Top 17 Apps Like MoneyLion for Smarter Financial Management

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Apps Like MoneyLion

Is managing your money a constant struggle? Do you have unpaid bills and want instant cash But don’t know how? Now, Imagine having a pocket-sized financial superhero with you all the time – an app like MoneyLion to help with the financial chaos! 

The app not only gives advance cash but also helps to manage finances. But hold on – MoneyLion isn’t your only option. There are tons of apps like MoneyLion waiting to assist you!

These money management apps act like financial gurus, offering: 

  • Centralized Control: All accounts in one space for a clear financial picture.
  • Budgeting Bliss: Keep track of expenses and create budgets to be on track. 
  • Goal Setting: Set the track the financial goals.
  • Advanced Cash: Apps like MoneyLion offer advanced cash to bridge the gap between income and expenses. 

MoneyLion had over 4.5 million users in 2021 and likely more by now! But don’t feel limited by it. There are many apps like MoneyLion that can be a perfect fit for taking control of your finances.

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17 Best Apps Like MoneyLion

Here are some other apps like MoneyLion that may better suit your financial needs.

  • Brigit
  • Chime
  • Dave
  • Empower Finance
  • Klover
  • Earnin
  • Branch
  • Affirm
  • Avant
  • AfterPay
  • PayActiv
  • Albert
  • Varo
  • Stash
  • Cleo
  • Ingo Money
  • Axos

1. Brigit

1. brigit

Bright is a financial management app like MoneyLion. It offers emergency cash advances up to $250 with zero interest to help avoid overdraft fees. However, Brigit has a monthly subscription fee starting at $9.99 and a smaller advance limit compared to other apps. 


  • Immediate cash advance to prevent user overdraft fees
  • Comprehensive budgeting tools and credit monitoring features


  • Subscription fee required to use all features
  • Limited investment options compared to other competitors

2. Chime

2. chime

Chime boasts free mobile banking and SpotMe, which covers overdrafts up to $200 with no fees but only with direct deposits. However, Chime does not offer cash advances, which is not ideal if users need large sums of money. 


  • No banking fee with features like early direct deposit
  • User-friendly interface and automatic savings options


  • Customer support is only through online channels, which might be slower than direct support
  • Limited investment and financial advisory services

3. Dave

3. dave

Dave is a financial app that allows access to up to $100 of earned but unpaid wages. It gives cash advances up to $100 with a fee of $1-$10. Also, Dave’s fee is potentially higher than that of other MoneyLion alternatives.


  • Gives advance cash up to $100 to cover short-term expenses and avoid overdraft fees
  • The app offers budgeting tools and alerts for upcoming bills


  • Limited investment and saving options
  • Subscription fees are needed to access some services 

4. Empower Finance

4. empower_finance

Empower Finance is one of the unique all-in-one approach financial apps. It offers budgeting tools, a credit builder loan, and robo-investing to manage finances in one place. Additionally, there is a 14-day free trial option to test the app. 


  • Offer advance cash and automated saving features
  • Comprehensive budgeting tools and subscription management


  • Many additional features require subscription fees
  • Limited investment option compared to other apps like MoneyLion

5. Klover

5. klover

Klover is one of the standout cash advance apps like MoneyLion. It offers up to $200 cash with no fees or interest, making it ideal for quick access to small sums of money. 


  • Offer interest-free cash advances based on user data and activity
  • Provides personalized financial insights and budgeting tools


  • Data privacy concerns as it relies on users’ data for services
  • Lack of investment options

6. Earnin

6. earnin

Earnin is a financial app that allows users to access their wages before payday with zero interest or fees. It also has features like a balance shield for overdraft protection and tips for savings. 


  • There are no mandatory fees or interest rates
  • Advance cash to cover bills or emergency funds


  • Relies on voluntary tips
  • Limited amounts are offered, which might not be suitable for the long-term

7. Branch

7. branch

The branch is a unique MoneyLion alternative. It offers instant banking and instant loans in multiple regions, with approval based on phone data analysis. It also provides users early wage access, budgeting tools, and a zero-fee digital wallet.


  • Convenient access to loans and mobile banking features, avoiding traditional paperwork
  • No fees for standard services


  • Potentially high interest rates
  • Many features require direct employer integration

8. Affirm


Affirm is another app like MoneyLion. It lets users split big purchases into installments, offering budget flexibility. It is a great alternative to traditional credit cards with no hidden fees. 


  • Proper installment plans with fixed rates
  • Spread payment over time is an interest-free option for some purchases


  • Missing a single payment can impact credit scores
  • The risk of overspending can cause interest rates to be high

9. Avant

9. avant

There are many apps like MoneyLion, but Avant Financial App works differently. It offers personal loans and credit cards to users with good credit. The app also features a quick application process and flexible loan options. 


  • Fast approval and funding
  • Accessible for those with lower credit scores


  • Higher interest rates compared to traditional lenders
  • Organization Fess also added to the loan cost

10. AfterPay


Afterpay is a cash advance app like MoneyLion. It splits users’ purchases into smaller, interest-free installments, making budgeting for everyday items easier. Additionally, it provides a convenient buy now, pay later option at participating retailers, making shopping more flexible for consumers.


  • There is no interest charge if payments are made on time
  • Easy-to-use installment payment plan


  • Later fees apply on missed payments
  • Encourages overspending due to ease of deferred payments

11. PayActiv

11. payactiv

Payactiv is a great Moneylion alternative. It lets users access their earned wages before payday to pay bills and receive financial counseling and bill payment services. While direct deposit is free, there might be a $1 fee compared to other direct deposits. 


  • Early access to earned wages
  • Supports debit card attachment for quick access


  • Many features might not be available without employer participation
  • Potential $1 fee compared to free direct deposit

12. Albert

12. albert

Albert is one of the many finance apps like MoneyLion; it helps users manage their budgets by saving and investing intelligently with features like automated saving and investment advice. 


  • Early access to earn wages
  • Support debit card attachment for quick access


  • Many features are not available with the employer’s input
  • Potential fees for premium

13. Varo

13. varo

Varo is a mobile-first bank that offers free checking and saving accounts. It offers access to loans with features like early direct deposit and automatic saving tools. The app also avoids ATM fees with a large network. 


  • No minimum balance requirement and no overdraft fees
  • Early access to direct deposit without additional fees


  • Limite Customer services
  • Lack of physical branches

14. Stash

14. stash

Stash is another instant cash app like MoneyLion. It allows users to start investing with a small amount of $5, offering shares and informative content. Stash also offers debit cards that reward users with stock for purchases. 


  • Great app for beginners with low minimums
  • Stash provides educational resources


  • Monthly fees are required for certain types of accounts
  • Compared to traditional brokerages, there is a limited investment option

15. Cleo

15. cleo

Cleo is a financial management app based on AI algorithms. It provides budgeting and expense-tracking assistance via a chat interface. It helps users track spending, save, and follow budgets. 


  • Intuitive interface and personalized financial insights
  • The Cleo Plus version unlocks cash advances and other perks.


  • Limited support for complex financial need
  • Potential privacy concerns as AI accesses the transaction data

16. Ingo Money

16. ingo_money

Ingo Money is one of the best MoneyLion alternatives because it gives quick access to funds by cashing checks and receiving money transfers with options for standard or instant processing. 


  • Convenient check of cash without a visit to the bank
  • Instant access to funds


  • High fees for expedited process
  • Limitation on check amounts and types

17. Axos

17. axos

Axos is an important app in the list of apps like MoneyLion. It offers free-fee checking and savings accounts with high interest rates compared to traditional banks. With features like zero monthly fee and early deposit, it is a convenient option for users. 


  • Axos have high-yield saving options
  • ATM fees free withdrawals


  • Limited features compared to traditional banks
  • Potential for account maintenance fees

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Things to Consider While Choosing a Financial Management App

There are many factors to consider when choosing financial apps like MoneyLion. These apps offer some peculiar mobile app services that cater to users’ specific needs. 

  1. Cost
  • There are many financial apps that offer basic features for free but require premium fees to unlock advanced functions. Consider whether the pricing of the features is valuable or not as per your requirements. 
  • Some apps charge annual or monthly subscriptions. Be mindful to understand the pricing structure or any hidden costs. 
  1. Features and Tools
  • Apps like MoneyLion offer budgeting tools to track expenses, analyze budgets, manage bills, and more. Ensure the app’s tools align with your specific needs and financial goals. 
  • Also, if you are dealing with multiple currencies, ensure the chosen app can handle currency conversions. 
  1. Functionality
  • One essential function an app like MoneyLion needs is the import and export of data for better investments.
  • It is important to choose an app that can connect with bank accounts and credit cards for automated tasks.
  • Also, check the apps’ compatibility on all devices, such as computers, phones, and tables, for seamless financial management.
  1. Security and Data Privacy 
  • The most important function of any app like MoneyLion is strong encryption to protect sensitive financial information.
  • Also, check if the app offers multi-factor authentication for an extra layer of security.
  • Read the app’s privacy policy to understand how the data is collected, stored, and used. 
  1. User Experience
  • All financial management apps need to be user-friendly with a clear and intuitive interface.
  • The app needs to be personalized with budgeting categories and other settings according to the user’s preferences.
  • Additionally, these apps should offer reliable customer support in case users encounter any issues. 

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Final Words 

With so many apps like MoneyLion, choosing the correct one can be overwhelming. By carefully considering individual needs and financial goals, one can use any of these top MoneyLion alternatives to control finances and build a brighter financial future. 

How OpenXcell will help you Build an App Like MoneyLion

Building a successful financial management app like MoneyLion requires experience and a deep understanding of users’ needs. OpenXcell is your trusted partner in this journey, offering comprehensive services to bring your idea into reality. 

We have a team of developers with extensive experience and a track record of delivering high-quality solutions. Hire our app developers, and they will guide you through the entire process, ensuring the app is secure, user-friendly, and packed with features that resonate with target assistance. We also provide ongoing support to keep the app running smoothly and constantly upgrade it to achieve business goals. 

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1. What are the best MoneyLion alternatives for financial management?

There are many apps like MoneyLion to choose from for your financial management, including Dave, Brigit, Chime, Empower Finance, and more.

2. How do these apps compare to MoneyLion in terms of features?

While MoneyLion provides a wide range of features such as tracking, banking, investment, credit building, and more, there are other apps that focus on expense tracking, personal capital investment, zero-based budgeting, and more. Each app has its pros and cons, as we mentioned above. Choose depending on your specific needs.

3. Are these financial management apps free to use?

There are many financial apps that offer free versions with basic features,  but premium versions charge fees for additional features.

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