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Best AI Tools for Students

Best AI tools for students – if this is topping your search history, then welcome to the digital era of education! 

Today, when we talk about AI, the first few things that come to mind are customer service, chatbots, automated processes, and all but AI for students. But why is that? 

With rapid digital advancements, lack of complete knowledge, and generation gaps, there are many reasons why people are skeptical about letting machines take the role of educating learners. People feel traditional teaching methods are better and safer! 

But the question is – do we need the education system to be safer or more relatable? Should it use the age-old methods or familiarize learners with current technology and landscape? 

There are many reasons why the shift is a must. Especially for students, as it will train them with what is relevant and prepare them for years to come. 

This blog will cover the importance of AI in education (especially for students), the 11 best AI tools for students, along with benefits and some key considerations. So, let’s dive right into it. 

Why Is AI Needed In The Education Sector? 

When we talk about AI tools for education, it is important to note that these AI/ML development services are designed to assist everyone, including teachers, students, the institution’s administration, and parents. 

AI for students specifically can be a revolutionizing integration. With AI-powered solutions, education can be personalized uniquely to a learner while making it more accessible to everyone. So, the whole idea of teaching and learning doesn’t stay limited to the four walls of a classroom. 

With the easy-to-access courses and availability of online lesson plans, learners can study at their own pace. They do not have to rush to compete with other students. This way, everyone, including people with disabilities, can be empowered with education.

Today, ideas like text-to-speech or automated note-making have taken the shape of AI tools for student, thanks to advanced technology. And this is a glimpse of how AI for students can actually be genuinely beneficial. 

Know More About The Benefits Of AI In Education

11 Best AI Tools For Students 

  • Quillbot – To paraphrase and assist with writing 
  • Duolingo – To learn new languages  
  • Tome AI – To create creative PPTs 
  • Quizgecko AI – To make education interactive
  • Socratic.org – To find quality references  
  • pdf.ai – To get answers without reading long documents
  • Reclaim AI – To plan an effective study schedule 
  • Fireflies AI – To automatically take notes
  • Symbolab – To help solve math problems
  • Bing Image Creator – To help the students of arts & graphic design 
  • Google Workspace – To make group projects hassle-free 



Quillbot is an AI tool designed to help students improve their writing skills. You can use it to paraphrase and summarize difficult texts for a better grasp. It is one of the ideal AI tools for graduate students, as they can use it to format and submit quality assignments. 

The tool also offers grammar suggestions, plagiarism checks, translations, and AI content detectors, among its many functionalities. The best part is it’s not even limited to a particular language or a style. Users can access multiple languages and paraphrase the content in multiple styles to suit their requirements. 

Why choose Quillbot over other AI tools for students? 

  • Many writing styles to choose from 
  • Automated citation for academic writing 
  • Provides AI-generated prompts in case of writer’s block
  • Supports multiple languages 


  • Free plan available
  • Paid Plan(billed annually) – $4.17 Per month



Want to learn a new language while juggling all your classes and other work? Then, this green owl is here to save your day. Duolingo gained immense popularity and still reins among other free AI tools for students to learn a new language. 

Its catchy interface and interactive study plans make it uniquely remarkable over other AI tools for language. Duolingo offers solutions for individuals, groups of learners, and even instructors who seek to streamline language learning with a digital solution.  

Why choose Duolingo over other AI tools for students? 

  • Freemium model – free to use with ads (or buy SuperDuolingo)
  • Gamification of education for interactive learning 
  • 5 – 10 minutes daily lessons to fit in between classes
  • More than 30 languages to learn 


  • Free plan available 
  • Paid Plan – Individual or family(group) plan available 

Tome AI

Tome AI

We all know how tiring it gets to design those presentations and make sure they are unique compared to your other classmates. Tome AI is one of the best AI tools for college students, so they have one less task to juggle in their already busy schedule. 

Students can give a prompt and, based on that, either select from one of the suggested templates or create one themselves. It stands out among other best AI tools for students because of its unique idea, amazing customization, and AI image generation feature.

Why choose Tome AI over other AI tools for students? 

  • It quickens the PPT-making process 
  • A lot of customization options are available   
  • Paid plan allows converting PPTs into PDFs
  • Prompt-based templates/themes available  


  • Free plan available 
  • Paid Plan – Starts from $16 per month

Quizgecko AI

Quizgecko AI

When we talk about integrating AI tools for student, it is not limited to streamlining the process for both the learners and educators. Quizgecko makes studying interactive by converting assessments into quizzes and learning notes into flashcards, thus offering functionalities for both parties. 

The tool can be used to create quizzes manually or automatically by uploading the document. You can also design a fill-in-the-blanks type test, if not a quiz. You only need to upload the document and let the tool generate the questions. This makes learning fun and personalized for everyone. 

Why choose Quizgecko over other AI tools for students? 

  • It makes studies interactive with quizzes and flashcards 
  • Various subjects are included 
  • Offers useful analytics to observe student’s performance 
  • Can be used as a Chrome extension 


  • Free plan available 
  • Paid Plan – Starts from $64 per year 



The Socrates of Philosophy might know nothing, but Socratic.org knows quite a lot. The tool provides a variety of learning materials and resources for students to learn the particular topic at their own pace. There are written articles and video tutorials for both learners and educators to utilize. 

It offers multi-subject assistance, including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Algebra, Calculus, language studies, history, etc. The tool also has multilingual support and is a one-stop tool for all the necessary resource requirements. This makes it one of the best AI tools for students free. 

Why choose Socratic.org over other AI tools for students? 

  • Completely free tool
  • Very easy to use  
  • Has both written solutions and video links for students
  • Multi-subject and multilingual 


  • Free plan available 



PDF.ai makes long and complex articles simpler by summarizing the whole PDF, providing the key points, or answering your specific questions. Basically, it allows students to chat with the PDF and get their queries answered. 

This is one of the best AI tools for engineering students, so they can get precise answers without having to read the whole document. The tool can also be used by students of law, philosophy, literature, etc., to get a brief overview of their massive readings.  

Why choose PDF.ai over other AI tools for students? 

  • Reliable and accurate results 
  • User-friendly 
  • Summarization option available 
  • Saves chats for future references 


  • Free plan available 

Reclaim AI

Reclaim AI

Let’s admit, one thing that almost all students suffer with is proper time management! They get confused about how to organize their schedule to have time for school, tuition, self-study, and extracurriculars. But with reclaim, this can be done in no time – it is a smart schedule management tool. 

Reclaim can help bring various goals, including habits, to-do, group study sessions, productivity tracking, etc., to a single platform. Not only that, but it also automatically adjusts the schedule, so if a study session gets extended, your calendar will be arranged accordingly. 

Why choose Reclaim AI over other AI tools for students? 

  • AI-based smart scheduling
  • Categorization and task prioritization 
  • Allows adding a ‘break time’ slot in the schedule 
  • Easily integrates with other apps like Zoom


  • Free plan available 
  • Paid plan – starts from $8 per user per month

Fireflies AI

Fireflies AI

Online lectures sound good and time-saving solutions for students wanting to learn about new things. However, a lot of times, vital information is missed while taking notes during the lecture. To help with that, Fireflies.ai, one of the best AI tools for students, can be used.

Fireflies AI easily integrates with popular online meeting apps and then automatically creates written notes or a summary of the whole lecture. This allows students to concentrate and actively participate in the lecture without worrying about the notes. 

Why choose Fireflies AI over other AI tools for students? 

  • Automated notes transcription 
  • Searchable notes to further save time  
  • Multilingual support for taking notes  
  • Eases collaboration and sharing 


  • Free plan available 
  • Paid plan (annual) – starts from $10 per user per month



Maths getting complicated with each passing grade is every student’s pain point. And having clarity about these basic concepts is equally important. But now, with Symbolab, this difficult subject can be easily simplified. What sets it apart from other AI tools for student is the fact that it covers almost all age groups. 

The tool has everything from basic mathematical solutions to mechanical physics and chemistry. It comes with advanced features, including practice papers, digital notebooks, formula sheets, virtual classrooms, etc. Additionally, it also helps students understand complex math problems in a step-by-step manner. 

Why choose Symbolab over other AI tools for students? 

  • Easy-to-use interface  
  • A wide range of mathematical topics covered   
  • Ideal AI tool for students from middle to high school 
  • Eases collaboration and sharing 


  • Free plan available 
  • Paid plan (annual) – starts from $2.49 per month

Bing Image Creator

Bing Image Creator

This is one of those free AI tools for students that offer versatility and quality all in one place. Whether you want some unique images to add that extra element to your project or want some art inspiration, Bing Image Creator is your solution. 

The AI generates the images in a grid of 4 based on the prompts provided. It also offers various styles to edit the images to get precisely what you are looking for. The inventory is full of all the creative designs for everything, including infographics, charts, posters, and more that can be added to the project.  

Why choose Bing Image Creator over other AI tools for students? 

  • Comes with a wide range of art styles and editing features 
  • Faster image generation
  • Ideal AI tool for students from arts and designing
  • In-browser image editing feature 


  • Free plan – 100 images/day 

Google Workspace

Google Workspace

Those who have worked on group projects know how much hassle it is to streamline everything. Getting everyone together, dividing the duties, and ensuring everyone is doing their part becomes a bigger task than the project itself. However, with Google Workspace, it can be easily mitigated. 

Now powered with AI (Gemini), it assists collaboration by creating a centralized space for everyone to access the different documents, PDFs, notes, etc. In doing so, the teamwork can be done from the comfort of everyone’s home, and no one has to commute.  

Why choose Google Workspace over other AI tools for students? 

  • Efficient and reliable services with Google  
  • Cloud-based services for efficiency 
  • Easy collaboration and sharing
  • Everything at one place kind of services 


  • Free Plan – Available 
  • Paid Plans – Starts from $1.63USD per month per year

Benefits Of Using The Best AI Tools For Students

The importance of AI for students cannot be emphasized enough. With the changing landscape, the education sector also needs some alterations. The world is evolving, so are its functionalities and how it operates. This is why it is essential that the learners of today’s age are well aware of the shift. Integrating the best AI tools for students can help with that. 

Some of the key benefits of integrating AI for students are: 

Enhanced Productivity 

By integrating these AI tools, a lot of tasks can be automated, like note-taking in online classes with Fireflies AI or designing a study schedule with Reclaim AI. This helps the learners focus better when studying and be more productive. 

Personalized Education 

Every human is different, and so are their knowledge-grasping abilities. With AI tools, education can also be customized to match their own unique pace. For example, learning languages with Duolingo or simplifying mathematics with Symbolab. 

More Accessibility 

With AI-powered technology, learning is no longer limited to a few individuals. People with (physical or mental) disabilities and impairments can also empower themselves with education. Like, Google Workspace offers a variety of accessibility features to make the solution easily operable by everyone. 

Improved Research 

AI tools are replacing Internet searches. Students no longer have to read through innumerable articles to understand a concept. They can either ask AI to summarize it with Quillbot or get the relevant articles at the click of a button with Socratic.org

Interactive Learning 

Whether it is learning through quizzes with Quizgecko or getting art inspiration from AI images with Bing, interactive learning is also becoming a common aspect of children’s education. So they learn in the atmosphere that suits them the best.  

Best AI Tools For Students – Some Key Considerations 

While AI for students is a good concept, but its over-usage can be harmful. The students are still unfamiliar with the complexities of AI and how it can have a negative impact on them. This is why these tools must be introduced under adult supervision. 

As for the adults, understanding these key issues and accordingly employing AI in the system is essential.      

Privacy And Data Security 

The importance of data security cannot be stressed enough. Especially in an educational institution. A lot of particulars, including the study material, students’ progress, their results, etc., are stored in the system. Securing this information is important to avoid it getting lost or mismanaged. 

Ensure that you partner with a reliable education software development company. Sign the contract after clearly understanding the complete project, including the terms and conditions. Make sure that all the security regulations are adhered to during development.   

Ethical Issues

With the integration of the best AI tools for students, a lot of ethical issues also come up. There are concerns related to generating discriminating or biased content because of wrong/incomplete data feeding. Or the issue of accountability that can come up due to AI-generated content. 

Other ethical issues might also arise, like lack of transparency, improper use of AI, etc. To mitigate them, ethical regulations must be established concerning data feeding, permissions, usage, and more. The learners should be made aware of these issues before introducing them to AI tools. 

Proper AI Integration

There are so many AI tools for education, but not all of them will fit your requirements. The key is to either find the right ones or get them custom-built based on your unique app ideas. Next, the employees should be trained appropriately so that the integrated solution can be used optimally. 

So first, connect with the experts and design the tool that aligns with your curriculum. Then, the staff should be trained well so they are adept with these new integrations. Also, let the students try these tools and gather feedback from everyone for further improvement. 

“A single custom AI tool can significantly impact the overall operations if done right!! Keeping this in mind, we designed an optimal solution for a Bangalore-based education institution. Get its detailed overview here!” 

Summing It All Up!

We hope you enjoyed reading about the 11 best AI tools for students just as much as we enjoyed writing it and also got some valuable insights into the ever-evolving digital landscape. If you are a student looking for helpful resources, we hope that you found some interesting AI tools here! 

If you are someone who wants to build an AI tool for your students, did any feature or integration interest you? Or would you like a tool that fits right into your unique system with the exact features you seek? 

If yes, then it is time to discuss that business idea with the experts! We design custom education AI tools based on your requirements and the goals you seek to achieve with a particular solution. 

Our development process is secure, transparent, and agile, making your institution digitally adept without you having to do anything. Plus, our team ensures that you are well-informed throughout the development process so the issues (if there are any) can be resolved immediately. 

At OpenXcell, we ensure reliability, security, and contemporary solutions for your institution, from consultation to deployment and maintenance. Connect with our team, and let us innovate the best AI tool for you!  

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