence has tons of features, enhancing the mobile application development process, and giving the user experience a new form. 

Recent Trends in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is entering all the fields to boost them up. 

With its exciting features, almost all the sectors are leveraging the benefits. Some of the major trends seen in Artificial Intelligence various fields are, 

  • AR/VR
    Augmented reality and virtual reality are the future of the technology that is conquering the industry sectors. Artificial intelligence is giving these technologies a pump up as well. The use of AI can bring out the precision for data collection, analysis, and utilization. Accurate data can ensure that various applications of AR/VR give perfect results.
  • Social Media
    The base of social media cannot be more stable without the infusion of artificial intelligence. From personalized feed to friend suggestion or image recognition, entire social media relies on artificial intelligence for its features. Almost all the social media campaigns on various platforms leverage artificial intelligence. Online marketing, social commerce, ad campaigns, etc. are all based on artificial intelligence. 
  • IoT
    Artificial intelligence can be the best technology to support IoT in flourishing. All the IoT applications give their results based on data processing. And artificial intelligence can complement IoT in processing the enormous chunks of data and that too in real-time for quick results. 
  • E-commerce and Logistics
    The entire online searching and shopping process is transforming, and user-experience rises to the next level by commemorating the latest technologies. Artificial intelligence has features that can simplify and make various operations interactive, such as product suggestions, checkout process, etc. 
  • Healthcare
    Artificial intelligence can give the healthcare sector various useful tools for improving diagnosis and treatment processes. Even different mobile application development companies are developing healthcare applications that enhance imaging, medical record maintenance, etc. 
  • Gaming
    With artificial intelligence entering the gaming industry, the entire face of the gaming platform has reformed. Users get a personalized interface to enjoy their games. Along with it, the gamers get the freedom to build their gaming environment by customizing everything. Other added features include in-app messaging, chatbots, voice assistants, in-app purchases, real-time chatting, etc. 

Revamped Mobile App Development Process

Artificial intelligence is paving the way for making mobile application development efficient enough to create mobile apps that can be of the highest quality, provide the best user experience, and even elevate the application’s level. Here are a few ways to know how AI transforming mobile app landscape

  • Customized and Minimalist Content
    The basis of artificial intelligence is data. AI operates by analyzing data and projecting the desired actions relevant to the data pattern. Thus, the content creation process is becoming easier, relevant, and surpasses the human content creation level. In today’s world, content is one of the core elements of the mobile app development process as users interface is incomplete without content. Artificial intelligence even offers optical character recognition to translate your content, image conversion, etc. Mobile application, when you can digitize your content, you can only imagine how easy everyone’s tasks could get. 
  • Advanced Search Engines
    With artificial intelligence, search engines can become smarter and display content based on user preferences and choices. Artificial intelligence and machine learning give users a chance to search with voice, image, etc. from their mobile app search engines. Isn’t that great? For instance, if a user sees something and wants to know about its origin, it becomes effortless. Click a picture of the object, upload it in an image search tab, and bam, your details are in front of you. Along with this, you also get a voice searching option. The mobile application development process includes adding a feature for voice recognition using artificial intelligence to give search results based on the voice query. 
  • Application Based on Experience
    With artificial intelligence features poured in mobile application development, the mobile applications developed will be completely user-centric. Users can get their desired data, personalized according to their needs, and that too fast. When the application suits users’ needs and choices, they get a feeling of personalization, and thus, it can also increase their engagement. Artificial intelligence can add to personalization by including chatbots, customized email replies, etc. that can give instant answers to the users without keeping them waiting. This feature can be a win-win for both the users as well as developers. Users get what they want on a real-time basis, and developers can use artificial intelligence to simplify the development process. 
  • Higher Problem Solving Rate
    Artificial intelligence is one of the best technologies when it comes to problem-solving. Mobile applications can achieve higher problem-solving rates if artificial intelligence enhances the mobile application development process. The algorithms of artificial intelligence analyze human behavior and apply the results in powering up the decision making process. By getting efficient ways of problem-solving, almost all the applications can become more efficient and interactive. All this is thanks to the intervention of artificial intelligence in the conventional mobile application development process. For instance, mobile applications backed with artificial intelligence provide the user a customized experience such as navigation, nearby restaurants, traffic, etc. 
  • Face Identification
    Mobile applications turn out to be more enjoyable when it offers face identification to users. Face recognition for unlocking smartphones is currently trending in the mobile app development market, and it is popular among users. Apart from unlocking, facial identification has many applications, ranging from various camera applications, selfie grams, social media apps, etc. Artificial intelligence advancements are giving many applications a new face by infusing them with facial recognition features. Face recognition applies in e-commerce applications, security applications, camera applications, etc. The most prominent application of artificial intelligence-powered facial recognition is Snapchat. 
  • Enhanced Security
    Artificial intelligence improves any mobile application’s security aspect by applying various algorithms and ensuring authentication on point. With increasing cybersecurity threats and vulnerability of user’s data, artificial intelligence plays a vital role in providing the highest security level to mobile applications. Personalization of security algorithms depending on users’ data and vulnerabilities is another application of artificial intelligence in the mobile application development process. Even the users can get notifications if anyone is trying to steal their data or attack their mobile app. Apart from this, artificial intelligence offers fingerprint scanning for authentication to ensure a higher level of security. With the changing technologies, artificial intelligence algorithms also change and provide authentication solutions for each use case. 

Final Thoughts

If you are thinking of getting a mobile application powered by artificial intelligence developed, then you get tons of benefits, including more convenience, elevate user experience, and you can get doubled profits. The phone was for making calls, sending messages, etc., now its time when mobile phones can replace laptops, personal computers, television, and any device. So, if any of the above trends of inclusions of artificial intelligence matches your business needs, then get your queries, share with us, and we can develop the best AI-powered mobile application for you.

WRITTEN BY Bhoomi Ramanandi

Bhoomi Ramanandi is a Content Writer who is working at OpenXcell. With an IT background and more than 6 years of experience in the writing field, she loves learning new technologies and creating useful content about them. She loves pens and paper as much as she loves pan and pepper. Give her any latest technology or any recipe, she is always up for it.


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